Author's note: Ok, this is my first time writing in Buffy-verse, so please, give me any tips or corrections, but be gentle, please. This was written for a friend at LiveJournal in a drabble/ficlet challenge. She requested Willow/Oz, and I tried my hand at it. Hopefully it's ok. Reviews, critique included, are loved and appreciated. The fic requirements:

Title: Completion
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairing: Willow/Oz
Line: "So it doesn't make sense, but it doesn't matter."

Disclaimer: I do not own Willow, Oz, Tara, or Kennedy (Thank goodness), nor do I mean any copyright infringement. Please do not sue me. Savvy?


Ever since I first saw her, I knew. She was my mate. There would be no other. It was only her. She was my mate, my witch. And I would always be her werewolf. Even when she was with Tara, even when she was with Kennedy, even when I stumbled and broke her heart because the wolf in me was curious of the female wolf it had found.

I was always, truly her werewolf.

Yes, she changed her sexual preference, as some would say. But really, it wasn't that. With Tara, there was a connection. A bond. Something there other than just mere sexual attraction. It was for Tara's personality as much and probably more than her gender.

Kennedy, Kennedy was a mistake, and Willow would be the first to admit that. She was rebound, someone who preferred women to men, and flirted with Willow, reminding her she had been with a women before. And Willow had thought that was who she was.

But that wasn't, and Kennedy wasn't who she made Willow believe she was. She cheated, she lied, she bitched, she manipulated. But she picked the wrong witch to piss off.

I think she's somewhere in Europe now, or maybe in Russia, where it's cold. Where nobody can see that you grow thick, black hair in certain places.

I was waiting, biding my time. As soon as I heard about Tara, I knew. I had a chance to be with my mate again. But I didn't go to her for the longest time. She needed to grieve, needed to mourn her other lover. She had loved Tara too, and I wasn't about to intrude on that time for her, just because I needed her.

But I knew when it was time. I knew when she had found out about Kennedy and ended it. I knew when she needed me most of all. And I came. Her werewolf came.

I am a werewolf, and she is my mate. No other. I'm too much like a real wolf, maybe because of the lycanthropy, or maybe it's just because I love her too much.

So it doesn't make sense, but it doesn't matter. She's my witch, I'm her werewolf, and we complete each other.