Sesshomaru's Curse

Chapter One: The Cursing of Lord Sesshomaru

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Sesshomaru was feeling very odd. The time of the Lord of The Western Lands was not where he felt he needed to be. Besides, he felt a strange urge to go find her, and followed up on it. He wanted to be where he was not meant to be- with Kagome. Why did I follow Kagome into the future after we had defeated Naraku, and Inuyasha is dead? It isn't like I need her or anything! But why has fate made me crazy over HER? It's not like I couldn't live without her, but it's so tempting, and I feel the pull so much......... NO! I could NEVER do that to her, even if I do...... have feelings for her. That isn't like me, to do something like that.

Kagome had stayed with him in the castle for a bit- just to recover, of course- after his Hanyou brother was killed by Naraku and his vassals. But why did he have to follow her? She was of no importance to him, and there was no REAL need to follow her......... But she had used the Shikon no Tama to become fully demon, for an odd reason, and she could be spotted by others in the future, and harmed, seeing as she didn't know anything about being a demon. But then, she HAD said that things were different in her time...... maybe she would be okay. But he doubted it. How could things change that much? And besides, it was really just a jump ahead, and that couldn't change much, could it......... He didn't know how wrong he was.

When he landed in the bottom of the Bone Eater's Well, he heard such strange noises coming from outside of the well. Surely they aren't real...... maybe I am just hearing things, and needn't worry. All he had to worry about was finding Kagome, and teaching her, as she really didn't know how to be what she now was. He carefully climbed out of the suddenly well kept Well, and was amazed to see lights flickering in Kagome's de- er, house- but no vassals moving about or creating them...... where did everything such as nobility go? What kind of place was this new world, where light was not made, but came prepared? How did such a thing work? What made it happen? Well, I'll soon find out, and then I will not wonder.This soon proved to be very true, and it didn't really give Sesshy any more information, but it WAS entertaining. And he had so much to learn, he found, after finding what the strange, flickering light was.

As soon as Sesshomaru hit the other side of the Well, Kagome sensed him. She was immediately on the alert, though she didn't show it. If he was here, it was probably for the Tetsaiga, to go with the Tenseiga. If he was not meant to have the Tetsaiga, why did he wish to have it. After Inuyasha- puny half-breed that he was, though now she could see why he wanted to be full demon- died, the Tetsaiga chose Kagome, and now it was hers. Sesshomaru would NOT have it. Not now, not ever, even if she had to kill him, because he wouldn't stop. But that was the least of her problems at the moment.... She had come back to find her family sitting around the TV, watching one of her favorite shows, when she had been a ningen, and wonder where she was. Now she had to explain the "tattoos" on her face. After becoming a full-blooded demon, she was marked with three pink stripes and a tiny, extremely detailed little dragon on her forehead. She finally gave up and said that she wanted them, they were there, and they weren't coming off. Nobody had argued.

That was what was worrying her. That no one had cared what she looked like, but that she had come home from Feudal Japan safe and alive. Considering that she probably would have ended up fighting and becoming one of the Lords of the Blank Lands, she decided to come back home. And then Sess showed up, just when she was getting comfortable, and used to the ningen scent. The Great Demon of the Western Lands had the nerve to show up and ruin it! Couldn't he wait a couple of days, at least? That would have been nice! But he just didn't have a sense of time at all. He was just like Inuyasha in that way, barging in whenever he felt like it, and bothering her, when she wanted to be alone. But he couldn't see that...... and she couldn't stand the thought of that damned lecher, Miroku, trying to grope her again, though he DID live with them now...... if he did that again, she'd tear his head off. But it's not like she really cared, he'd NEVER get HER into bed...... now Sesshomaru... he was fairly handsome... and she WAS a full demon now...... But then again, he WAS nosy, stuck up, and spoiled, or so it seemed. But that wasn't her fault...... but he was possible material.

Sesshy heard the strange noise coming from the room that Kagome and her "family" lived in. Seeing as she wasn't ningen anymore, they really weren't her family. But they still acted like they were......... Enough of that! Slowly, he snuck up to the sliding door, and watched what he could through the thin rice paper. The strange light came from a big, square box, and moved and made people, like the theater shows he used to watch, before Father had taken that ningen to be his mate, and dishonored the family name! But what could he do? That was not his choice, but his father's, and now he didn't even have the brother he had come to love from that mating. All because of Naraku.

He didn't let that get him down though, he was going to warn Kagome about the struggle it takes to be a full-blooded demon, and to maintain lands that you were on. But he would not do it there, or at that time... he would just hide near the Well until Kagome decided to come out, or wanted to go back to the past. He could wait, he had plenty of time, and he didn't need anyone's help to find what he wanted or needed. It was already there, and its name was Kagome. That was what he was after, and that was what he would get, and without even a sense of need for the Tetsaiga, went to wait for Kagome by the well. He had the time, although he didn't really care, so he didn't really pay attention, and actually fell asleep. That's when Kagome made her move.