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Ok, you all remember in Secrets Vegeta had short, DBGT hair right? Well, now that he is on Vegetasai, he will have the flame everyone knows and loves. The only real difference in Bulma is that her hair is lavender with some blue streaks, kinda like the manga, and she has a blue tail. She is also Saiyan born. Lets start.


"Your majesty, something strange has happened." A man kneeled before the other slightly larger man sitting on his throne. The lavish room was gigantic. Red carpeting lined the entire room while the walls were made of pure black marble. It had a rather cold demeanor to it, as if it was meant to suck all the happiness out of you. Behind the golden throne were two parted velvet red curtains. They stretched from the enormously high ceiling to just inches before hitting the floor. The two men sat in silence, the obvious king loosing his patience as the other tried to rid himself of his fear. "Sire. Your son. He died. His heart stopped for two minutes. And, if by some miracle. Well. He's alive again sire."

King Vegeta scratched his chin, the calloused fingers tugging on the freshly trimmed goatee. Finally he just let out a loud laugh and leaned back in his chair, "Of course he is alive. He is to be the legendary!" He then roughly stood, his long black cloak swaying with his movement as he descended the stairs before the throne. "See to it that he is sent to the training rooms as soon as possible. I want to read his ki level. Now leave me."

The king watched as the scared Saiyan ran from the room, slamming the big oak doors behind him. Vegeta Sr. walked on the marble floor, the heels of his boots clicking ever so slightly. He finally reached a giant picture on the wall. His eyes locked with those of an emerald hue. He looked at the picture of what his son was to be. The legendary super Saiyan.


Six years had since passed since that fateful day. The crowned prince was to be seven years of age on that day and, in celebration, the whole kingdom had set up a regal celebration to honor him. For you see, on Vegetasei, the seventh year is when his legal court training would commence. Not only would his training increase ten fold, but he would learn the ways of Vegetasei and, in turn, become one of the greatest leaders Vegetasei should ever see. However, there was something that the planet did not know.

Inside the palace there was a little girl, no more than six, that had never even met the royal heir. When her parents had moved back, the king decided that she would cause too much of a distraction, her closeness obviously ruining the hard shell that the prince must achieve in order to rule the classes. Instead of just monitoring his development, it was instead devised that the two should never meet until Bulma took over her parents career.

But we all know that these two people could never be kept apart.

Buruma had been walking down the regular corridors she had become adjusted to in the last few years. Her lavender tail twitched in boredom as she just discovered that her maid and best friend, Julema, could not play with her today. Apparently, the prince had yet another party and her services were required there on the penalty of her life. Right now, she could kill that boy. How dare he take away her only friend in this miserable place? Not only that, but she was also forbidden to attend the damned party! How dare he do such a thing! She was the daughter of Vegetasei's leading scientists! She was practically royalty for all of her inventions, let alone her parents.

Angry and no longer paying attention it was only fate that would cause her to run head into the one her heart despised so much, the crowned Saiyan prince, Vegeta. The two toppled over each other, Vegeta being the first to rise. Staring down at his new found enemy, he aimed his hand to her, preparing to blast her. Shock was all he felt, however, as the little girl he was set to blast grabbed onto his hand, helping herself up. "Thank you."

"I didn't intend to help you, idiot. I was going to blast you! How dare you grab the hand of the mighty Prince Vegeta! Do you realize you have signed your own death warrant? Prepare to"

"YOU! YOU ARE PRINCE VEGETA! HOW DARE I? HOW DARE YOU! YOU, You, BULLY!" Vegeta found himself backed against a wall as tiny fists pounded on his chest. Instead of blasting her, he found himself yet again too confused to move. For a few minutes that is before he put his hands on her shoulders, pushing her across the narrow hall into the opposite wall. Instantly, the breath inside of her was forced out as he roughly shoved her against the wall, their bodies only inches apart. Now he was moving his hands to her throat.

"Never threaten me pathetic girl." He smirked as he watched her anger disapate with every choking breath he took. Almost sure she was going to die, she looked into the eyes of her killer. As the two made eye contact a sudden flash of light tore them apart, forcing Vegeta into the opposite wall as Buruma slid down her own.

-what they saw-

"Vegeta, don't be so stubborn. It's only a hair cut." An older version of the girl stood next to an obvious replica of Vegeta. She wore a pink tank top with blue jeans, brushing her long blue hair with a fine tooth comb.

"I don't care. You are ruining what took years to grow!" Vegeta angrily paced the room.

"Vegeta it's MY hair. Not yours." They watched as Vegeta smirked and walked over to her, forcing her to place down the comb. He gently ran his hands through her hair.

"Woman, this hair is more for my own pleasure than your own," was all he said as he leaned down to kiss her waiting lips.


The two children, both frightened beyond anything, could do nothing but stare at each other.


Meanwhile, down in hell, a young apprentice sat at a computer. He had been waiting years for the opportunity to rise and now, he had taken the leap. He stared at the screen, the files saying memory download, .5 complete. "Damn this modem...". Indeed, it seemed that someone had planned on interferring with Fate.


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