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Chapter 7

Vivi's Point Of View

It's been 2 months since Tai, Michelle and Vivi left Odaiba. Vivi was not quite pleased that she actually decides to leave Odaiba. In fact she can't believe that Michele actually talks her into this thing. The surroundings they will live in are not as beautiful as Odaiba, or the people, who ignored them and sometimes yell at them for no specific reason. Vivi was a bit scared at living in this kind of place. She doesn't even know where they are. The so-called-apartment they hired was a complete shit. But Tai said "It's ok" and that is enough for them to live in for a short period until they earn enough money to rent a good one. Vivi can't understand why Tai won't use the money he found in his bag. Vivi thinks that it's strange, why won't Tai use his own money that he prepared in an envelope?

Vivi starts to dislike it more. Her cheery girlfriend has started to become less cheery just like Tai. Vivi thought that living with Michelle will be fine, but that's only if she's smiling and in a positive mood. Seeing Michelle sad just like Tai is not going to make any difference than living alone in these bad surroundings. She knows that Michelle loves Tai so much. Whenever he's sad, Michelle is sad too. Vivi doesn't quite understand Michelle and Tai's strong friendship bond but she respects it. However their strong bond had brought Vivi into this place.

They all started to get a job; luckily Vivi got one in a mall as a cashier chick in a toy store. That keeps her happy for a while; at least she gets to spend her working day in something which is not crappy. Maybe things will get better for her. Unfortunately it doesn't. Everyday Vivi has to get up very early before work so she can use the mall's public shower, seeing that she can't shower in such filth at their apartment. Vivi had always thought that one day they'll leave she always expect one faithful day will change this hell-hole she lives in. But it doesn't.

Whenever she's thinking of leaving and moving back to her "real home" the flashback of the conversation she had with Michelle earlier will always haunt her.


"What! Leaving Odaiba?! Yelled Vivi to Michelle.

Michelle nodded in response.

Vivi was in shock. How can she think of something unbelievable? Leaving their home! Their family! Their friends!

"Are you drunk?" Vivi asked Michelle.

Michelle stops and laughs for awhile. Vivi doesn't look pleased.

"Me? Drunk?" Michelle asked. "Nah! I'm not. Don't worry.

"Well that joke wasn't funny then!"

"I wasn't joking," said Michelle less funny and more serious now.

"Then what were you thinking?"

Michelle stops for awhile. Clear her throat and sits down in Vivi's sofa. She indicated Vivi to sit next to her; this is going to be quite long. She sits next to Michelle.

"Listen," Michelle started. "Tai said that he's leaving Odaiba because freaking Sailboat (A/N that's sora next nickname after Red, I got it because her hair looks like a freaking sailboat you know her curl) wants him to."

"Wait hold on!" Vivi interrupts her. "Why does Sora wanted Tai to leave? Aren't they best friends?"

"Well yeah," Michelle said. "But you know she's going with Llama and all…"

"But she doesn't have the rights to get rid of him!" Vivi interrupts her.

"Let me finish!" Michelle raised her voice. Vivi shuts up.

"She thought that Tai is getting into their relationship thing," said Michelle. "I'm not quite sure but something like she starts to fall for him and she wants him to not see each other so that way Sailboat won't fall for him."

There was a long pause. The only noise was the sound of the air conditioner blowing it's cold and cooling winds into the atmosphere.

"That was a stupid reason!" Vivi breaks up the silence.

"Well what can you expect from that stupid sailboat-shaped red-head girl?" Michelle asked.

"Yeah well umm… What does that have to do with you asking me to come with you leaving Odaiba?"

"I'm leaving with him, and I want you to come along," she finished. She hoped that Vivi would understand, but instead Vivi gave her a disapproving look.

"Are you on drugs?" Vivi asked disbelief. Michelle rolled her eyes and slapped her head. "There's no way in hell I'm going to leave Odaiba with you and Tai!"

"So that's it then?" Michelle asked. She tried to use a different approach to drag her inside this mess. "You're okay with me leaving you? Vivi, I love you!"

