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Chapter 18:

When the sun had risen it marked Harry's first lap, now, as he approached his last lap, his face and shirt where soak with perspiration. Harry made a brushing action across his forehead as he ran around the muddled waters of the lake. A long and antagonizing hour had slowly passed since Harry had started his little run and he never wanted to murder somebody as much as he wanted to murder Albus Dumbledore.

"Faster!" Dumbledore yelled for what felt like the hundredth time from atop of his multi-colored magical flying carpet and what looked like a small muggle fan in his hand which he had lazily was moving back and forth in front of his face.

Harry grumbled and picked up his pace and made sure to avoid the raised earth near the bridge in which he had forgotten each lap and nearly tumbling into the lake each time. 8th time is the charm Harry supposed when he avoided the mole hole just in time.

His feet treaded across the bridge and back onto the dew soaked lawn picking up pace before Dumbledore could yell anything once more.

It seemed like forever that Harry had arrived on the grounds to the back of the castle where the hand made, or magic made, lake sat. Really, Harry had never seen how big the lake actually was. It was bigger then he remembered back in his third year. The bridge bigger and widener, longer and creakier. The stream louder which ran under it that dispenses around the castle and into the large shore front that protected the castle from unwelcome guest.

Harry had to run from the point of the bride along towards the forbidden forest, which touched the shore of the lake at one point, around until Harry made it all the way around the lake and back towards the bridge. A pointless running path in Harry's mind but then again, what did he know? Maybe in some whacked out way, this would help. You could never be sure with Dumbledore, he had many ways of thinking, which was why nobody could ever figure the old man out. Simply because, Harry suspected, the old man didn't even know himself.

Harry quickened his pace into a full out run as his finished his final lap. He stopped right before the bridge and put his hands on his head and leaned in back in hopes it would steady his breathing which was now coming in shallow gasps.

"Better then I expected but not great. I mean, if a death eater was running after you, I'm sure you would be dead by now." Dumbledore said, flying his carpet to Harry and had it hover over the grass.

"Yeah because he wouldn't waste his time chasing me and instead would sending curses my way. They seem to like it when my back is towards them, gives them a better chance." Harry said as steadily as he could with his breathing as uneven as it was.

Dumbledore pulled out a handful of Lemon Drops and climbed off the flying carpet, which wasn't one at all, but 2 cleansweeps broomsticks spell-oh-taped to a rug, with as much grace as one could and extended his hand towards Harry in an offer with a smile, "Not if he didn't have a wand." He pointed out childishly.

Harry rolled his eyes and declined the offer of the sour candy and grabbed the water bottle that was sitting atop of the fling carpet/rug and broomsticks and took a gulp of it. "What would he achieve once he caught up to me?"

"He would apperate you away." Dumbledore supplied easily.

"Then why hadn't I just done so myself?" Harry asked.

"It would be against the law for you are under age."

"Oh, so in this unlikely scenario we have a death eater with out a wand… me running away… and… now I'm a law abiding citizen?" Harry asked. "What next? If he can't catch up to me, he'll throw some stones?"

"Any thing is possible."

Harry snorted and started to walk towards the castle which Dumbledore beside him. "Next thing you'll be telling me is that Voldemort has a girlfriend."

Dumbledore tucked his Lemon drops into a hidden pocket of his robed and clasped his hands together. "Tell me Harry, from our discussion yesterday, how do you think you've come to understand Tom, has anything changed from what you knew before him and now?"

"Really, I haven't learned anything new about Tom. I new quite little before and I know as much today. Tom is half-muggle running a Pure-blooded war. In his eyes he's better then his own race."

"And tell me, I'd like to know what you think, why do you suppose Tom wouldn't have a significant other?"

"Voldemort, not Tom Riddle, prides himself on being above humanity. He doesn't show love, along with love is passion, in comes in pairs, just as love and hate do." Harry glanced at the castle in concentration and continued, "If Voldemort claims to not feel love, there for he cannot feel desire, it's a weakness he cannot allow himself to posses. That's one of the reasons I suspect he doesn't have many women followers."

Dumbledore watched Harry and gestured for him to continue after a second of silence.

"I'm no psychoanalyst but I suspect Voldemort sees women as a weakness, just as much as he sees love as one. Women in his eyes are the weaker sex because they carry too much emotion. They are ticking bombs unknown when they will explode. They are unpredictable and yet not. Voldemort's operation is of precise plans and actions, nothing is spontaneous, that's to dangerous and women are just that. Not only those reasons, but also, men are more powerful."

Dumbledore looked shockingly at Harry. Harry eyes widened and back peddled. "Not that I think that! I mean, Hermione is powerful, and so was my Mum. I'm strictly thinking like Voldemort would. Men are stronger in body, they can fight, lift hundreds of pounds, and such, where as women are more limited in physical strength. Plus, women are more prone to cave under torture. Most likely Voldemort sees men are also more powerful in magic. In his experience it probably is true. Men can think faster, once more not my opinion, act faster, and in the end, get the job done because they can put aside any emotion and do the task. Women are fickle and their hearts come into action."

