What If?

-Meeko Melodie

Meeko: Hello people! This is my first time writing a WHR fan fiction, so if I made any mistakes, please tell me and I'll change them as soon as I can. I only watched like four episodes, so I'm pretty sure I would make some mistakes; but since I'm so obsessed with it, I'm going to go on with my fic. Well, here it is! Enjoy!

Summary: What if Robin Sena committed a murder? What if Amon is the one who's responsible for capturing her? What if the hunter fell in love with his prey? Fate brought them together, but will it force them apart at the end? RobinXAmon


One murder...

Brought the two most unlikely persons together.

Fate decided on the beginning,

But what about the end?


Chapter One: Murder and Nightmare

A young girl of about fifteen years old with light brown streaks hanging behind her back was sitting in a comfortable-looking sofa, staring at the television screen intensely. The raven, pilgrim dress flow loosely on her slim body. She put her hand over her chest, feeling for the cool metallic cross; it always gave her a strange tranquil feeling. But it was gone. Oh well, she had more things to worry about than her necklace anyways.

Her hands unconsciously held tightly together instead, slippery with sweat.

"This morning, a truck and a 4-Runner collided at the four way stop between Number Five Road and Main Street," the news reporter was saying, "the reason for the accident is still under investigation, but it seems..." Robin Sena shifted uncomfortably; none of the reporter's words were going to her brain. All she could think about, and had been thinking of for the last 24 hours, was the burnt body, once alive and tried to claim her as his.

Well, she was nobody's. She was Robin Sena, just on her own. In her mind were flashes of the burning chamber, flames engulfing everything in its path with the use of her craft, or gift, she was born with.

Shaking her head, as if trying to shake out all the horrid pictures, several strands of her wheat-color locks fell over her pale face. She put her head between her hands. She didn't want to think about it anymore. She couldn't stand it; she just couldn't.

Glancing out the window, Robin was the bright orange sun setting for the day. The clouds changed from its fluffy-white color, to a light pinkish tint and purple lush, and lastly to a deep velvet blue as the last drop of gold fell behind the sky-scraper high buildings.

Another typical day for the typical citizens of Tokyo.

But not for Robin; that was of sure.

Turning her attention back to the television, she finally found what she was waiting for the last forty five minutes.

"Last night an apartment building on Sakura Street caught on fire," the man at the scene wearing an overly-dressed-up suit reported, "all the residents of that building evacuated quickly but unfortunately, a burnt body is found on the fifth floor. The body seems to be a male but his identity is still unknown. Source of fire is still unidentified and this case will be under further investigation by the domestic police..."

Robin breathed out heavily, heaving a sigh. How could she lose control like that? She thought, eyebrows kneading in concentration. All she intended to do was to burn Rocco for treating her like...like this. Her gentle bottle green eyes suddenly erupted with fire, causing the papers on the table to burst into flames. Robin sighed. She never thought she would burn down the whole building in the process.

Must be my aiming, Robin thought dully, standing up and straightening her dress, although no body was watching. She decided to call it a day and returned to bed for an early night.

After a refreshing bath, Robin sat on the side of her bed with a towel wrapped around her body; her hair was still shinning from the water and droplets of water fell around her.

She lay down on the soft bed and closed her eyes, hoping all the horrible images would go away. But they stuck to her mind for life.


What was she doing here once again? The familiar suffocating vanilla scent in Rocco's apartment met Robin's sensitive nose. Only the light on a counter was left on and the steady humming of the fridge went to her ears.

This was not the place she wanted to be. Robin had thought Rocco invited her to his apartment out of friendliness; but it was a trap. All of it.

Rocco was an older teenager sent by Robin's grandfather, Juliano, to take care of Robin as they left Italy for Japan. They went to the same night school together and nothing awkward ever came between them. Until last night, that was.

Deep in thought, Robin didn't realize someone had been standing behind her and watching Robin closely with a kind of yearning and hunger in his misty blue eyes until she felt the person embraced her from behind.

She shivered at the touch, but not because she was excited, far from it; Robin was shivering with rage.

Robin could feel his desire and was disgusted; she didn't know why she trusted him so much in the past. Well, he wasn't like that in the past, remember? Robin asked herself. Rocco shoved the slim girl against the wall and started to kiss her fiercely.

Only he didn't know the dangerous warning sign that was flashing right in front of his pathetic face: Robin's usual peaceful green orbs had a flicker of fire and instantly set fire on a chair behind them.

Rocco took no notice and continued his business. In confusion and struggle, Robin kept aiming for Rocco's wretched face and she kept missing; instead, she set fire on various furniture in the room.

Angry flames were overwhelming and swallowing hungrily, leaving traces of black ashes. The fire enveloped around them and it was getting harder to breathe with every precious second passing.

Robin was able to grab Rocco's shoulders somehow, and with the last bit of strength she processed, Robin pushed the animal into the waves of flames, while aiming at him one last time.

An agony cry coming out from Rocco's throat told Robin that her job was done and there was no reason for her to be there.


Robin shot up from bed; sweat beads were rolling down from her body and they were cold. She panted heavily as if she had just run for miles. Shivering slightly, the images from the dream stood so vividly before her eyes. Her hands tightened on the thin blanket she was holding over her nude body.

Why? She asked herself angrily, why does he have to invade even into my dreams? He deserved it, I should not feel guilty; he deserved what he got: death.

Robin never, in a second, regret what she did.

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