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Author's note: well, when I say that Rogue is in the Tendo's house imagine rogue in Akane's body and vise verse.

Chapter 3: You will miss me.

"Ah think Ah'm in Akane's body, and that Akane is on mah body, so we changed bodies when that sphere hit my head ... everything is having sense now."- Rogue said

"Uh, what's your name then?"- the boy asked.

"Rogue ..."- she answered "and you are ..."

"Ranma, nice to meet you. Hey I still have a question, why do you wear those gloves?"

At the mansion

"Rogue may I see you"- Akane felt that her conscience speak to her.

"Conscience? Is it you?"

"No ..."- the professor now know what Jaime was talking about. – "come to my office now"

"Sure but where is it?"

"In the same place, Rogue"

"Sorry, but why did you call me Rogue, you know, that's not my name"

"What you are talking about?"

"NO! what are you talking about, everyone here is strange, I miss home, I want to go back"


"Yes, this place is unknown for me! And I don't like it"

"I don't understand you"

"No! I don't understand YOU"

"Ok, we will solve your problem, but please come to my office"

"Where is it?"

"Cant you remember it?"

"How can I remember if I had never been in this place!"

"Maybe you lost your memory when the sphere hit your head."

"AGGR, I haven't lose anything, I just wanta go home now! Hear?"

"Come to my office"

"Go to hell!"

"Easy Rogue"

"No! how do you want me to be in your office if you never say where is it! And my name's not Rogue!"

"Then ... what's your name?"


"Fine ... Akane, come to my office"


"Second floor, first door"



At Tendo's house

"I must find the way to communicate to my world"- Rogue said

"How can I help you?"-Ranma asked.

"I don't know, I only wish Akane is ok"- Rogue said.

A crash sound was hear.

"What is it?"- rogue asked.

"Lets see ..."- Ranma said. They went out and see a boy on the floor.

"Who is it?"- Rogue asked.

"Ryoga"- he said and went to help him. Rogue went after him.

"Are you ok"- Rogue asked.

"Akane!!!!"- Ryoga's eyes sparkled.

"No, she's not Akane. Her name is Rogue and came from another world, she took Akane's body when a sphere hit her head and then Akane took Rogue's body, so that mean Akane is in Rogue's world. By the way, Rogue has special powers, and that's why she is wearing gloves"

"Oh ..."

"Nice to meet you Ryoga"

"Nice to meet you too, what power do you have that make you wear gloves?"

"I absorb peoples memories and powers/abilities when I have skin to skin contact with another person. Im, untouchable"

"Ouh ..."

"I know ...'- she said

"You know, Shampoo's grandmother could help you find a treatment to control that power"

"What?! Really? But who's Shampoo?

At Hank's lab

"We must find the way to communicate with Rogue"

"Don't worry Chuck, I know how"

"Please, don't be slow"- Akane asked. By now everyone knew everyone that Rogue was Akane.

"Hey girl, im doing my best"

"Akane, im sorry of the way I spoke to you this morning"- Kurt said.

"Don't worry, but anyways, poor Rogue, I have only half a day here and everyone made me so unhappy, imagine how Rogue feel, I'm really sorry for Rogue, anyone deserves this ... the only person who seems to care is Jaime, I love him, he is so sweet"

Kurt couldn't speak, he knew that Akane was right. Kurt felt so guilty. As he had treat Akane in the morning, he had treated Rogue the same way if she was there and not in another world. Anyways he was happy that it wasn't Rogue to whom he shout. Rogue's life was misery, Kurt now knew. And if it wasn't for Jaime ... he doesn't think Rogue will even exist.


"Can you now contact her?"-the professor asked

"Sure"- Hank said.

"ok, then do it"

A big screen appeared. It showed the image of Akane (Rogue), Ranma and Ryoga, that where in the dojo (is that the way its spelled?). Rogue was showing her powers to the guys.

"So that's what you look like?"- Scott asked Akane.


"You're pretty"- he said. Akane blushed.

At the Tendo's dojo

Ryoga was fascinated. Ranma paid close attention to what Rogue was doing.