"I love you too," she half screamed at her. "But I'm not going to leave my home to be with you!"

"Is that it huh?" Michelle asked with a fake sad tone. "You choose this…" she spread her arms showing off Vivi's atmospheric and colourful room. "Over me and my love." Vivi looked at all of her belongings in her room. Is this really worth sacrificing for? Is it really worth to leave the love of her life over merchandises and her belongings? Are these lifeless objects will make her happy? She looked voer to Michelle, she can see that her cheeks are a bit wet. Vivi looked away and looked down on her feet, she's in deep thought. Whenever she's thinking hard, she always looked away and stare at her feet for a few seconds.

Michelle turned her face away from Vivi, she wet her fingers and wiped it on her face hoping to fool Vivi even more. She then think back to the last movie she watched, she needed a good pickup line to pull in the last reel and catch Vivi in her hands. She remembered and faced Vivi back who is still thinking and make up her decision. Michelle stood up and stick one of her hand out to Vivi.

"Vivi," Michelle started. Vivi looked up and see the hand that Michelle offered. "There's a time in a couple's life where one will say, I need you in this to do it together." Vivi held her mouth in gasp, did something like that actually came out from Michelle?

"Michelle," Vivi said in an audible voice. "Did you really mean that?"

"Yes, Vivi," Michelle said trying to sound as romantic as possible. "Will you take my hand and journeyed through the other side of Odaiba with me?"

Vivi is touched by the sudden kindness and love, is she really that important to Michelle? She looked at the hand, once she took this, there's no turning back and she must moved out of Odaiba with Tai and Michelle. She looked at Michelle, her cheeks are wetter than usual. Has she been crying? Vivi gulped and prepared for the worst, she took Michelle's hand.


So that's what originally happened, she has been manipulated by her. And she just found out that cheesy quote came from The Simpsons Movie. Vivi found out recently when the toy store she worked in played The Simpsons Movie on their store TV. Vivi didn't like this, she always planned her life would be going to college after she graduated from high school. After college, she would get a decent job where the pay is good and live successfully. She never planned to leave her home before she even graduated and worked in a toy store, oh how disappointed her family would be if they found out what she is up to recently. One day Vivi had enough of working in that toy store, she came in a bad mood and one of the customer was being rude to her. She angrily yelled at the customer and even break his PSP by smashing it to the store window. She left the store before the owner had the chance to fire her, all the anger she held between these 2 months has finally released it on one unlucky customer. Vivi ran towards their crappy apartment in rage. She opened the door and left the door unlocked, an unusual turn of event for the three friends since they lived in a dangerous area and locked their door every time they entered their home. Vivi quickly ditched her uniform and opened up her suitcase. She stuffed it up with all of her belongings not leaving any of her belongings behind. Once finished she sat down on her bed that she and Michelle shared, she wondered how she's going to break the news to Michelle. She knew that Michelle wanted to stay and support Tai as much as possible, but she also wanted Michelle to come back to Odaiba. She looked down on her feet thinking what she must say if Michelle ever going to come home. Suddenly the door is opened, Vivi gasped and remembered she forgot to lock it. For all she know, it could be a burglar.

"I'm home," Michelle's voice came out instead. Vivi never felt relieved, it was just Michelle coming home early.

"Oh you're home already?" she replied. This is the perfect chance for Vivi to break the ice to Michelle, she knew that this is going to be hard but she can not take living in this shithole any longer. "Can you come here for a sec?" requested Vivi. She sat silently and wait for Michelle to come in through the doorway.

"Yeah what is it?" she asked after coming in. Vivi looked at her straight in the eye, it's hard for her to do so with a normal expression. Michelle looked at the stuffed suitcase on the bed, Vivi immediately can see that Michelle is wondering why the suitcase is filled. "What's going on here?" she asked referring to the suitcase.

"We need to talk," Vivi replied.