"Why do you think Voldemort think all of this?" Dumbledore asked as they neared the castle.

"I can't be for certain, nobody will, I doubt even Voldemort does, but it all comes down to his mother. She loved his father from what we know, she gave birth to the offspring of a muggle who didn't take to lightly the fact that see was a witch. She gave up on life and left her son to know no parents and gave him no love. She had only love for Tom Riddle and herself and not her son. Voldemort grew up only knowing he had no family, so he most likely isolated himself, deemed himself special because he could do things nobody else could. I believe Voldemort was a bully, beat other kids up for their milk money and whatnot. In school, Voldemort probably didn't waste his time on girls-"

"No, If I do recall correctly, Tom had a few girlfriends during his years at Hogwarts." Dumbledore corrected lightly

Harry stayed silent for a minute as they walked along the grounds. Harry nodded to himself, "Maybe he liked the power." Harry said slowly, "Maybe he liked that he could control a women."

The pair entered the Castle and Harry put out his arm to yield Dumbledore and turned to face him completely. "Maybe, Just maybe, He liked it so much he would do anything to keep that power. He didn't date because he liked the girl, or the feelings attached to her."

"That doesn't really sound new to me Harry, you act as if it's a revelation." Dumbledore said

"Because it is. You could look at him and say, he was human at one point, and then ponder what changed him. But maybe it was always there, the hatred and the thrust for power. I think I could be right with him resenting his mother and anything in association to her. Women, Muggles, love, passion, weakness, I could go on." Harry said, "When I was younger I felt because I once turned my teachers hair blue, or when my hair grew over night, that I was weird, where as I believe, Voldemort thought the complete opposite. Maybe that's where it all started for him, the first time he did magic, wielded the world to please him and when he discovered that he could never be pleased he set out to find what would do that. He didn't know about his mother or father or his heritage, he only knew that he was different. Like I said before, he thought he was special. He loved the power because he thought he didn't have it anywhere else. So beating up on a younger child, stealing money, he had power. When magic played in it was great for him, he could gain more power then he could ever imagine. But it's like a drug, with each hit, you grow more immune to it. You no longer get that high that you like, it takes more and more to get you to that one point when you first experienced it. Voldemort needed more power to even achieve what he felt when he was younger. He needed it in more places so he branched out, and dating was probably one of the areas he chose."

"So power is Voldemort's Drug." Dumbledore summed up, acting as if he hadn't already known it.


"So we've been able to label it but what's new about it?" Dumbledore asked

Harry smiled proudly, "Don't you see? We're going about it all wrong, reading books, thinking of our experiences with Voldemort in order to understand him. We can't learn about him from a book. To learn about Voldemort we need to learn about his conquests and victims. In order to try to understand him, we need them. We need to speak to them."

Dumbledore measured Harry and nodded, a smile played at his lips, "You just may be right, Harry. Just may be right."


Flashback to yesterday:

Hermione bit her lip and looked at her book and then back up across the room and then shut her book and nervously walked up to Ron who was playing a round of wizarding chess with Dean.

"Ron?" Hermione asked, stopping in front of him.

Ron looked up anxiously and then a smile tugged at his lips. "Hey, Hermione." He said rather bashfully.

"Um, can I speak to you for a second?" She asked looking reminiscently to the deserted corner.

"Yeah, I'll be right back Dean." Ron stood shooting Dean a glance as he followed Hermione.

Ron stuffed his hands into his pockets, rolling on the balls of his feet he smiled, "So, about what I asked the other night-"

"No." Hermione said softly cutting Ron off.

"Wait, w-what?" Ron's eyes were wide and his hands slipped from his pockets.

Hermione sighed and sat in an arm chair. "I want to, Ron. I really do, but it wouldn't be fair to you. I-I can't date you, I can't be that girl." She looked down at her hands that where folded neatly in her lap.

"What girl?" He asked slightly confused.

Hermione looked up at him with glossy eyes and gave a wispy smile, "You're a great guy, your cute and funny, you're even kind of sweet when you want to be."

"But?" He added for her with sagged shoulders as he listen to the girl he fancied turn him down.

"We don't have that certain thing we need to have any kind of relationship besides friendship."

"How do we know that if we don't even try?" He asked desperately

Hermione gave Ron a pained look, but it soon fell as notion clicked in her brain, and so, she patted the seat next to her, "Sit." Ron watched her for a second and then sat down. "Do you believe in Love at first sight, Ron?"

"Uh- yes? No… well, um, yeah, Kind of." Ron stuttered out unsure

"Did you love me when we first met?" She asked, the tone of the question clearly saying she already knew.

Ron looked down ashamed, "We were 11."

"You were 12." Hermione corrected, "And no, you didn't. And that's okay, we're friends now and for our friendship, that's what's important."