"Ok, now you have seen half of my powers ..."

"Ok, now we can go with the grandmother."

"Yes! We will help with your problem"- Ranma said. They didn't knew that the screen followed them.

At Grandmother's restaurant

"Grandmother, our friend has a problem, she cant touch people ..."- grandmother interrupted not letting Ranma to finish what he was saying.

"Oh, easy. Eat this and you will be able to control your power."

"What is that?"- Rogue asked

"Dragon wings, they will free you from your problem"- she said. Rogue ate them, they hadn't a bad taste.

"Then?"- Rogue asked.

"It's all. Took off your gloves girl"- she said. Rogue didn't feel any change. The crazy old woman must be joking. –"Come on, come on"

"No, I don't believe you, this is so simple"-Rogue said almost crying.

"Duh ..."- the woman pushed Rogue, she landed on Ryoga's arms, face to face, and lips together. Ryoga and Rogue opened their eyes wide. After that Ryoga blushed terribly ... Rogue couldn't believe it, she hadn't killed him, then she grabbed Ryoga again and kiss him again, but now it was an official kiss. Ranma felt weird about seeing Akane kissing Ryoga, well, it wasn't Akane. Ranma put them apart. Ryoga was making holes with his finger in the wall, he was red. Rogue was happy. Everyone in the mansion had seen that. Akane felt embarrassed. The 3 guys went back to the Tendo's house. The 3 sat down at the table.

"Im glad that you solve your problem, you know"- Ranma said.

"It was because you help me"

Ryoga's POV

She kissed me ... she kissed me ... she kissed me ... she kissed me ... she kissed me ... (and so on).

Suddenly a screen appeared in middle of the room. It showed the image of all the x-men.

"What the heck ... ?"- Rogue asked.

"Rogue, we know that you can control your powers, we are glad" – the image of the professor said.

"Ranma!"- Akane shout.

"Hey, you are Akane?"- he asked.

"Yes, she is"- Rogue said.

"Hey, you are hot"- Ranma said.

"Thanks, I think it's the nicest thing someone had said to me"

"Oh! What magical creature is her? she's the goddesses of my heart and dreams, I will live for her forever ..."- Ryoga was crying of happiness and admiration.

"Well ... no, its not the nicest thing someone had said of me"

"OMG! That girl is you?"-Ryoga asked.

"Yes ..."

"Oh ..." – his eyes went sparkling.

"Akane ..."- Ranma said.

"Ranma ..."- Akane said and touched the screen, her hand went inside, Ranma touched her hand.

"If you want to go, this is your time Akane ... it will close in some minutes"- Hank said. Akane went inside the screen and appeared on the Tendo's house. She now was in her body. Rogue went into her body too.

"Rogue come now ..."- the professor said. Rogue kept in silence. She was thinking about her life in the mansion and her time in this new world. She will definitely stay here, she was in love with Ryoga. Ryoga was in love with her, what else she wanted. Ryoga looked upset now that Rogue had to go.

"No ..."

"What? Rogue you will come back"

"I say NO!"- with this Ryoga's eyes sparkled.

"Rogue ..."- Ryoga said. Rogue took Ryoga's hand and hold it thigh. Then she looked at Akane.

"Akane .."-Rogue bowed –"May I stay at your house?"

"Are you kidding? Of course, you didn't have to ask it. You know, your life there was so unhappy..."

"Rogue, please come back!"-Kurt voice was cracking.

"Sorry brother ... I wont"

"But Rogue, this screen will close and wont open in a long time ... maybe in 6 or 7 years."

"I don't care. I want to stay here"

"Ryoga!"- Kurt screamed – "You must take care of my sister! If she is hurt when I see her ... you will lament it"

"Kurt, you don't have to worry, she will be safe"- he said. Rogue surrounded his body with one arm and rested her head on his shoulder.

"Bye Rogue, I'll miss you a lot"- Kurt's eyes full in tears.

"I'll miss you too Kurt. I love you, bye ..."- she was crying too. Ryoga cleaned her cheeks.

"Bye"- Kurt and Rogue said. Then the screen disappeared.


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