Buruma began to pick at her nails. Yes, she had been on this blasted ship with an egotistical brat and a overly shy guard for what felt like years. Ok, so it had only been one night so far. So what? She was bored, had no one to talk to, bored, fidgety, and, oh yeah, bored!

Needless to say she was about to go out of her mind.

She sighed and slouched in her chair, the war against her cuticles could be fought later. Now, she really needed to find something on this ship to do. Maybe Brolli. "No, bad Buruma. Mustn't have dirty thoughts about certain Saiyan guard, no matter how big or sexy he was. Oh Kami, she was starting to think like a pubescent girl all over again. Not good, not good at all. She had read over the rules of conduct thousands of times. She was engaged to the prince of her planet. Though it would be thought that sleeping with Brolli would be considered adultery, she had the law on her side. Since Saiyans bond for life, any immoral act during courtship or engagement was completely excusable, even for royalty. However, continued indiscretion after marriage and bonding was punishable by execution of both members involved.

Needless to say, she was running on a time schedule if she wanted to have any final flings.

She began to click her nails rhythmically against the table counter before her. It was made out of some sort of plastic, or something transparent at least. She really wasn't that interested in it to completely make sure what the components of it were, just that she liked the sound of her long fingernails clicking against it. Plus she knew if she perfected her speed it would drive the prince completely mad. Hey, she had to get her kicks somehow, and Brolli was currently sparring with the prince. "Ahh, stop thinking about that!"

"What?" Buruma's head immediately whipped up at the gentle, questioning voice. Feeling the blood draining from her face in her embarrassment, she quickly diverted her gaze to her cuticles.

"Oh uh," she mumbled, "just…uh…thinking about my current engagement." It wasn't a total lie. She really had thought about Vegeta. She scanned quickly over her previous thoughts. Yes, Vegeta was somehow in that equation. She could still consider herself an honest person. "So I take it you're done fighting with his royal asshole?"

Brolli's eyes widened. "Princess, you shouldn't speak such things of our royal prince. He could have you…"

"Executed? Please, his father would never allow it. I am 'The Most Intelligent Woman on Vegetasei' after all." She added the finger quotes where necessary. "I'm pretty sure his dad would agree with me anyway."

"Tell me, do you ever get tired of talking, bitch?" Buruma scowled as previously mentioned Prince walked into the room. His shirt was off and he wore training shorts. Needless to say, it was as if every muscle in his body had a sudden urge to try to show off at once. In fact, Buruma had a sudden urge to see if you really could wash laundry on washboard abs. She watched him grab a glass of ice water and chug it down, immediately refilling it so as to hydrate himself completely. Sweat glistened off his every curve and peak. Even his hair, which was usually a straight flame was somewhat limping from the weight of the sweat gathered in it. Something that could be so sexy, especially since Brolli was in the same state, ruined when their scents finally reached her nose.


Brolli simply looked at her, slight confusion apparent in his eyes. Vegeta hadn't even glanced her way, working on his fourth glass of water now. Brolli was first to speak then, "What is it princess."

Speaking somewhat nasal as she plugged her nose, cursing her heightened Saiyan senses. "You two reek like high hell! My Kami, can't you take a shower or something?" A light blush sketched across Brolli's cheeks and nose bridge. He nodded and immediately left the room to comply to her wishes. Vegeta simply refilled his glass yet again.

"What about you?"

He turned slowly, as if finally acknowledging her existence. "What about me?"

"Are you going to shower?"

He looked at her, well, actually he more glared at her than anything. He eventually took his filled glass and dumped it on himself, the water running down his body. She scoffed, "Oh that really helped the smell."

He grinned, his slightly over pronounced canines glimmering somewhat wickedly in the bright light of the room. "And who said I had to smell good for you? Maybe I prefer that you suffer."

She scowled at him. "Vegeta, do you know your Saiyan laws?" He scoffed as if that were an insult to him. "Then I'm sure you remember this one. Code 589, section 16, bullet 3. Think hard Vegeta…" She then left the room in a hastened walk, not stopping until she slammed the door to her room, conveniently connected to Brolli's, and locked it.

Vegeta rolled his eyes and finished off his final glass of water. Peeking to her door, as if to check she was not spying on him, he immediately rushed to her computer. After a bit of searching, he came across a search engine. Typing in Vegetasei laws, code 589 he began to scan through the sections then bullets. This was what he read:

Three: Likewise, an engaged princess should not be held responsible for any adulterous acts against her future mate during their courtship or engagement time span. Instead, she should be encouraged as to rid herself of any impure or reckless activities as she will be bonded for life upon her marriage to her future king. Should she continue this indiscretion within her marriage, however, she, and her lover shall be executed by hanging in the public courtyard, and the prince shall be allowed to give her a third class burial and declare her family unfit for rule.

Buruma felt the instantaneous satisfaction when she heard the loud growl, stomping of feet, and door slam. However, nothing felt better than the sound of the water hitting the shower walls and she let herself laugh for the first time since they had left.


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