"Okay, so I don't believe in love at first sight." Ron said resignedly

"I know, you only said so because you thought that's what I wanted to hear." Hermione said a small smile playing at her lips. "And that's you being sweet when I'm trying to make you see where I'm coming from." Hermione sighed.

"I don't see how you know that we're not meant to be, why can't we even try?"

"I'm not saying I never had feelings for you, Ron. Because I have."

"You have?"

"Yes, and in forth year, if you had asked me to the Yule Ball I would have excepted without hesitation-"

"What changed?" Ron asked sadly.

"Me. Not you. Me. I changed. Everything changed when Cedric died, when Voldemort came back-" Hermione shook her head trying to collect her thoughts, "Before then, before the Tri-wizarding tournament, things seemed so simple. Sure we had our adventures, but nothing so much that it made everything change. I came to terms with a lot of things that summer Ron, and my crush on you was just that, a crush. God, I wish that it was more then that because it would make things so much simpler, it would mean I wouldn't be-" Hermione chocked back a sob and shook her head catching herself, "Whatever we could have, Ron, wouldn't be worth what we could lose in the end. We wouldn't last and one of us could get hurt, and I'm not the girl who will make you happy."

"But I could be the guy that makes you happy."

"I couldn't live with knowing that I didn't make you happy-"

"Being with you would make me happy."

Hermione shook her head. "No. I'm bossy, I'm a know-it-all, I'm controlling, I nag people to death, I can't cook, my cleaning skills are minimal, I kick in my sleep, I slurp my milk from my bowl when done eating my cereal, I burn cookies, I drink 4 cups of coffee with a 2 hour period of time, I have bushy hair, and I bite my figure nails at the dinner table."

"I can deal with all those things, I have for 5 years." Ron said persistently, "And they have things for your hair, just ask Ginny. And you can always learn to cook and clean-"

Hermione sighed, "You've dealt with those things for 5 years as a friend I don't want you to deal with them. I want you to love those things about me. I don't want you to settling. I want you to love me for me and not want to change anything about me."

"Nothing I say or do will change your mind, will it?" Ron asked sighing sadly

"I'm sorry, I really am. Your 1 in 1 with Harry with being my best friend and I don't want to lose you. I don't know what I'd do if you decided you no longer liked me and didn't want to be my friend."

"That'll never happen, Hermione." Ron said squeezing her hands.

Hermione gave a teary smile, "Good."

"I saw this coming, you know?" Ron said after a second. "When you didn't answer me right away…"

"Are you okay?"

Ron laughed bitterly, "No, not at all. But I hope I'll get over it. I'm sure Harry will have to convince me to go to classes in the morning and I won't shave- I'll make sure to skip my shower and wear day old clothes just to make you feel bad."

Hermione laughed, "At least you have a plan. So, we're good?"

Ron stood. "I guess we are." He started to walk away but stopped and turned towards Hermione, "By the way, what was up with Harry today?"

"What do you mean?" She asked standing up and running her hands over her robes.

"Well, he seemed in a bad mood. Did something happen or anything?"

Hermione shook her head, "Not that I know about. You know how he gets, though, maybe he's just having a bad day." She offered

Ron nodded, "Alright, I'll see you later."

"Bye." she whispered as he had already departed


Harry stumbled into the Common Room minutes after departing from Dumbledore in the Entrance Hall. As he made his way towards the boy's form he stopped noticing Hermione curled up on an armchair near a dead fire that seemed to have gone out during the night.

Harry looked longingly up the stairs but sighed and headed towards her. "Hey." He said dropping heavily down on an opposite armchair.

"Hey." She greeted shutting her book but she frowned when looking at him, "What are you wearing… and where have you been? You look like Death itself." She said worriedly.

"Oh." Harry laughed humorlessly, "Dumbledore's idea of fun I suppose." He said resting his head against the headrest.

"Which part? Why your dressed like that, or why you look like hell?"

Harry cracked a smile, "Both."

"Oh." She said not sure if she should inquire more but Harry answered her unasked question.

"Dumbledore wants me to run in the mornings for training, this outfit is the required apparel in order to be trained by him in any department of his loony intelligence."

Hermione smiled at him, "Oh." She nodded. "So, does this mean we'll not be continuing my training?" She asked disappointedly

"No, we'll just have to do it during a free period or sometime during the night, preferably after curfew, in secret, where we won't be dropped in on by wondering students." Harry said without opening his eyes.

Hermione nodded and went back to her book. Due to having his eyes closed Harry hadn't heard a response from Hermione and opened his eyes to look at her and noticed she was once again reading the book she had read on the train.

"So, are you ever going to tell me what that book is?"

Hermione looked up at him and gave a ghostly smile. "Maybe, it's very doubtful, but maybe."

"How about why you haven't made any progress in the pages except you read it constantly?" He asked

Hermione considered him a second and then nodded. "The author of the book cast a charm on it to resemble a book with was common back in her era so whom ever she was hiding it from would pass it up."

