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Chapter 1- Strange Things are Happening.

How can I tell him?

Sam wondered as she walks slowly and nervously down the halls of the school, hoping to avoid a certain someone. Ever since their first encounter with Ember, Sam began to have thoughts about the ghost-boy Danny Fenton. Perhaps her thoughts originated long before Ember. What really worried her was that she enjoyed those thoughts of love and romance for Danny. However she would completely deny any suggestion that she was falling in love with him. But why? Why now?

Besides, Danny always seems to fall off his feet whenever Paulina came nearby... Paulina! That name alone angered Sam to no end. But then another thought struck her. Why was she jealous of Paulina? Was it because she had Danny's attention half the time? Or because she could have him around her little finger whenever she choose? Sam's eyes tightened.

No one treats my Danny like a one time use item!!!

Her Danny? Where did that come from? Best keep her mind on the day. However, that lasted less than twenty seconds.

"Hey Sam!"

A voice called from behind, and Sam instantly froze. She dreaded seeing him now before she had a chance to sort things out in her head. She relaxed a bit when it only turned out to be Tucker instead of Danny.

"Are you ok? I've been trying to get your attention all morning. Is something wrong?"

"No Tuck."

She lied

"I've just some rough nights lately."

"Sorry. Danny and I were wondering if you cared to join us at the park after school today?"

Danny is going to be there? Better not risk it.

"No Thanks. I've got things to do at home."

As she dialed in the combination to her locker, Tucker faked a pout

"But we want you there. Please come."

"I said no, Tucker. What part of 'no' don't you..."

As her locker opened a ghost suddenly appeared from it, and float overhead.

"I am THE BOX GHOST! Ruler of all things in Cubical forms and shapes! Beware my powers!"

Both Tuck and Sam yawned.

"What? You're not shaking in fear of THE BOX GHOST?"

"Not in the least"

Tucker replied as he pulled the Fenton Thermos from his backpack, opened it and sucked the Box Ghost in a minute later. Good thing no one was around at the moment, otherwise the two would have some serious explaining to do.

"I swear that guy's getting lamer every time."

Tucker replied as he concealed the ghost catching device in his backpack

"Well, I'll let Danny know you have plans. He'll be disappointed."

So will I.

Sam thought in response as Tuck ran off.


After school, both Danny and Tuck wondered down the streets of the city. Still pondering Sam's weird acting today.

"She told me she didn't sleep last night. I know how that can make anyone cranky."

"At least you got her to talk."

Danny said.

"I couldn't get a word out of her all day. It's like she's trying to avoid me or something."

"Ah, young love. One of the worlds great wonders."

Tuck said in a soft, romantic, and to Danny, rather creepy tone.

"What do you mean 'Young love'? Are you saying Sam's in love?"

"Could be. But maybe I'm wrong. She is a girl after all."

Danny stopped at Tuckers words as his friend continued on. Tuck noticed his friend's hesitation then looked back at him.

"It was only a joke. I didn't mean anything by it."

That's when Danny's mouth shot opened and his Phantom breath escaped. That meant one thing. A ghost on the loose. Quickly to see if there were anyone nearby, Danny did his usual routine.

"I'm going Ghost!"

And in a second later, Danny's hair turned from black to silver and his eyes from blue to glowing green.

"No matter how many times I see that, it always looks so cool!"

Tucker said in awe, only to get Danny's cold stare.

"Don't get any ideas of becoming one as well."

And Danny Phantom used his ghost powers to fly into the sky.

As the same time, on one of the nearby rooftops, a ghost knelt on the railing. He was shrouded in a glowing green cloak that appeared old and torn severely about the hem and hood. The ghost kept it's face hidden beneath the unnatural shadow the hood casted about it. Only its eyes were visible, shedding a golden radiance as the ghost saw the halva fly towards itself.

"Ah, the Ghost boy cometh onto me. How shall I marvel our encounter. Alas, today be not our meeting day."

Danny Phantom then floated up to the cloaked ghost.

"Ok buddy, don't you know that spying is against the law?"

The cloaked ghost said nothing, but swirled his cloaked about him and disappeared into a green smoke. Leaving Danny Phantom to see nothing where the ghost was only seconds ago.