"About what?" Michelle asked. "And why is that suitcase packed?" she pointed to the bag on the bed. She walked towards the wardrobe and opened it, Vivi can see Michelle rummaging through it. It won't be long until Michelle figured out that only Vivi's clothes are missing. Michelle looked at Vivi, Vivi's eyes looked away refusing to look at her girlfriend. Michelle started to grow panic she looked over to a closet and opened it, the only clothes she can identified are hers. "Were you…" Michelle said still looking at the closet. "Were you thinking of leaving this place?"

"Michelle look," Vivi began to explain. "Look I know I agreed early on that I…"

"You bet your ass you agreed," Michelle raised her voice. "So why the hell are you leaving?" she asked turning her back and face her girlfriend.

"I can't stand living like this!!" Vivi yelled it out. Michelle was taken back by the sudden outburst, Vivi covered her mouth, she can not believe she just yell it out like that. "I can't stand living like this," she said in a calmer voice. "I want to go back to Odaiba."

"Vivi…" Michelle replied silently. "Why Vivi? What about…"

"Don't you understand Michelle?" Vivi cut her off. "This isn't the life I was looking forward to," she spread her arms indicating their beat up apartment. "If I go back now, I can probably still have time to catch up my 2 months absence of school and graduate with a high school diploma."

"Is this what it's all about?" Michelle asked. Vivi gasped silently. "Is that why you want to leave me and Tai? Only for a stupid high school diploma and for yourself? You're so selfish!"

"Oh I'm selfish?" Vivi asked angrily. "What about you huh?!" she pointed at her chest. "You were the one who is selfish enough to drag me in this mess! You know that I don't want to move here with you! But yet you still force me on with fake tears and some cheap lines of The Simpsons Movie!"

"Took you long enough to notice," Michelle smirked rolling her eyes. Vivi growled and grabbed her hairs in anger, she let go and took couple of deep breaths. Michelle approached to Vivi and put her ahnd on her shoulder. Vivi shrugged it off refusing to make contacts with her girlfriend. "Vivi, although I force you to come here with me," she said. "I didn't lie about what I said."

That last quote brought Vivi's attention towards Michelle, Michelle did not look like she was lying, then again she's really good in doing so. "Do you mean that?" Vivi asked.

"Vivi, I know I forced you to come here with me," she replied. "But I didn't lie to you when I say that I want to do this with you together." Michelle gasped for air and continued. "The reason why I want you to come here with me is because I can't think of living my life without you. I could just leave with Tai and not tell you, but I had to tell you. Because I want you to leave Odaiba with me." Michelle finished and looked at Vivi, hoping to get some teary eyes. Instead Vivi looked sad and moved her head away from Michelle.

"That's enough proof exactly for me to find out that you are indeed selfish," she said hurtfully. Michelle gasped. "If you really love me you should know better that I don't want to leave Odaiba. And you should just stay there with me rather than leaving Odaiba with Tai."

"You actually want me to leave Tai? Leave my best friend!" Michelle screamed at Vivi angrily. Michelle already devoted herself to stay by Tai's side of all time, she can not back away from that promise.

"Fine! You decide then!" Vivi screamed back. "Who one do you want to stay with? Me or Tai?"

Michelle's mouth remained shut. She can not choose between the two people that are the most important in her life. Vivi is just not some girl that can be replaced, nor Tai is. Vivi waited anticipatingly for Michelle's answer, she grabbed her suitcase. Michelle can not make her mind, she needed to buy some time.

"Can I think about this first?" Michelle asked nervously. Vivi crossed her arms and tapped her foot impatiently, Michelle groaned and grabbed her head. "Oh man this is hard!"

"Well obviously this whole entire mess wouldn't happen if only Tai didn't decide move here!" Vivi commented.

"What do you want him to do? Return back to Odaiba?" Michelle joked. "Yeah, I highly doubt that!"

The front door immediately burst open, Michelle and Vivi jumped from the unsuspected noise. They did forgot to lock the front door. The footsteps were moving fast and they're approaching to Michelle's and Vivi's door. Taichi Kamiya opened the door still dressed in his work uniform and covered in sweats.

"Good you're here!" he said. "Pack your bags girls we're going back to Odaiba."