Harry nodded, "What's it about?"

Hermione shook her head, I told you enough already." She stood up and stretched revealing her pajamas fully. They resembled Harry's.

"Cute." He said lightly while standing up

"What's that?" She asked frowning

"I'm heading up to jump in the shower." Harry walked by her towards the stair case.

"Harry? Why do you smell like… the lake?" Hermione asked sniffing him.

Harry scowled, "Dumbledore didn't think I was running fast enough so he animated a few branches to hit me in order to compel me into going faster but they beat me so hard that I was knocked into the lake."

Hermione burst into laughter.

Harry glared at her, "I'm going now." Harry made his way to the stairs and traveled up the steps to his form trying hard to ignore Hermione's laughter echoing form the common room. Stupid Dumbledore.


"Ron, get up! You're going to miss breakfast." Harry yelled to Ron, checking his watch for the 8th time.

"I'm worthless. I'm that spider on the bottom of my shoe that I squashed yesterday." Ron mumbled into his pillow, "Go away. Leave me be. Let me rot in my misery in peace."

"Mate, trust me, you don't what to do that." Seamus called from the bathroom, walking into sight wearing a towel around his neck and a toothbrush in his mouth. "There was this lass that I fancied back home and we went out a few times and then she dumped me like I was yesterdays trash. I mopped around for 2 weeks, didn't shower or anything. Only thing that came of it was an uneven beard, if you want to call it that, and me Mum refusing to come within 10 feet of me, and me Da putting a car air-freshener around my neck. He said he went through the same phase when he was a teenager but couldn't deal with the stench anymore." Seamus nodded in remembrance.

"And the girl?" Dean asked finishing lacing up his shoes.

"Annabelle lee Sanders." He sighed dreamily, "Red hair, blue eyes, a bust that would make any man swoon…"

Dean laughed, "Sounds like Ginny!"

Ron elevated his head off his pillow and shot Dean a glare, who quickly shut up and looked to Seamus. "You alright, mate?" Dean asked watching his friend who now had a melancholy expression.

He sighed, "Anna. Geeze do I miss her… my life sucks." He walked back into the bathroom and shut the door.

"Gee, Thanks! That makes my hopes just sore with the possibilities that maybe one day I won't always feel like my heart was ripped out of my chest and stomped on!" Ron called angrily chucking his pillow at the closed door.

"Ron, come on, get up." Harry sighed not sure of what else to do.

"Easy for you to say," Ron said bunching up his sheets to form a new pillow. "Your heart hasn't been ripped brutally from your body and tossed around like a Quaffle or Bluger."

"I didn't hear her do all that, it seemed like a peaceful let down by most standers. I mean, did you see Becka Rinkly turn down that bloke from Ravenclaw last year? I mean, wow, harsh." Dean shook his head

"Who, who, and when was this?" Ron asked

"Becka, 5th year Gryffindor… boards with your sister?" Seeing the puzzled expression Dean shrugged, "Anyway, This 6th year bloke, whose now a 7th year, asked her to out last year and she told him no and then he wouldn't stop asking, you know the saying persistence is key? Yeah, not so much. Anyway, he then asked her out in front of all her friends in the Great Hall during dinner, she told him off and called him all sorts of horrible names." He shook his head, "Brutal."

"Where were we?" Ron asked sitting up looking interested.

"I have no clue, I remember it was towards the end… maybe right before Umbridge disappeared… Hey! It was the day the lot of you disappeared now that I think about it-" Dean said loudly.

Harry shook his head, "No, I remember that, That was weeks before Umbridge disappeared."

"Oh, maybe your right." Dean said dropping it, "Anyway, see you at Breakfast. Seamus! Lets go." Seamus emerged from the bathroom sullenly when dripping wet hair and left trailing a puddle of water after him.

"You remember-"

"No." Harry said shortly, "I just didn't want to talk about it anymore. Do you want me to bring you back something to eat?" Harry asked trying to show some sort of understanding.

"Yeah, thanks. I'm going to go take a shower."

"See you later." Harry parted.

Maybe it was because Harry was a bad friend but he couldn't help but feel relief flow threw his body from hearing that Hermione turned Ron down. Maybe, if he dared to hope, things could go back to normal.


"Defense Against the Dark Arts! Finally!" Ron said plopping down in a seat next to Harry who had Hermione of his right.

Harry handed Ron wrapped up toast and a muffin. Ron raised an eyebrow towards Harry.

"Hey, you where just getting toast until I was forced into snagging you a muffin too."

Ron shot a glance at Hermione and refocused his attention to Harry, "Thanks Mate." He said enthusiastically eating the food. "What do you suppose she'll be like?" Ron asked

"Dunno. Never heard of her-"

"Shh." Hermione hissed as the teacher entered the classroom.

Professor Duncan had her hair pulled into a low bun and her robes looked identical to the ones at the feast.

