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Chapter 1: I find the sparkling sphere.

Kurt was sitting on his balcony. He was all alone ... thinking in why does his sister had injured Jean that much ... why she had to hurt herself that much? He knew they weren't the best of friends but he thought Rogue had gone too far this time. Jean had discovered something from Rogue's past, that wasn't beautiful in any way.

Of course anyone in the mansion knew that. And when Kurt heard all of this stuff, as the other x-men, he was scared before Rogue's presence. Everyone walk pass her, try not to see her directly to the eyes ...

Rogue knew something was wrong since then. After a day, she discover ... everyone knew her past, everyone was scared with her. For a week Jean was safe, since Rogue didn't know who had discovered all her stuff ... she always had a frown on her face; Jean was afraid that Rogue knew what she had done.

But, oh surprise! Jeanie, you cannot hide from Rogue forever. Oh, no ... Rogue noticed that Jean was always nervous when she was near, and even if Jean could close her mind from being read, Rogue find the way to enter.


Rogue went directly to her room, walk passing Logan, he immediately noticed something was wrong and follow her. He smelled anger ... Logan found Rogue sitting on her bed, hitting her head. Logan knew she know.

"We all know you didn't mean it"- Logan was laying in the door's frame.

"I – don't – want – to – hear –you!!!!!"- Rogue scream at him.

"Rogue calm down ... its all right"- Logan was walking toward her, and spoke with a soft voice.

"NO! Everything is fucking - damned - shit! That bitch is gonna pay!!!"- Rogue was yelling.

"Rogue! Please ... don't ..."- Logan hugged her, she began crying.

"DON'T TOUCH ME! GO AWAY FROM MEEEE!"- tears fill her eyes and her cheeks.

Professor, can I you give me a hand with Rogue?

What's wrong with her?

She's ... not right, it seems she want to cut heads

You mean Jean's head, Logan

Well, yes

At the time he finished his mental chat with the professor he noticed that the girl wasn't in the bed anymore, she was running out of the room.

"Damn ... Jean, you'll be ok, I promise."

Rogue entered Jean's room without asking. She was there. Jean opened her eyes wide, she knew what was happening.

"Rogue ... please ... no! I didn't thought ...!!"- she was trying to apologize, but it wont function.

"That's because you are stupid!"- she used Jeans telekinesis to raise her in the air and let her fall.

"Rogue ... no. I'm so sorry."- she was getting up, then she saw Rogue was going to attack again, but she hit her first. This caused that Rogue multiplied. If it was hard defeating 1 Rogue, it would bee even harder to defeat 5 of them.

The 5 girls shoot at Jean red optic blasts, then a high voltage electricity shots. Hehe' ... she was finished.

Logan entered the room, he saw Jean unconscious in the floor. Rogue that heard some noise turned her head and saw Logan running toward her, he was going to attack. She rolled her eyes and bamf away. Logan turn on the alarm. Every x-men was looking for Rogue in the mansion, they had the mission to stop her.

Rogue was bamf into Hank's lab. She heard steps and she move back, and accidentally threw a thing that was on a table. She looked down and saw an attractive , hard, sparkling silver sphere with a bright, red, big button. She smiled wide and started tossing it into the air, she thought it was fun. Finally, Hank arrived and saw Rogue playing with the sphere. He tried to convince Rogue to let the sphere down.

"Rogue ... you should give me that"- Hank had a serious-worried voice.

"Uh ... why? I find it first."- Rogue said being sarcastic.

"Rogue believe me, it isn't safe."

"Really? I am thinking ... what would happen if I press this ... will it blow up?"- she said with her finger just 2 inches away from the red button. She smile.

"DON'T!"- he opened his eyes wide. Rogue toss the sphere again into the air, with this Hank's patience was almost finished. –"Look young girl, I need that back, right now!"

Rogue continued tossing it into the air, but then an accident occur ... the last time she toss the sphere, she tossed it high and then she had no time to catch it, and the ball hit her head, the red button was pressed when it landed in Rogue's head. Hank jumped and hided under a chair, he was waiting an explosion; but noting happened.

"OUCH"- Rogue lay a hand on her head and start laughing –"See Hank, nothing happened" Hank was very confused, he didn't know what had happened ... he stood up. Rogue started walking out of the lab, but at her sixth step she fainted because of the hard strike the sphere gave her; she was unconscious.

Hank immediately ran to her side, he pick her up and took her to the infirmary, then he called Logan and the professor, explaining them everything, and that he didn't knew why the ball hadn't exploded. About Jean she was in the infirmary too, unconscious too, on the bed at the side of Rogue's. Logan felt disappointed about Rogues attitude. He went out and talk with the x-men. Scott immediately ran to see Jean. Kurt feel upset, but didn't went with Rogue.


For first time Kurt didn't want to see Rogue, he felt so "angry" about this he wouldn't waste his time in his sister, that more than her sister she sometimes seemed to be everyone's enemy. He had been with her a lot of times, a lot of times that she had done something like this, for example, when she pushed Mystique's statue off the cliff ...

I tried not to be bad at her, but it's enough of her problem attitude. I wont help her anymore, if she want to destroy herself ... she can go ahead, I wont care anymore.