Chapter 51:

No one had been able to find Lia anywhere, and Sam was starting to worry. Sam had tried a few quick spells on the frog, but no avail to anything except getting rid of the ribets so he could speak normally. And now Eric wouldn't stop complaining about him being a from and that it was the worst prom he'd ever had.

"I mean, look at me Sam! I'm a frog! A frog!" Eric exclaimed. "How I am supposed to go h-"

"I'm gonna make it so you can't talk at all if you don't stop John!" Sam told him, sounding frustrated, and Eric knew it because she only used his real name, John, when she was pissed. "Now I'm trying to locate Lia, but I can't locate her with you blabbering on. We'll get you back to normal. But we need to find Lia." Sam said as she rubbed her head. The something clicked in her head. "Alright, let's go." She said as she picked up Eric, and Koga followed her. She let everyone else stay up there and dance as they went down to a different area of the country club.

Inuyasha and Kagome were still dancing, and now the song Macho Man had come on. Kagome loved this song, and Inuyasha seemed to like it because it was all about strong men, and both of them were jumping around with the rest of the student body there, and then were soon joined by Miroku and Sango, and then the rest of Sam's friends, Lindsey, Avdian, Britney, and Erin, while Kathy continued to take more pictures, before Inuyasha realized someone was missing. "Where's Sam and Koga?" Inuyasha asked. Then he looked around, but couldn't see or smell them anywhere.

"I don't know, I haven't seen them since Sam found a frog somewhere."Mirokusaid.

"Eric and Lia are missing too." Kagome stated.

"Let's go find them." Sango said, then everyone, and Sarah and Hiten joined them,headed out of the ball room and started following the scent of their friends.

With Sam, Eric, and Koga...

Sam and Koga had taken Eric, in his frog form, down a few sets of stairs, and now the hall was starting to small like chlorine. "What's that smell?" Koga asked, covering his nose because he found the smell repulsive.

"There's a swimming pool around here. The smell is chlorine. It's not that bad." Sam said with a smile to him. "The chlorine helps keep the pool cloean so people can swim in it."

"So where is Lia in all this?" Eric asked.

Then Sam turned a corner, and there was Lia sitting by the side of the pool with her feet in the water swirling around while she held her dress up so it wouldn't get wet. Sam quietly walked up behind her and then jumped her, causing Lia to let out a slight squeak. She turned around and saw Sam standing there in Koga's arms with a frog in her hands.

"Sam!" She yelled. "Why do you always have to be so mean?"

Sam only shrugged. "It's fun." She said with a smile. "Now what are you doing down here?"

"Just relaxing. My feet hurt so I came down here to soak them a bit." Lia replied. "So what's with the frog?"

"Umm... Lia?" Sam said as she knelt next to Lia. "This frog is umm... your date." Sam said. "It's Eric."

"You're kidding. There's no- well, there could be a way, but you wouldn't do that to Eric." Lia said. "I know you're mean, but not that mean."

"I'm not, but Jacob is." Sam said. "But there's only one way to break the spell." She said as she held Eric up to Lia's face.

"Please Lia. Change me back." Eric said.

"What do I have to do?" Lia asked.

"Kiss him." Sam said

"Huh?" Lia asked.

"Please Lia?" Eric begged. "I'm like the Frog Prince. Kiss me and I'll change into your prince or something!"

Sam had to laugh at that. It was more a giggle, and Lia let out a small giggle. Koga stood back and watched as Lia took Eric in her hands. Sam then backed away and felt Koga wrap his arms around her while they both watched as Lia looked Eric up and down. "From Prince, huh? Will you be blonde, blue-eyed, muscular, and riding a white horse too?" Lia chuckled.

"He's just gonna be our same old Eric. You just need to break the spell." Sam said.

"Fine." Lia said with a role of her eyes. Then she kissed the frog.

Swirls of sparks flew around her and Eric as the frog was lifted from her hands and held above the pool. Sam heard footsteps behind her and turned around to see Inuyasha, Kagome, Sango, Miroku, and Jacob all there. She put her finger to her lips to tell them to be quiet as they all watched the scene.

The frog was soon surrounded by the cloud of white smoke, that continued to grow larger andlarger until it was the size of an average teenager, the the smoke cleared, and there was Eric, floating through the air until the all the sparks dissappeared. He had a smile on his face. as he looked straight ahead of him. Then Sam noticed that he was still in the air above the pulled. "Eric! Don't look-" Eric then looked down, and fell into the pool. "Down." Sam ended her sentence. "Oh God." She said.

