Note...In this version, Lancelot and Morgaine get married. Lancelot never meets Guinevere, atleast not until Arthur and her are married, and even then, there is no relationship between her and Lancelot except a friendship and trust. The night of the ceremony, it is Lancelot who makes love to Morgaine, not Arthur, and thus the story is changed.

Disclaimer : None of the characters are mine. Please read and enjoy. Please dont bash me, this is my first time writing to this movie. Thanks!

Chapter 1

( Everything is the same up until Lancelot comes to Avalon, where we begin )

Morgaine gave Lancelot a hug. "It's so good to see you!" She told him.

"And you." Lancelot gave her a very deep hug and when they backed out of it, he smiled at her hugely. His mother had informed him that he was going to marry her, but not until after he was the hunter in the ceremony, and she his bride.

They ran up to the ruins, where they always went to talk. Lancelot could not take his eyes from her. "What?" She asked. "I've never seen that look before."

He smiled a huge smile at her and hugged her again. "Are you feeling what I'm feeling?" He asked her.

"A strange feeling deep inside me? Yea, I am feeling that." She replied and smiled at him. "Good to know I'm not the only one."

He smiled at her and kept one of his hands in hers. He kissed her gently on the top of her hand. She moved it to his face and he kissed her deeply on the lips.

"It's not proper, I must not." She tried to move away, but Lancelot only pulled her closer.

"Mother hasn't told you?" He looked at her questioningly.

"Told me what?" She relaxed in his embrace.

"Well, we are to be married, officially. I am going to be the hunter in the ceremony, and you the bride, and after we make love for the first time, we are going to be married." Lancelot smiled at her affectionately. "That is, if you'll have me..." His voice trailed off.

"Of course." She smiled at him again and they kissed once more. They walked down the path back to the main part of the island, where all the priestesses lived. Viviane had been watching the whole time, and she knew what had just happened. She was glad that Lancelot agreed with her that marrying Mogaine was a good idea, and she was also glad that they made such a good match.

"What have you two been up to?" She asked, as they entered her house.

"Just walking around." Lancelot laid down on the bed that was basically the only form of furnature to relax on in the whole place, apart from a few chairs, which he found very uncomfortable.

Viviane looked at the two of them, mischief in her eyes. She was not going to do anything stupid, oh no, she was just going to look into the future and see what more their future had in store. She smiled at them. "Well, I am going to go and work outside, on my garden." She smiled at them and left.

"She seemed like she wanted us to be alone." Morgaine noticed.

"Strange." Lancelot replied. "But then again, that is my mother." Both gave a chuckle at the statement.

The night of the ceremony, Lancelot raced after the deer. He carried it back to the cave where Morgaine lay. She was nervous, but he lifted the mask just a bit to show her it was him. She relaxed when she saw his face and allowed him to do what he wished the rest of the night.

The next day, she acted like she had no idea who had been the hunter from the night before, but Viviane knew that Morgaine was well aware of everything. "Your wedding is today." She smiled at Morgaine who smiled back. "Are you nervous?" She asked.

"No." Morgaine replied. "I love Lancelot passionately, I have no fear of spending the rest of my life with him."

"That's good, it is as it should be." The elder priestess responded.

That night, the wedding took place. Lancelot came out wearing a full suit of armor. He was followed by Arthur, who recognized his sister and smiled at her. "Hello sis!" He embraced her. "Congratulations!"

"Arthur!" She smiled at him hugely, he was her little brother all right, and he would always be. "What brings you to Avalon?"

"What brings me to Avalon?" He looked at her puzzled. "Well, you getting married!"

"Oh that." She smiled at Lancelot and they turned to face Merlin who married them. When the ceremony was over, Lancelot carried Morgaine off to a house that was empty, where they would spend two weeks together.