Miyu: Hola me amigos!

Rain: English please.

Miyu: Sorry, Hi my friends! Welcome to my latest fanfic...

Hiei: The "perfect" Christmas. Whatever that is.

Miyu: Don't worry Hiei; you'll learn what Christmas is in the story. NOW LET ME START WRITING MY HANDS ARE ITCHING TO WRITE THIS STORY!!!

Rain: Miyu owns nothing but her odd n random ideas, and her amazingly high IQ.

Miyu: It really is very high.D


The "Perfect" Christmas

Chapter #1: A lost love


Sleigh Bells ring,

Are you listening?

In the lane,

Snow is glistening,

A beautiful sight,

We're happy tonight,

Walking' in a winter wonderland...OW!!

Miyu: Hey what was that for?

(In a mall)

Rain: That's the 20th time you've sung that song today!!

Miyu: It's a good song what can I say?

Rain: You...oh never mind. So, (Goes into Carleton Cards) what are you and you're family doing for Christmas?

Miyu: (Gets a sad look in her eyes) Pauline and Lindsay are to busy with University to come for Christmas. And mom and dad are going on a Caribbean cruise. So I'm all alone for Christmas.

Rain: Oh...can I come over then? My parents are going on a business trip.

Miyu: Of course you can! I'd love it if you came over...HEY I KNOW!!

Rain: You know what? Hey do you think Kurama'll like this card? (Shows Miyu a Singing Card shaped like a red rose)

Miyu: Yes he would, but anyways. I have the best idea ever! But I can't say it here...(Looks around at everyone) you never know who might be listening.

Justine: Like me?


Miyu: Oh, it's just you...JUSTINE!! (Gives her a hug) I though you couldn't make it?

Justine: Neither did I. But my parents and sisters are taking that around the world trip. And I didn't feel like going on it. So I came to visit you instead.

Miyu: YAY!! I'm so glad you made it Justine.

Rain: Well, I'm finished shopping, you guys wanna go home now?

Miyu: Yup, and then I can tell you my idea.

Justine: What idea?

Miyu: You'll see...

(At Miyu's house...err...mansion)

Justine: It's bigger then I remember.

Miyu: That's cause all the servants are on holiday for Christmas. We're the only one's home. Ok so here's my idea.

Rain: We're listening.

Miyu: I've always had this vision of the "perfect" Christmas...

Rain: and...

Miyu: I'M GETTING THERE!! Anyways, since all three of us are alone for Christmas, why don't we have a Christmas party? We can invite a couple guys...and oh it'll be so much fun!

Justine: I guess it sounds Ok.

Rain: Who are we inviting?

Miyu: Not the usual...Tammy's visiting friends and going on a Vacation to the Amazon. And Angie is skiing in the Alps.

Justine: How about those cute guys from Japan?

Rain: That's a good idea.

Miyu: ...

Rain: Miyu?

Miyu: I'm not sure if that's a good idea...

Justine: Why not?

Miyu: I...I...I went to visit them a few weeks ago when you guys were on vacation and...well...lets just say that...well...(Starts crying) HIEI BROKE UP WITH ME!!!!!

Justine: GASP!

Rain: Oh no!

Miyu: (Still crying) I can't believe it! He...he...he didn't even talk to me until just before I was leaving!


Miyu: I really should be leaving now.

Yusuke: Who's stopping you?

Kurama: Be nice Yusuke. She didn't hurt you this time did she?

Yusuke: No.

Kuwabara: She hurt me though! (Is in a wheelchair with a broken arm and two broken legs)

Everyone else: ...

Hiei: (Whispers something in Kurama's ear)

Kurama: Of course Hiei. Come on Yusuke I'll buy you some Pizza, you to Kuwabara.

(Kurama, Yusuke & Kuwabara leave)

Miyu: What is it Hiei?

Hiei: I...you...that is...

Miyu: Pardon?

Hiei: I...I don't think we should be seeing each other anymore...I've found someone who understands me more then you do, and...well...

Miyu: (Shaky smile) I...I understand. But...w-who is she?

Hiei: (Big smile) She's Botan. (Botan comes out from behind the bushes)

Miyu: (Stares, mouth open as Hiei and Botan kiss) you...you...you hag! (Slaps Botan hard)

Botan: (Blacks out)

Hiei: (Stares at Miyu) Miyu how could you!

Miyu: (Crying) Good-bye...Jaganshi.

Hiei: (Looks shocked)

(End flashback)

Rain: (Also crying) THAT'S SO SAD!!

Justine: (In shock) He left you...FOR THE FAERIE GIRL!!

Miyu: I know!! (Cries harder)

Justine: (Thinking) Why did you call him Jaganshi?

Miyu: (Sigh) Kurama had to give him a last name when Hiei got his license. So since he's a Jaganshi demon, that's what he chose. And in the Japanese culture, only friends and family call each other by the first name.

Justine: Oh.

Rain: Well...can we still invite Kurama and...

Miyu: Yes, you can invite the others...but promise me that you wont invite Hiei. Please Rain PROMISE ME!

Rain: All right all right already. I promise that I wont invite Hiei.

Miyu: You swear it?

Rain: (Rolls eyes) Of course I do.

Miyu: SAY IT!

Rain: (Rolls eyes again) I swear that I will not invite Hiei.

Miyu: D All right. Now if you'll excuse me...I have to go get ready for the party.

Justine: But the cute guys are already taken.

Miyu: Tell Kurama to bring a hot friend.

Rain: Of course. Now you go get ready, Justine and Me'll get the boys.

Miyu: K, thanks for understanding you guys! (Leaves)

Rain: Come on Justine, we have a few guys to rope up.

Justine: Ok, I'm right behind you Rain-san.

Rain: (Rolls eyes) You don't have to speak Jap yet...Onna no Baka.

Justine: Damare.


Jap language Guide

Jaganshi: A type of Demon

Onna no Baka: Stupid/Idiot Woman

Damare: Shut up


Miyu: Short, I know. But a good beginning if I do say so myself.

Rain: Wait till the next chapter. You'll love it.

Justine: You'll definitely love it if you enjoy backstabbing, cheating, and a holiday gone bad.

Miyu: A dream come true. How do I think up this stuff?

Rain: Don't ask me, you're the nut case.

Miyu: Damare.

Justine: R&R please.