"Good morning class." She greeted placing her bag beside her desk and leaned against the desk.

The class greeted her with an unison "Good morning, Professor."

Professor Duncan raised an eyebrow and cracked a smile. "Alright, My name is Kady Duncan and obviously I am your new Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor." She clasped her hands together and leaned heavier against the desk. "Now, today, like most of your classes will be, are preliminaries. Nothing of real importance will be taking place because we, your professors, are trying to comprehend what you have learnt over the past 5 years.

"This year is the beginning of your N.E.W.T's preparations. As most of you already are aware of, you have 2 years to prepare for your N.E.W.T's but these test are vitally important to your careers after schooling has concluded. These two years will me most difficult and trying. Next year will be just the same. Now, since I haven't the same advantage as your other professors of teaching you students for the past 5 years and learning and understanding you along with knowing you. So, today's class will begin with introductions. I want you to introduce yourselves and tell me something about yourself." Professor Duncan smiled sweetly towards a Ravenclaw boy, "Let's start with you."

The Ravenclaw colored slightly at being addressed, "I'm Ryan Conners, I'm a Ravenclaw, and I like Quiddittch."

A few girls snickered and one whispered, "Obviously, he plays on the team doesn't he?" Ryan colored a deeper scarlet and shrank in his seat.

"And you are?" Professor Duncan addressed the girl

"Jenna Rinks, I'm also a Ravenclaw and I freelance for Witch Weekly." Jenna said smugly

"So you like to write?"

"No, she likes to gossip." Hermione snorted to Harry, "Anything she can get her hands on."

Jenna glared at her and said loudly, "You're just angry because I exposed what type of woman a man like Harry Pot-"

"Exposed?" Hermione scoffed boldly, "You mean made up?"

"Excuse me? All, I mean all, of my stories are 100 legit and not a one holds any fiction." Jenna said angrily

"Did you get the words, 'leggy, blond, and well acquired' strait from his lips?"

"I altered them a bit-"

"I am right here you know." Harry said, "And I assure you those words did not come out of my mouth, in one form or another. Nor will they ever."

"And you are Mr. Potter, am I correct."

Harry nodded, "Yes."

"Tell us something about yourself."

"I'm 16." He said in all seriousness.

Hermione groaned softly and shook her head at Ron who was chuckling.

"I'm pretty sure we all knew that." Professor Duncan said offering a nice smile

"Anything I am willing to tell everybody they all already know." Harry Shrugged. "How about we move on to Hermione?"

Hermione glanced at the Professor and with a nod Hermione said, "I'm Hermione Granger, I'm a Gryffindor… and I love to learn." Hermione provide unsurely

Professor Duncan nodded and carried on until each student introduce themselves, "Okay, Now that that is threw I want you all to stand up and come to the from of the class room. Tut tut, leave your bags and things besides your wands. Yes, Now, I want you to pair off into groups of two, somebody you won't mind hexing." Harry snorted and watched all the Gryffindor's glanced at the Slytherins who in turn where glower back at them.

"I wouldn't mind hexing ferret boy." Ron said nodding towards Draco Malfoy, his wand held loosely in his hand, his arms crossed against his chest.

"You and half the class, Ron." Neville said coming up to them.

"Its your lucky day." Hermione said eyeing Malfoy, "He's heading this way." True to her word Malfoy was indeed walking towards the group of Gryffindor's. His blond hair was slicked back in its usual gelled state and his clothes pressed and wrinkle free. He walked in a brisk step that radiated of self-purpose and certainty.


"Oh. Bugger. The handsome bloke chose Harry to dance with instead. Whom ever will we hope to capture?" Seamus said his voice an octave or two higher then his customary pitch.

Neville gave Seamus a strange look, "That was unsettling, never do that again."

"I was only making a mess about-" Seamus started

"Yes, Malfoy?" Harry cut Seamus off

"Obviously you know why I'm standing here."

Harry shrugged nonchalantly and pick a piece of non-existent lint from his sleeve, "Obviously I couldn't care less."

Malfoy raised an eyebrow, "You are giving up a chance in order to hex me?"

"I'll have a go." Ron said stepping forward, his wand raised

"I'd fear dueling with you weasel. You might blow an arm off when trying an disarming spell. Mix up the word 'armed' and actual 'arm'." Malfoy said pretentiously

"Mr. Malfoy, I assure you today we will not be dueling." Professor Duncan placed a hand on his shoulder. "We, Class," She called attention to her, "Are going to be practicing all the spells we know that can be useful in a fair duel with out the intent of hurting your opponent just disarming them. Be creative in ways to disarm your opponent, certain hexes and jinxes can be useful even when you are dueling against somebody with more knowledge or power, even sometimes, both."

Malfoy scoffed, "There's no such thing as a fair duel."

"Only you, as an opponent, can decide that."

"Its true. No matter what, one or the other person will have more knowledge or power then the other, its not considered fair."

