It's over now. I've done what I was meant to do. I've fought and won...

...and suffered. Like they said I would. Like I promise to. I promised to suffer so that others wouldn't have to. Because, in the end, that's what I do.

As Hero of Time, it's what I've always done.

So, what now? I've done my duty. I've bled and killed and hoped. What now? Zelda wants me to have those years I lost. She wants me to go back.

I never could quite tell her no.

Funny how in just a few hours I'll be gone. How I'll forget this. All of this...all of her and what I went through for her and ought to be angry with her but I'm not and I love her and I don't want to go.

But she wants me to. And, like I said, I never could just tell her no.

Is it worth it? All of this? I don't think if I stand here a second more, looking at the pained expression on her face...don't cry, Princess.

I think she's talking now. Her lips are moving, but all I hear is, "For the best...the best...for the best..." over and over in my brain. Is it, really? For the best?

Did I come this far just to forget? To go back to my miserable old existence? I don't want it. How I would rather have a million lifetimes of nightmares than go back to the way it was before...when I didn't know who I was or where I belonged...

But there she is...standing there...and she wants me to. She wants it.

Have I mentioned that I just can't tell her no? That I'd do anything for her?

That I love her?


I do.

And she wants me to go.

Why? Why won't she let me stay? Here? With her? Doesn't she know I adore her? How I need her? Hers is a face I'll never forget. I can't forget. I'd die without it. I have to remember her; I have to remember what I feel about her...

Why does she look so sad? Don't cry, Princess.

Would she still cry, if I was gone? If she forgot me...would her tears still fall? I don't want to go.

This is who I am.

She's starting to play now—

—she's crying and playing—

—stop crying—she's waving—crying—

"Zelda, wait—"


What am I saying? Who is Zelda? Oh, wait...the Princess of Hyrule, right? Why am I telling her to wait?

I must have been dreaming.

It was a pretty cool dream. But sad, too. Really sad at the end. There was this awesome sword, and an evil guy...yeah. Yeah, what was his name? Ganonford or something. I fought him with my sword, right? Yeah, and I won.

And then there was a girl. She was really pretty. Prettier than Saria, even, so that's, you know, really pretty. She was sad at the end of the dream, though. I wanted her to be happy.

Zelda. Zelda was her name. Goddesses know why I was dreaming about the Princess. I don't...remember...why...

There was a feeling, though. A really important one that I wanted to remember forever. I think I had a crush on her.

Ewwwww. That's so gross.

But it's a pretty name, right? Yeah. Zelda. Zel-da. And I think I was going somewhere. Yeah. And that's why she was so bummed out.


What a pity it was all just a dream...