"Whoops!" Lia exclaimed when Eric resurfaced. "Are you alright Eric?"

"Yeah." Eric caughed. "Just leet me get some air." He said as he walked over to the edge where Lia was, the was surprise when she grabbed his face a kissed him fully on the lips. His eyes were wide at first, but then slowly closed as his hands covered her cheeks. She felt the cold wetness of his hands, which soon became warm on her face as he returned the kiss.

All the girls watching, Kagome, Sango, and Sam, smiled at the scene, while all the boys looked away, nervous about it for some reason. Then Eric and Lia pulled away from each other and looked at each other, both blushing and looking at each other, breathing heavily.

Sam couldn't help herself, she had to say something. "Finally! I've been waiting forever for you guyy to finally kiss!" She exclaimed before she hugged both of them, which broke all tension and they smile sheepishly. "You guys are gonna make the cutest couple."

"So what are we doing down here again?" Miroku asked.

"They came down here to find me." Lia said.

"So, you broke the spell, huh?" Jacob asked.

"What spell?" Inuyasha, Kagome, Miroku, and Sango all asked at once.

"This asshole put a spell on Eric to turn him into a frog, so we had to come down here to find Lia so she could break the spell." Sam explained.

"Aww..." Kagome awed. "So it's like a fairytale withthe frog prince." She commented.

"Yeah. Kinda sorta." Sam said.

"So don't you see that my spell came out good?" Jacob asked, but only recieved a glare from Sam.

"Yes, it came out good. But you still should not have done it." Sam told him.

"Well I could see as damn well as you that these two needed something to push them together! Don't tell me you weren't going to do something." Jacob said.

"True, and yes, I was going to use a spell on them, but I had it under control!" Sam exclaimed.

"You what?" Lia and Eric yelled at once.

"I had my cauldron filled and boiling while you were here, not to mention I brought this potion with me that I put in your soda that you guys didn't touch until after the waitress brought back a new one. I was beginning to think there was no hope." Sam said.

"What?" Eric and Lia exclaimed.

"Well sure. You guys did need a little shove." Jacob stated with a smile as he and Sam walked over next to each other. Sam then held up her hand, and Jacob gave her a high five.

"So wait, this was all a set up?"Lia asked.

"Well, not origonally planned that way." Sam said.

"You have to be kidding." Eric sighed as he looked down into the water he was in.

"Nope." Sam said with a smile.

"So are we all coupled up now, and can go back to dancing?" Sango asked.

"Not yet. I was thinking we could all join Eric and take a dip." Sarah said. "Sam, do you think you could work some of your magic on us and give us some bathing suites."

"A) I think that's a fine idea and B) Why not?" Sam said. "Mind helping me out Jacob. You do guys, I'll do girls?"

"Aww... I was hoping to do the girls." Jacob teased, then recieved an elbow in his side. "Just kidding." He choked. "I'll do guys."

"Good." Sam said, then started to work her magic while Jacob worked his and everyone was soon in their bathing suites, and Sam's hair was changed back to it's pretty brunet color. "Let's go!" She exclaimed before everyone ran to the pool to do a cannonball, save Sam and Koga.

Koga went over to Sam. He wrapped his arm around her and kissed her cheek. "Are you having a good prom night?" Sam asked.

"As long as I stay with you, I will." Koga replied with a smile, and recieved a kiss on the lips from Sam. "But, I have one question. Are you ever going to send us back to our world?" He asked.

"Why? If I send you back, we'llno longer be together and you won't be real. But when you're here, we're together, and you're real." She replied.

"Good." He said.

"Hey Koga! Sam! You comin' or what?" Inuyasha yelled.

"Coming." They both said at once.

"Let's go." Koga said as he picked Sam up bridal style and then ran to the pool jumping in, splashing water on everyone, and everyone having the best prom night ever.

AN- Well, this is the end of another story. Heh. It's so sad! It was one of my first stories. You I origonally thought this story up because when I was hyper one night, I kept talking as if Inuyasha and the gang were right there with me. I mean, I was seriously sugar high, hyper. So yeah, I was crazy when I thought this up. LOL. But I hope you guys enjoyed this story. Sry Eric for ending it, I know how much you loved this story, but yeah, I had to. It just felt right ending it here. Hope you anjoyed this story though. Plz R&R. Thanx! Ta-Ta!