How the Hell...?

Danny was dumbfounded. Since when did Ghosts run away before he has a change to take them on? Strange. Feeling reluctant about this mystery, Danny went to the street where Tucker waited for him, and went back to his human side.

"What was that all about?"

Tucker asked, disappointed he couldn't catch a second ghost today. Danny barely heard his friend as he pondered that question himself.


Sam sat in her bedroom. Carefully thinking. All that was on her mind at the moment was Danny. It was like there was no one else in the world but Danny and herself. A world opened itself up to her in her subconscious, one that would change her forever. Does she love Danny? Yes, she does. But how to inform him of that...

I don't know how to do this.

She thought as she laid back on her bed.

I don't want to just say it in front of him. He may laugh or worse... Break my heart. And I don't want to say anything while Paulina's there. She'll not only distract Danny, but if she knew what I was going to say, she'll turn it against me, making me a laughing stalk... that Bitch!

Her fists tightened, her nails tearing into her bed sheets. How could she make Danny notice her more? And again, why did that name come into her mind? She hates Paulina, but wouldn't be mad at her enough to do anything to harm her. Humiliate maybe, but not the harm. Damn, did she want a punching doll at this moment.

"Maybe I should give him a call."

She glanced at her clock. 5:25 pm.

It not that late.

She thought as she picked up a phone and dialed Danny's number.


The phone rang several times before Jazz was able to answer it. She gave her usual 'Hello, Fenton residence' greeting, half expecting it to be some boy calling for her. Unfortunately for her, she recognized Sam's voice when she asked if Danny was home. Jazz sighed dejectedly and called out.


Danny, in his room, had to cover his ears from Jazz's yell. Such was his life. He REALLY didn't want to be bugged by his older sister right now, but Fate proved that to be impossible. Instead, he grumbled to himself as he when to the kitchen, put the receiver to his ear and said.

"Hello? This is Danny."


He recognized her voice instantly. He wanted to jump with joy and excitement, but Jazz's presence in the house made that difficult.

She's actually talking to me? YES!

"Sam, whatever I did, I apologize for making you angry."

Sam blinked on the other end. He's apologizing? And for what?

"What are you talking about Danny? I'm not mad."

"But you haven't spoken to me all day. I thought I did something to make you upset at me."

"I'm not upset with you Danny. Far from it. I been having some things on my mind that's all."

Even though Danny was the source of her distraction, she found it pleasant to hear him apologize. Even though he didn't do anything wrong, he was still able to confess his wrongs. Another trait Sam liked about him.

"Do you want to talk about it?"

"That's why I called. Can you meet me in my room tonight?"

Her room? Tonight?

For some reason, those words forced Danny to shudder. He's never been nervous about going to her room before, so why is it affecting him now? Perhaps of the way she suggested it. Her voice seemed a tone more seductive than normal. From the dead silence, he knew Sam would become mad if she didn't hear a reply.

"Ah... sure. I'll be down."

So long as Dad and Mom and Jazz don't see me leave.

"Good. I'd tell you over the phone, but this is more of a face-to-face discussion and it is rather important."

"I understand. What's the time limit?"

"Ten at the latest. Please don't tell Tucker. And please don't be late."

And the phone went dead. Danny looked at the receiver a few moments in more question. First this strange ghost comes from nowhere then disappears at the sight of him, now Sam is acting a bit weird, 'Even for her', Tucker would say. Not Danny. He took this call as a cry for help. Sam must have something wrong in order to confide in him and refuse to allow Tucker to know about it.

Hanging up the phone he wonders to his parents laboratory, where his Mother and Father were constructing another ghost device.

"Mom? Dad? Can I speak with you?"

"Not now Son."

Jack, Danny's father said from behind his back.

"You're Mother and I are in a critical stage of our research project."

"That's right.

Danny's mother added.

"We're going to find a way to locate ghosts all over this city and then neutralize their supernatural abilities."

Danny began to sweat bullets. It that device worked, they could target him and strip him of his Phantom powers. He hoped it would be a long time before they finished it. Because if not, then it's Goodbye Danny Phantom.



I hope you enjoyed it. Remember this is my first D.P. Fiction. Please don't be mad at me if anything seems off.

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