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By Dylan S. Thompson

Severus Snape watched Lily's small, delicate hands as she carefully turned the page of the massive, leather bound tome that was lying in front of her. They were supposed to be researching for their potions project, but along the way Severus had become distracted. Severus didn't know when it happened, but he had developed a very unlikely attraction to Lily Evans.

Not that he would ever admit that to anyone...especially her. 'Still,' he thought as his gaze moved from her hands to her face, 'she is incredibly beautiful.'

Almost as soon as he thought this, the focus of his attention looked up excitedly and exclaimed, "Wow! Sev, some of these archaic potions are incredible. I wonder why they fell out of practice?"

"When the Wizard's Council was first formed, they made all kinds of potions and spells illegal. When they were replaced by the Ministry, most of them were made legal again, which is why we can do them. But, by the time they were legal again, almost everyone in the wizarding world had forgotten that they existed. So their newer, easier substitutes were used most." Severus explained, absently. He was still mostly staring at Lily.

Lily arched her eyebrow, impressed. "Mr. Snape, I had no idea you had expertise in History of Magic as well as Potions."

Severus let out a small chuckle, and turned in his seat so that his body was facing Lily's. "I'm not. But, when I started making potions that I wasn't technically sure were legal, I had to do a little research into the subject."

"You've made some of these!?" Lily shrieked in surprise. "But, they're so dangerous! How old were you?"

"Um..." Severus stuttered hesitantly.

Lily's eyes narrowed and she leaned in closer toward Severus. "Why do I get the feeling that you aren't going to say to me: 'Oh, just a little bit this year.'?"

Severus grinned nervously. "Probably because that's not the truth..."

Lily's eyes narrowed even more. "Severus Theodore Snape..." she said threateningly.

Severus winced and muttered, "I never should have told you my middle name. It's caused nothing but trouble."


Severus leaned back in his chair and threw up his hands, exclaiming, "Fine! Alright. The first time I brewed an archaic potion was in 1st year." And then he braced himself for the explosion.

"WHAT! Severus Snape! That's the most irresponsible thing I've ever heard! You could have killed yourself! These potions are difficult even for Masters, let alone for a bumbling first year! I swear to God, you're lucky to be alive! And another thing..." But at this point she trailed off, seeing that Snape was grinning widely at her. Scowling, she bit out, "What?"

Severus shook his head, his grin not faltering at all under her scowl. "Nothing."

"No. What are you grinning at?"

Severus laughed and shrugged, admitting, "Well, it's just that you're really cute when you get mad."

Lily's scowl disappeared and she blushed slightly. She opened her mouth to say something, but nothing came out. Closing it again, she gathered her composure and said, "Well...we should really focus on finding a potion to do for Professor Manky."

Severus shrugged again and said, "If you say so. But let's do one that I haven't done yet. I always hate doing a potion twice when I know there's one out there that I could be making for the first time."

Lily smiled fondly at Severus, making him uncomfortable. As much as he tried, he could never get used to being the focus of a non-malicious smile. "What?" He asked defensively.

Lily, mimicking Snape, laughed and shrugged, saying, "Well, it's just that you're really cute when you do that."

Severus looked at her blankly. "Do what?"

"When you give me a peek into the depth of your passion. It's like I'm seeing a totally new side of you. I feel special, like I'm the only one you'd share it with."

Severus smiled a little bitterly and said, "You are the only one I share it with."

"Awww...how angsty," Lily cooed.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Focus on the assignment, remember?"

Lily saluted and said, "Whatever you say, sir!" As soon as she said this, she collapsed onto the table with laughter. Severus looked on with amusement as she was overcome with laughter at her own mediocre joke. This was another, of the many, reasons why Snape liked Lily.

A few minutes later, when Lily had calmed down, Severus said, "Well. Now that that's over, you start going through this book." As he said this, he handed a gigantic book with a black cover.

"I'll look through this," he said. His book was a tiny, red thing of about 100 pages.

Lily looked back from her book to his in astonishment, and then reached over the table and slugged him, laughing out, "Jerk!"