"Do you feel you and Mr. Potter would fare in a fair duel."

Malfoy eyed Harry. "No. I have far more knowledge in dueling then he does."

"Do you agree with this, Mr. Potter?" Professor Duncan asked.

"If you wish me to concur with him, then your out of luck, but nor will I argue because no matter what I say neither of us will be proven right or wrong."

"How do you suppose that?" She asked

"Only way would be for a fair duel to take place and in recent years Malfoy has always cheated."

"You two have dueled in the past?" She asked with raised eyebrows

Harry shrugged.

"Well, why don't the two of you show us a fair duel then?" She said pulling her wand from the inside of a pocket form her robes.

Malfoy scoffed, "Haven't I already said that it wouldn't be a fair duel?"

"Your both of the same age and year. You both have had the same teachers, good and the bad-"

"To be really fair though, Professor. Not that I don't think Harry can't beat ferret boy over there," Ron said quickly, "But, Malfoy comes from a pure-blood family whom have been teaching him magic since he was young, including dark arts no doubt." Ron said

Harry smirked but said nothing. Malfoy's 11 years of magic before school didn't compare to what Harry had learnt over the past summer.

Malfoy smirked, "As I said-"

"I think Mr. Potter should have a say in this, don't you think?" Professor Duncan suggested looking towards Harry.

Harry let his gaze wonder to the smug Malfoy and he carefully considered his options. "I believe perhaps a duel would be appropriate,"

"Harry." Hermione hissed, her eyes wide.

"Do you want a second?" Professor Duncan asked Malfoy, who in turn scanned the crowd and nodded jerkily towards Nott who gave triumphant smile and stepped from the wall and purposefully towards the Slytherin.

"Mr. Potter?"

Harry glanced towards Ron who was disheveled and slightly whacked, over Seamus, Dean, and Neville. And then his gaze landed on Hermione and the back to the teacher and coolly said, "I don't need a second." and stepped towards the platform and hoisted himself atop of it.

Malfoy snorted and Ron groaned.

"If one opponent has a second, the other must also, Mr. Potter." Professor Duncan said

Harry shrugged, "I won't need one, but if you really feel like it will make a difference then Hermione will be my second."

Draco let out another snort and rolled his eyes.

"Have you turned into a pig or something?" Neville asked Malfoy who shot him a glare in return which sent poor Neville cowering slightly against the wall.

"I thought he was a ferret." Dean laughed.

"Among other things." Ron muttered.

"Alright, Mr. Malfoy. Please step up to the platform and stand in front of Mr. Potter."

When both Harry and Malfoy where in standing on the platform Professor Duncan stood between them. "I'm sure you both know the rules of a fair duel, you shall bow to each other and then retreat down the platform and then when both of you are ready you shall begin on the count of three. No curse, jinx, or spell will be cast or that person will be disqualified and then the other will automatically win. In order to win the duel you must disarm your opponent. In case of any injury you may sub with your second. Once your second is in, they can not be removed. If the second gets injured as well then the duel is also over. No illegal curses are to be cast and if any are it will result in an expulsion or other means of punishment decided by the head of your house and the headmaster." She looked at both of them, "Opponents bow. Please take your positions."

Harry turned on his heal and took the amounted paces back and turned and stood in his stance as Malfoy mirrored him.

"On the count of 3, you may begin." Professor Duncan said stepping off the platform, "1...2...3."

"Exarmo!" Harry shouted a disarming spell as Malfoy yelled, "Tripudio." which was a powerful curse associated with the jelly legs jinx. The curses bounced off one another and depleted. Harry smirked and silently performed 'Restio funis'. And Ropes flew from his wand and wrapped around Malfoy in a wild manor.

Malfoy struggled but freed his arm and counted the curse with an agitated 'expedio' which disentangled him and he glared at Harry. "Iacio retrograde!" Malfoy yelled a foreign curse at Harry and he threw up a shield but it managed to hit Harry's sheild a second after it went up. If Malfoy was more powerful it would have sent Harry spiraling into a wall.

"Turbo gelos." Harry shot out next and a cold steam of air flew towards Malfoy and Ice clung to his feet and started to spread up his legs. Harry flicked his wand and Malfoy's Arms snapped to his side.

Without hand movements Malfoy tried to stop the freezing by shouting out random spells. Harry was about to disarm Malfoy when Malfoy undid the curse and lost no time yelling his next spell 'caucus funestus'.

Harry blocked the blinding spell with an easy 'scandalum'.

Malfoy grew frustrated and started to send an allotted amount of curses at Harry one after another, Harry dodge them and preformed a few shielding spells and then he used 'perverto' and Malfoy flung upside down and then dropped.

Malfoy shook his hair out of his eyes and yelled an angry, "Animus compater!"

Harry's eyes widened and he stepped back from Malfoy and a foggy image started to appear which took the form of Sirius Black. Students gasps where heard around the room and Hermione's whisper of, "Sirius." along with Ron's, "Bloody hell!" Were lost among it.

