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Chapter 18 – Siblings and Comebacks

Tucker stared at the image and the words before him on the computer screen. What he saw and read had shocked his breath away. He knew that if Danny saw this info, the ghost boy would suffer from a near heart attack. But nonetheless, he printed the pages. This was something important that Danny Fenton had to know about.

'Danny might not like it, but he has to know…'

Tucker thought as he grabbed the several pages from the printer.


Danny floated silently above Amity Park. The storm didn't seem to bother him anymore. However he was concerned for Leuderity. The death-wishing ghost helped Danny with their confrontation with Thrash, and now, the ghost was becoming reluctant and isolated. Where had he gone? And why was it so important that Danny would be the instrument of Leuderity's own destruction? Lately there seemed to be more questions than answers Danny decided. And he would not find any of the answers tonight.

It was almost midnight when Danny finally phased into his room. He was greeted by the silence and the darkness. It felt strangely humble for him then. He returned to his human side and went to investigate the house. Somehow he figured his parents would be up, worried sick at his disappearance, so he better ease that fear. When he went downstairs, all he found was his sister Jazz, sitting on the couch with a single light on.

'Why is she up this late? Why am I up this late?'

Danny wondered when he walked in front of Jazz. He looked down at her and noticed she was asleep in a sitting position. He also noticed the remnants of long dried tear stains down her cheek and on her clothes. She had been crying recently.

Normally, Danny saw his sister as an annoyance. Constantly bugging him for whatever reason only to amuse herself. Now, he saw an innocence in her he had not seen very often. She looked so vulnerable at that moment, and Danny smiled at her serenity. He pulls a blanket over her and he retreated to his bed, wondering what had made Jazz upset enough to cry.


Danny felt like he was the walking dead the next morning. Due to lack of sleep, he was groggy, and miserable, as most are when they only get less than three hours of sleep.

"Good morning Little Bro."

Jazz greeted quite happily. If Danny was fully awake, he would find her cheery disposition out of character even for her.


He grumbled back. He grabbed himself some breakfast and, like a zombie, sat at the table and began to eat.

"Mom and Dad said something about being in the lab all day, so you can forget on them."

Jazz said, again, Danny didn't notice. When Jazz was finally fed up with Danny's lack of being in reality, she slammed her hands on the table in front of him. The sudden jolt got his attention.

"What is wrong with you Danny?"

She demanded. Danny looked up at her in confusion.

"You go out all night, worry the shit out of all of us, then you act as though nothing happened! What is wrong with you?"

"Did you ever stop to think that maybe I'm hunting ghosts, Jazz! That's what I've been doing since I became a phantom! You know this!"

Danny snapped back in self defense. Such enough his outburst made Jazz recoil. Much to Danny's delight.

"You think Mom and Dad know anything about catching ghosts? Such they experiment and study all day long, but that doesn't do crap unless you actually go out there and do something!"

Feeling unwanted at the moment, Danny left the kitchen. When he got three steps out of the door, Jazz called to him.

"Danny wait!"

She said, and reluctantly, Danny obey until she not stood in front of him.

"Danny, I'm sorry. I just get worried about you. That's all."

"Is that why you cried last night?"


"When I got home, you were asleep on the couch. And you were crying. Was it because you were worried about me?"

How could she answer that? If she said yes then Danny would get defensive about it. If she said no, then he would think she didn't care. How to respond?

"I'm your sister Danny. I'll worry about you whether you like it or not. And though Mom and Dad might not understand you, I do."

"Yeah right. Like you know what it's like being part ghost."

"No. I don't know what it's like. But I know what it's like to grow up. I was your age once too you know."

"There's a big difference between us Sis. You're a girl. I'm a guy."

"Damn it Danny, I'm trying to open up to you. I want you to know I understand if there's anything you need to talk to me about. I know what it is you do with Sam, but I also respect your privacy about it."

Danny's face softened a bit at the thought of Sam.

"I don't talk to anyone about it, because I know you would hate me for it. Though you may not believe it. I was once in love."

Then her eyes sparkled at the blessed memory of that one person. Danny felt like he was going to throw up, but he didn't let his big sister know about it.

"Is there a point to this Sis?"

"Just know I want you to feel comfortable if you want to talk to me about anything. Anything you want, and I'll listen."

Danny thought for a moment. There were several things that were bothering him. But he wasn't sure if he felt like talking about them just yet.

"I… I… I don't feel like talking."

"I suppose not. But I'm here when you are."

She kissed the side of his head and walked away. Danny smiled at the fact that he and his sister were starting to get along better. Then he thought about it…


He commented when he just realized his own sister kissed him.


As Danny walked his normal routine to meet up with Sam and Tucker, his mind wondered to what Jazz said to him earlier. He was still trying to wake up, but his mind working overtime.

'Jazz was only being supportive. Can you say the same thing about Mom and Dad?'

The image of the two of them experimenting on their own son came into his mind and Danny shivered.

'Perhaps not. I need to thank Jazz when I see her again.'

When he looked down the road, he saw Tucker running towards him. Danny got defensive at first, just incase his friend was being chased by either a ghost or by Dash. But when he saw no Dash, and his Ghost sense did not appear, Danny relaxed.

"What's up Tuck?"

He asked when Tuck bent over in front of him, desperately trying to catch his breath.


Tuck said as he handed Danny a few pages.

"I…Found some… info on that… Thrash ghost…"

Tuck panted.

"You… won't like it…"

Danny blinked at Tuck, then scanned the pages. Sure enough, he did not like what he read.

"They'll use whatever means necessary to avenge themselves?"

"That means 'ANYTHING'!"

Tucker emphasized.

"Even if it means changing their bodies to new forms!"

"You worry too much Tuck. Thrash is locked up in the Ghost Zone. He can't get out."


Meanwhile… Back at the ghost portal, a surge of phantasmal energy coursed between the ghost realm and the human realm. A rift was opened and a single ghost entity emerged before the rift shut itself. The ghost recognized its surroundings and smiled fiendishly. He would have his revenge and his new body felt as though it could do just that. With four arms and four hands, he cracked each knuckle with a disturbing pop, and vanished.


Sam waited with arms crossed. Her foot tapped impatiently for the two to hurry up. She could see them down the road, but they were lost in conversation between themselves.

'Quit hogging him Tuck!'

Sam's mind wanted to scream

'Have you forgotten that he's mine now!'

Sam didn't know where this jealousy was coming from. She didn't hate Tucker for being friends with Danny, but she also didn't want Danny to forget her either. Where were these negative thoughts coming from? She would forget them the moment Danny would smile at her. She anticipated that, however, before Danny and Tucker were able to notice her, something sent a chill down Sam's spine. It felt as though something was lurking beyond her sight, waiting to pounce. And pounce it did…

On her!

Just before everything went black, she saw a pair of three fingered hands come into her view from behind her. One hand covered her mouth, which made it difficult for her to scream, and the second hand went over her eyes, to keep her blind. Sam's reaction was to escape, but then two more arms wrapped around her. One across her waist to pin her arms down against her sides, and the other around her legs to keep her from running. Though she jerked and thrashed to try and free herself, her captor went intangible and melted into the street, taking her with it…


"That's odd."

Danny said as he scratched his head.

"Doesn't Sam normally meet us here?"

"Doesn't look like she's here now."

Tucker added.

"Maybe she's already at the school."

"But why wouldn't she wait for us?"

"You got me man."

Tucker shrugged to Danny's question.

"Who can understand women?"

Danny and Tucker continued on to Casper High. Danny, however, couldn't stop thinking something was wrong. When a usual routine is disturbed, it wouldn't be so unless something important was going on.



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