Severus shrugged and said, "While you were busy having your fit, I took the liberty of choosing which books we went through."

"Yeah? Well, you didn't have to be such a jerk about it."

Severus grinned evilly and said, "Well, I am in Slytherin." He laughed manically for a few seconds, and then smiled naturally and said, "Look, I was just kidding around. I'll take the big one."

Lily raised an eyebrow at the unintentional sexual innuendo. "Oh? So all those rumors were true, then?"

Severus stared at her blankly, which only made the situation funnier. She burst out laughing again, causing Severus to say, "I'm starting to worry about you, Lil."

Lily didn't respond for a few seconds, because she was catching her breath. When she finally did, she choked out between breaths, "Why? I'm perfectly insane."

"Yeah...that's what I'm worried about."

"Relax, Sev. I'm fine. I just like to find the humor in life where others don't see it."

Before he could stop himself, Severus found, to his utter horror, himself saying, "Yeah, that's part of what I like about you."

Lily's eyes widened slightly and she blushed a deep red. But this was nothing compared to the entire new spectrum of colors that were appearing on the usually pallid face of Severus Snape. The emotions running through his mind were jumbled and almost impossible to put into words succinctly. Severus vaguely remembered wondering what the number seven smelled like.

'Wow,' Lily thought to herself, 'he's finally admitted it. Kind of.' She was about to press the matter, forcing him to tell her exactly how he felt towards her, but she took one look at the mortified expression on his face and knew that this wasn't the time. So, she quickly started turning pages, not even reading what was printed, in order to give Severus a chance to compose himself.

Severus took several deep breaths, trying to calm himself enough to speak coherently. Just as he was about to open his mouth and change the subject, something fell out of the book that Lily was frantically searching through, causing Lily to let out a small squeak of surprise.

"What is it?" He asked, silently thanking God for giving him such a natural distraction.

Lily shrugged. She set the massive book on the table and then bent down to pick up whatever had fallen. "It's just a piece of parchment," she answered, from underneath the table. "But it doesn't look like a page or anything. It looks ancient."

Returning to her upright position, she placed the piece of paper on the table, saying, "Here, have a look."

Severus slid the paper closer to him and leaned over it, examining it carefully. After a minute or so, he said, "Well, it's definitely not a page from the book – it's in Latin. But it does seem to be a potion recipe."

"Do you read Latin?" Asked Lily. As she asked this, she scooted closer to the boy, under the pretense of wanting to see the paper better.

"Um..." responded Severus, who was being driven crazy by Lily's closeness. "No. Not really. Um...I only know the names of some ingredients."

"Can you make out what this says?" Asked Lily, pointing to the list of ingredients on the parchment and scooting even closer.

Severus, who now had been reduced to monosyllables, swallowed heavily and responded with a simple, "Yeah."

"So we can make this?" Lily asked casually.

Severus was on the verge of responding automatically with a nod, but realized what she asked just in the nick of time. "What? Are you mental?! This could be poison for all we know!"

Lily smiled wolfishly at Severus and said, a little huskily, "C'mon, Sev. You're the one always telling me to live on the edge."

Severus looked into her beautiful face and found, as usual, that he had no chance. He was going to agree to do what she said, and she knew it. Still, if he was going to agree to this, then he was going to bargain a little bit. He heaved an overdramatic sigh and said, "Fine, but you can never ever yell at me again for recklessly endangering myself. Because this absolutely tops anything I've ever done."

Lily let out an undignified squeal of delight and wrapped her arms around Severus. She kissed him lightly on the cheek and then said, in a rushed tone, "Thanks, Sev, you're wonderful! But I gotta go: Alice asked me to meet her for something. Be here same time tomorrow!"

And, without waiting for a response, she grabbed her bag and swept out of the library, leaving Severus sitting stock still, with a stunned expression on his face. 'She...just kissed me.' He thought, blissfully.

He sat in this state of total bliss for more than ten minutes before he recovered enough to leave.