The still foggy Sirius reached out his hand towards Harry and smiled, "Harry. How much you have grown." Thoughts fled Harry's mind as he stared at his godfather but gained his senses and realized the meaning of the curse.

Harry angrily flicked his wand and yelled out, "Flunginious defeito!" And the image of his godfather disappeared and Harry added, "Distingino Manitics." And Malfoy was thrown back into the nearest wall. Malfoy struggled to get up and touched the side of his mouth that was dripping blood along his pale face. Malfoy walked towards Harry with a glare in place.

No longer wanting to bait Malfoy and wanting to finish he said 'nebulous' which caused the room to fill with fog and then he used 'conturbo incondite' which made his voice sound as if it was behind Malfoy, "You shouldn't have done that." Harry said lowly so Malfoy only heard it.

"Where are you Potter!" Malfoy yelled whipping around in circles not knowing where Harry was.

"Fragilitas arma," Harry said finally and Malfoy's wand flew to his hand.

The Fog lifted in seconds and Professor Duncan looked shocked. Harry tossed her Malfoy's wand and walked off the platform without a glance to Malfoy.

"Thank you… Mr. Potter and Mr. Malfoy." She said her voice was a bit shaky. "I think that's all for today. See you next class." Harry walked to his bag and picked it up and waited for Hermione to grab hers and then without another word they left the class room.

"That was bloody brilliant, Mate." Ron said laughingly.

"Reckless. That's what it was. I shouldn't have done it." Harry said heading towards Transfiguration.

"I can't believe he performed that spell… I just can't believe it." Hermione said shaking her head.

"Why not? He's Malfoy. He'll stop at nothing to win." Harry said

"What spell? Are you talking about the one with… Sirius?" Ron asked cautiously.

"Yes." Hermione said, "He shouldn't know it, I don't understand how he did know it. It's not a common spell for death eaters, not even one that would be useful really."

"What does it do?" Ron asked feeling stupid.

"I wouldn't even know if I hadn't borrowed one of Harry's books," She said, "It a spell to bring back a memory of a godfather. It's made just for that. A godfather. It's Latin meaning memory combined with godfather."

"Why would someone create a spell for that?" Ron asked.

"It was created by a man named Marcus Definglo, his daughter lost her godfather in a battle. The daughter wouldn't mention the day and Marcus wanted to know what happened. The spell was meant to remember an exact memory, he was killed before he could perfect the spell." Hermione told Ron.


"Like I said, I wonder why he even knew it." She said.

"It would be funny if the death eaters learnt it just to use on Harry as a advantage and he just blew it."

Harry looked to Ron sharply.

"I mean, it wouldn't be funny. It would be horrible." Ron said swiftly

"I think you may be right." Hermione said.

Harry sighed, "Great, now I have to worry about seeing my dead godfather on the battle field on top of trying to save the Wizarding world."

"Harry?" Ron asked after a second of silence

"Yeah Ron?"

"Why didn't you just conjure Ted and finish the duel quickly?"

"Because, I wanted Malfoy to understand how little power he actually possesses. I wanted him to see that in the large scheme of things he means nothing. He needs to realize that before he gets in further then he already is." Harry ran a hand threw his hair, "Anyway, what would happen if I conjured Ted? He'd probably eat Malfoy and I'd get expelled. It's not likely I can use, 'I think he's a death eater' as an excuse. He may not even have the mark. Also, even if the Death eaters know I can create Ted, I don't think I want the whole school to know it too. I'll never be left alone. Another reason why I didn't just end the duel quickly, it would have seem suspicious. I'd like to keep some things to myself." Harry walked to the Transfiguration classroom. "I should have just said No and none of this would have happened."

Hermione grabbed his arm before he entered the classroom, "Yeah, but if you hadn't dueled him then you would have never had known that they knew of that spell. Now you can be prepared for it when it comes."

Harry nodded, "Your right I suppose."

Ron smiled slightly, "Well, that and we know if that spell was meant to be a surprise then Malfoy isn't a favorite amongst the Death Eaters right now."


"Could you pass me the sandwiches please, Lavender?" Hermione asked after she sat down next to Harry.

"You know Hermione, you should try eating salad more, it's better for you then all that food you eat." Shocked silence followed Pavartie inadvertent insult, "What?" She demanded when everybody looked at her.

"Did you just call her fat?" Ginny demanded outraged.

"Of course not." Lavender answered, "She was only commenting on how many calories Hermione must consume. Especially being friends with two boys."

"What does that have to do with my eating habits?" Hermione demanded, insulted.

"Well, they don't care what and how much they eat. It's your only influence. If you were friends with girls, take us for example." Pavartie said waving a hand between her and Lavender, "You'd be more aware of what you eat. Because the other girl will be looking out for you."

