Hello all! This is a companion fiction to 'A Late Night Promise,' but you don't have to read it. (Though, I would like you too!) The beginning may seem a little 'fluffy' (sort of) and Meryl may seem a little OOC. Even though, I personally feel that she had softened immensely through out the series, especially after the 5th moon incident. I also think that she doesn't know how to react (Meryl Shy? What!) when a member of the opposite sex makes a pass at her. (That career woman thing, no time for a boyfriend, etc.) Especially, since she is already in love with him and she's afraid that he's not serious. Same for Vash, I made him little forward in his advances and I guess that you could call it 'hormonal!' I promise that it will also have action/adventure, angst and humor; well at least I hope so! Oh and this story is primarily following the Anime, but it will also have Manga references.

And I will be using Gunsmoke's mode of measurement, which is as follows:

Feel equal feet

Yarz equal yard

Ile equal mile


Disclaimer: Hmmm... I own my kids (Because I made them) I own my husband, (Because the Marriage License says so) and I own a REALLY big mortgage. (Because I'm stupid and signed on the dotted line.) However I don't own Trigun. (Because if I did, I wouldn't have said mortgage.)

"blah blah" : talking

'blah blah' : thinking

"blah blah" : telepathic talking

blah blah : other misc. stuff.


Forever Mine

Chapter 1: Routine Report

Rhythmic clicking rang faintly throughout the dilapidated home that was located on the edge of some no-name town, coming from one of the two tiny second floor bedrooms. A petite woman in white was making the noise by typing away on a worn, but dependable typewriter as she diligently resumed her responsibility of reporting to her employer, the Bernardelli Insurance Society.

As she blew a lock of her short-cropped raven hair out of her eyes, she continued documenting the recent events that concerned her, and her partner's, assignment to keep the most notorious outlaw in Gunsmoke's short history under 24-hour surveillance. They had been given the arduous task of preventing him from causing any damages to their customer's property that kept their employer paying out for insurance claims, which, in turn raised premiums. Unfortunately, being assigned to the Humanoid Typhoon, a.k.a. Vash the Stampede hadn't been an easy undertaking. Especially, since mass mayhem seemed to follow him like a shadow.

Routine report, June 17th

M. Stryfe reporting

It has been three weeks since our last missive and eleven days since our assignment, Vash the Stampede, left to confront his nemesis and twin Millions Knives. Milly and I patiently waited for his safe return and were rewarded to see him come back safely with his unconscious brother flung over his shoulder approximately 27 hours ago. Upon his return, he simply stated that it was finally over and that he wanted to sleep, which he has done so since. Of course, being assigned to him for so long I wonder…

The clicking stopped as a concerned look graced the charming features of the woman who was trying to understand what exactly Vash meant when he said that 'it' was finally over. Picking up her ever present coffee cup, she took a sip of her 'life's blood' before sparing a moment to stare at her reflection in the heavenly scented caffeine. With a sigh, she returned the cup back to its place next to her trusty typewriter and prepared to complete her work. However, before continuing to earn her paycheck, she glanced over her shoulder to the sleeping form in the twin bed behind her.

She still couldn't believe what she saw! Sleeping in her bed, looking as though he didn't have a care in the world, was the man that had plagued her thoughts for over three years. Sure, at first it was because she just could not believe that a spiky headed, pea-brained idiot could have a sixty billion double-dollar bounty on his head and be the one and only Vash the Stampede. But now it was for a completely different reason…

The petite woman gracefully turned to sit sideways in the faux-wood chair in order get a better look at the blonde man sleeping so contently. Her silvery gaze took in the engaging sight before her as a gentle breeze flowed through the aged white curtains of the only window in the room, causing them to dance merrily. The early afternoon sunlight filtered through the window to the narrow bed below, giving the man that lay upon it an almost ethereal glow as it shone on his handsome face and somewhat bare torso.

"Oh Vash…." the woman whispered before continuing her thoughts privately. 'What am I going to do with you? You said that it's finally over but what does that mean? Is this feud between you and your brother done and are you going to be able to live a semi-peaceful life now? Are you even going to tell me what you meant or are you going to pack up and leave, taking your brother with you?'

As another sigh escaped her lips, she turned back around, deciding to return to the task at hand. Looking down at the last words typed on the sheet of paper, the woman recollected her thoughts in order to continue where she left off. Once collected, she wiggled her fingers momentarily before the melodious clicking began resonate throughout the room once again.

if it is really over. Trouble seems to follow this man like the plague and, since the bounty is still on his head, I am certain that there are still going to be hunters after him for the sixty billion double-dollars. However, Vash advised me before he left that…

"Damn it…why can't I concentrate?" exclaimed the woman, clearly frustrated, as she looked to the ceiling for guidance.

'Of course I know why….' she realized as her thoughts returned to the man behind her. 'God… how did I, Meryl Stryfe, a woman know for my self control, completely lose it when it comes to him. He's supposed to only be an assignment, business only. I wasn't supposed to fall head over heels in love with him. I did though, hopelessly so.'

"Ugh…what am I gonna do?"

With that last exclamation, Meryl pushed away from the desk and slowly began to move toward the slumbering man behind her. As she reached her destination, she tentatively sat down on the bed by Vash's right arm that was resting gently over his stomach. While the left was upturned and angled slightly away from his scarred but well toned body. As if sensing her arrival the man next to her let out a soft sigh before turning his head, so, that he faced her, while raising his left prosthetic arm over his head.

Unable to resist temptation, she gently moved her right hand forward to brush away Vash's now fallen spikes from his brow and then continued to gently stroke the golden locks with her fingers lovingly. 'Who would have thought his hair is would be so soft.' Meryl thought prior to chuckling internally, while adding, 'His hair is softer than mine.'

As Meryl continued to play with the outlaw's hair, she started to relax and even closed her eyes to enjoy the quiet moment that she secretly shared with him. Lost in the moment, she began to picture what it would be like to be able to do this while holding him close and whispering her undying love to him, while he, of course, reciprocated those feelings.

'I am completely hopeless, how could he possibly want a temperamental insurance girl who barely reaches his shoulder. But still…Milly must see something because of the way she was acting this morning. I still can't believe she reminded me that I promised to tell him how I felt when he came back...' she thought, before recalling what exactly her partner had said…

"You know Meryl you promised that you would tell him, besides I have a feeling that you just might be pleasantly surprised with the outcome…"

'She is too perceptive. Sometimes it's just scary,' Meryl added as she remembered the conversation with the big-girl that morning before Milly left for work.

The bed began to shift slightly, but Meryl was too far gone in her musings to notice the change. That is until she felt something cover her hand and move it from blonde outlaw's hair to his mouth. She was instantly brought her out of her reverie, but refused open her eyes, hoping she just imagined it and that she wasn't actually caught in such a compromising situation. Then she felt the feather light kiss on the inside of her palm and heard the man of her dreams breathlessly whisper her name…

"Oh Meryl…"

In shock, her silvery eyes instantly opened and met with intense aqua-blue ones.