What If?

-a fan fiction written by Meeko Melodie

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Epilogue: All's well that ends well? Think again.

All's well that ends well?

Seems like it.

But there is just a tiny little problem:

Promised deaths.

"What's going on? What are we do-..." He covered her mouth with his lips, closed his eyes tightly and prayed that he would never lost Robin Sena like that again.

Is there a God somewhere, maybe, listening to Amon's faraway prayers and grant him the wish or will he just sit back and laugh?

Is there even a God to start with?

'It doesn't matter anymore,' was the thought that went quickly through his mind as he pinned the still shocked girl against the wall in the gentlest ways and kept her there; his eyes were that of the shadiest grey and he breathed in deeply, savoring the sweetness of her scent, the scent that he grew, unknowingly, so addicted to.

He could lie all he want, yet Amon could no longer deny the existence of that little flicker of light, the tiny spark of heat that burned so weakly inside his heart, dying to burst out and devour his whole being. That was what he was feeling inside, all locked up in a small cage of ice barrier. He had tried so damn hard not to fall for it, at any case, and he had never failed before so why now?

That was the question he kept asking himself with the girl trapped in between his arms, of which he just took notice that the robe she wrapped herself with was slipping from her left shoulder, thus displaying a heck lot of skin she dared not show in public's eyes. The girl didn't notice that herself, however. And those enchanting jade irises were tempting him so damn much he would be driving himself bananas if he did not stop losing himself in them.

"Amon?" she reached an uncertain hand and touched his cheek, which was so warm in contact of her cold fingers; as if he had received some kind of electric shock, Amon backed away from the slim figure and let his arms fell carelessly to his sides. He glared firmly at the hard ground, shielding his invisible frustration at his untimely actions; those intimate touches that were not suppose to be there, that kiss he had just awakened her upon.

"Why?" she demanded quietly, her voice barely visible, but it was there. Amon froze; he hadn't known her for a long time but from what he could tell, Robin was not the one who usually raised her voice and demanded something from someone. This was new.

"Why are you doing this to me?" she continued, taking a stride forward, towards Amon; he never knew she had such an aggressive side to her. "Why are you doing this to yourself?" she said this louder, loud enough for Amon to raise his voice whenever someone spoke louder than he did; it was his way to hide his weakness. He knew it but he used it anyway.

"What are you playing at?" he challenged back, his voice strong and tone cold, or at least that was what it was supposed to be, except he failed miserably.

"What am I playing at?" Robin repeated, a smile grazed her lips, a smile that was too cruel for her fair complexion and Amon wondered if Evelyn was still taking over her body, "a better question would be: what are you playing at, Amon?" The two of them stood there, facing each other, their eyes burned with desperation which was hidden behind a layer of put together fury. They were dying to break down but either of them wanted to give up. Not just yet.

Robin's eyes softened into a frail glow of soft emerald as she looked further into his cold walls, "do you want me?" As soon as her shy words were out, her cheeks could not help but felt uncomfortably warm; she wrapped her arms securely around herself and her eyes aimed at somewhere that was not of Amon's face. Now why had that come out of her?

Amon, on the other hand, just literally froze for a long second, 'what the hell is she suggesting? Is she...' Amon swore he was not himself when he closed the gap between them and wrapped his strong arms around her waist, pulling her frame towards him, and she let him. That intoxicated scent once again drugged his senses. He buried his face into her neck, tenderly kissing her there as one of his hand still encircle her waist and the other crept behind her head and entwined his fingers into her slightly damp locks.

Robin suppressed the urge to moan in pleasure; she should not give in so easily. She had to make sure. She needed to.

Meanwhile, Amon had slowly and soothingly forced the two of them against the wall and all this time, he was swearing at himself in every language he was acquainted with for he knew this was all wrong. Oh, the feelings, the chemistry, they were all fine and the way that he was feeling inside, that sweet, warm sensation that burst itself away as soon as his lips found their sweet home were just right.

But there was still this problem – 'a promised death' he reminded himself at the back of his mind. But nothing could have stopped him from letting out the passion for the woman in her arms from bolted up for so long. He found her warm lips once again and continued to relish the taste as he explored further like he had never before, with the hand that was suppose to support her, that hand slowly moved to the front, where the loosely tied band hung stiffly. He lightly untied it by pulling it with one stiff tuck.

"Amon," her voice muffled with pleasure, but she tried not to lose herself in these possibly-might-be-momentary romance; she pushed him away slightly but not too rigidly as she would have given him any wrong ideas, "Amon, before we go on to... things," she blushed deeply at this though the darkness might not allow Amon to see, "I need to know something."

Amon stopped where he was at and he looked into her orbs, through them curiously although he had a pretty good idea what was the 'something' she wanted to know.

That was it. Other than the 'promised death' shit, another matter that was holding Amon back was this.

"Do you..." Robin swallowed in difficulty, she closed her eyes in fear of what might have come out if all things were not what she had hoped, "do you love me, Amon?"

There it was the grand question, the question that he didn't know how to answer, yet. He placed his arms on either side of the tensed young woman and heaved a small sigh. He knew he had feelings for Robin Sena, he knew this much but did he love her? Or was it just plain lust for her body? That was an entirely different thing all together. And what was maddening him so much at this minute was this one single lingering thought, this one inquiry that he had no answer for.

Robin sensed his hesitation and she couldn't refrain herself from letting a lone tear dominate and rolled from her eye brims. "You know I'm not that kind of girl who goes for one-night stand, you know it," she told him, her voice shaking a bit. Amon lifted his hand and brushed the tear from her cheek away affectionately, he whispered, "I'm sorry. I do not know... if I love you or not. I'm just... not sure.

"I'm sorry," he retained his composure and took a step back. Robin shook her head, somewhat vigorously, as her long, cinnamon-toned bangs veiled any emotions that might flicker across her expressive eyes, "no, Amon. It's okay. I... understand." She lifted her face up and met his perplexed gaze with her determined own.

"It's okay," she said it again, more softly this time as she laid her head on his chest and her arms encircling loosely around his waist. 'Why does it matter?' she thought sleepily, 'when I already have him right here beside me?'

'He may not love me like I do him,' she stifled a sob, 'but at least he'll be there when I need him the most. And now it is the time." Her hold on Amon tightened, as if she would never let go of him ever again.

'Seven days.' Amon had seven days to ponder on this question, the question that matter to Robin the most, the question that matter to his own life, the question that matter to his team mates' lives.

It all came down to the upcoming seven days.

-The End (for now)-

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-NOTICE- Upcoming WHR fiction:
"Untitled" – Sequelto "What If?" I still haven't figure out the title, let alone a plot, but it'll be around the seven days that Amon still have until the dead line.