Hermione opened her mouth to comment when Katie Bell stormed into the Great Hall. "Where the hell is he?" She demanded to nobody in particular, scaring a small first year that had been in her way. When spotting the group her eyes narrowed, "You!" She said as if she just found out who put bubblegum in her shoe.

Harry glanced at Ron and then to Hermione. "What'd I do?" Harry asked in a hushed tone.

Katie Bell stomped over to the trio with eyes planted firmly on Harry. "Do you hate me? Did you think of the ways you could make my life a living hell? Did you just suddenly think over the summer, 'Hey! Lets make Katie bonkers!' Because guess WHAT?! THAT'S WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!"

By now, if not they hadn't been before, everybody was staring. Teachers sat in shocked silence and nobody came to restrain her. If she happened to pounce, Harry was pretty sure he was screwed.

"Why, Good afternoon, Katie. What can I do for you?" Harry said in a fake cheery voice.

"G-go-good AFTERNOON!? That's all you have to say for yourself?" She shot out in rage, "I mean SERIOUSLY! Not even an explanation?"

Harry eyed her, "May I ask for what I need an explanation for?"

Her eyes grew wide, and she shook her head in disbelief "You are the biggest wanker I have ever encountered, I mean, I thought you were nice. But now, now I hate you. I hate you with every fiber of my being." She stared at him waiting for him to react and as if fed up, she threw her hands towards the ceiling and growled, which happened to sound like an irritated screech.

"What exactly did Harry do?" Ron asked cautiously

"This wanker right here decided he didn't want to be captain, he thought to himself, 'Hey, lets give Katie captainship on top of N.E.W.Ts, lets see if she spontaneously combusts' but then probably thinks, 'What more can I do to make that go faster? Oh! I KNOW, I shouldn't even return to the team this year!'" Katie evened her breathing, seemingly calming herself, only to address Harry in a calm, sweat voice, "Harry? Do you know what you've done to me? You have made me go mad, I could be locked away because of you. Here I was, sitting in Transfiguration, already thinking this year was going to be the death of me, and then I was being pulled aside my McGonagall telling me that I was captain. I was ecstatic, that being a given, because you were obviously going to be Captain, not me, I was so surprised. Imagine my shock when McGonagall told me exactly why I was captain and not you. What you were leaving me with. Do you know what your leaving me with?"

"Er-" Harry started uncertainly

"Oh! No need to answer, I'll just tell you! NOTHING! You, Harry Potter, have left me with a team worth NOTHING!"

"Hey! Wait a bloody minute-" Ron started but was cut off quickly

"Shut it, Weasley." Katie snapped, turning back to Harry. "I have 1, count them, 1 chaser, 2 beaters that can't hit worth a Knut, a replacement seeker and a keeper that has some sort of audience fright! You have left me with the worst team ever in the history of Hogwarts!" She let out another growl of frustration and stormed out of the hall.

Harry stood up and walked calmly after Katie, leaving his friends behind in the great Hall. "Katie! Wait up!" He jogged after her and caught up with her tugging her into an empty classroom.

"What?" She demanded, "Want to tell me something else to make my life worse?"

Harry rolled his eyes, "Stop being dramatic. I quit the team, yes, but not because I want to make you upset, I need to set my priorities straight and Quiddittch didn't make it into the top 5. I thought you were the best person for the job, I'm sorry if I've been mistaken. If you think you can't handle it you can always hand the Captainship over to somebody else."

"You think I can't handle it!?" She demanded hysterically, "Its because I'm a girl isn't it?"

"Of course I think you can handle it, that's why I wanted you to have it. Make up your bloody mind. You women take things so out of context."

Katie glared at him, "What is that suppose to mean?"

"Exactly what it sounds like." Harry said exasperated.

"This still doesn't change the fact that you have left me with the worst bloody team ever." Katie said after a second of silence.

"You just have to rebuild the team, that's all. Tryouts are sure to bring some new prospects… if you haven't scared the potentials away with your scream-fest back in the Great Hall."

Katie sighed, "I'm going to suck as captain, I mean Wood was spectacular captain, Angelina was too. People don't listen to me."

Harry leaned against the desk, "You don't know until you try. Wood was a great captain, yeah, but he only became that way because of practice."

Katie chewed her lip, "If we lose the cup this year…" She trailed off shaking her head.

"I have an idea," Harry said slowly, "I'll help you with tryouts and then I'll train my replacement." Katie was about to protest, but Harry held up his hand to silence her, "And I'll try and bring in some outside help, okay?"

"Like who?" Katie asked unsure

"Fred and George, they owe me a favor." Harry said

Katie sighed and looked to the ceiling, "This year is going to be hell."

Harry smirked, "Yeah, well, what year isn't?"

Katie let a smile flutter across her face, "So your going to help?"

Harry nodded, "Until my assistance is no longer needed, I'll help."

Katie brushed her hair from her face, "I'm still mad at you."

Harry smiled "I can live with that."


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