Author's note: This is another requested ficlet, this time by Lady Norbert, and it's my first time writing from Jekyll's first person POV, so I was a bit nervous, especially since the line she gave me was rather hard to get in without sounding horribly corny. But, Lady N liked it, so here it is. Please review, they are much appreciated. Here are the requirements:

Title: Deadly Beauty
Fandom: LXG
Genre: Romance/Drama
Characters: Mina/Jekyll, Jekyll's POV
Line: "Her beauty isn't something I necessarily observe with my conscious waking mind; rather, I feel how beautiful she is."

Disclaimer: I do not own anyone. I mean no harm. Do not sue me. Savvy?


The nature of beauty is such a strange thing. It is like the nature of man. Perhaps that is why I leave the nature of beauty alone, and do not think on it often, for if I did, I fear the results. Hyde is plenty enough reminded that some things should be left as simple mysteries of life, known only to God.

But the nature of her beauty, it is something I cannot keep my mind off. Mina Harker's beauty, dark and deceptive and yet not. It hides a monster she appears to have bravely come to terms with, yet that monster is not who she is, not what she is. It is a part of her, but not her. Something created inside her by another monster.

And so, her nature, her beauty, her monster, herself, they fascinate me in a way far beyond clinical or scientific. It is not proper, and I am shamed of it more than all men. Because Hyde, though brought out by my workings, is me. It was a darker nature, always inside me. And now, it is a separate entity, yet he still resides in my mind, uses my body. My hands commit his crimes, my tongue says his blasphemes.

He is fascinated with her as well. He is drawn to the monster inside her, and the woman she has become because of it.

Her nature shows through in her beauty. She is dark and silent, and she is loyal and protective. She is vulnerable in her own ways, but stronger than most any man I have known. All these can be seen, felt. For more often, her beauty isn't something I necessarily observe with my conscious waking mind; rather, I feel how beautiful she is.

I can feel the strength in her, sense it. Yet I can also feel the loneliness. She is beautiful, but she harbors a monster inside. Perhaps that is why I am drawn to her. Once we were free of these demons in our heads, these natures that fight for control.

But she has a control, a will, a strength over her demon that I can never have, but I admire it so. For that is her true beauty. Even without her demon, she is strong and beautiful and loyal, and deadly. I could feel it, sense it, even if I were blind.