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Summary: Set directly after the first film with flashbacks to scenes not seen. Evelyn suffered worse than anyone had ever guessed at Imohtep's hands. Can she bring herself to tell Rick the truth, and if she does how will he react?

Rated R, more for subject than actual content,

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Broken diamond

Evelyn smiled as she felt Rick's strong arms around her, his embrace holding her safely in his lap as their camel plodded across the hot desert sand. She had never felt so happy in her life; a few hours ago the man who now held her heart had rescued her, with the help of her beloved brother, from the clutches of the re-animated mummy of the high priest Imhotep. In doing so they had quite possibly saved the world, and coincidently found themselves in possession of a couple of bags of ancient gold. They were now heading back to civilisation to begin a life Evelyn had never dared dream would be hers.

"Everything is good," she whispered to her self, and it was. If you didn't count the intense pain that was washing through her body, and Evelyn didn't. She refused to acknowledge her injuries, especially the ones Rick and Jonathan were unaware of- even to the point that when Rick suggested stopping for a rest, she had encouraged him to continue. Only after the group had stopped for the night and Evelyn had finally fallen asleep in the arms of her beloved did her body allow itself to recognise the pain it was in. An experience which caused her to wake screaming.

Rick, who had fallen asleep, woke instantly and drew his guns instinctively at the sound of Evie's distress. Seeing no enemies except Evelyn's tears, he holstered his weapons quickly.

"Are you ok?" he asked as Jonathan, who had been asleep some meters away, reached his side.

Evie just nodded numbly, unable to speak as the men watched her, their concern etched deeply on their faces. As Evelyn had slept it hadn't only been her body that was re-living the horror of the previous day, but her mind too. It had been replaying the events through her dream. She could remember, and feel Imhotep's large hands pressed heavily into her shoulders.

As Evelyn looked up she realised her nod had failed to satisfy her male companions

"I'm ok," she mumbled eventually. "It... it was just a bad dream."

Rick just stared at Evelyn. He was unconvinced by her statement but at a loss as to what to do about it.

"Evie?" Jonathan asked, as unconvinced as O'Connell was about his sister.

"I'm ok," Evie replied again, but this time more strongly. "Really Jonathan, I'm fine. Just go back to bed."

Jonathan smiled; he knew when not to argue with his baby sister. Standing up he crossed to her. "Ok," he said, and planted a light kiss on her forehead before returning to his bunk.

"Evie..." Rick began once they were alone.

"Please Rick," she interrupted him, "I'm tired, can we just go back to sleep?"

"Of course," Rick replied, concerned however by her cold tone

"Good," Evelyn continued, although more to herself than to Rick. "Goodnight," she said, and turned away just as Rick leant forward to kiss her. Unaware of his action she continued moving and lay down gently. She quickly feigned sleep in an effort to avoid having to talk anymore.

She needn't have worried however. Rick was so shaken by her rejection he was frozen for a while.

"Please god," he thought, "don't let her be regretting her decision to be mine."

Eventually he too lay down and faked sleep. Rick spent a large majority of the night thinking about how his life would be if Evelyn no longer wanted him; the scenario was less than favourable. Rick had known Evie less than a week but he realised he never wanted to be without her ever again. So in the early hours of the morning, just as the sun was beginning to chase the night away, Rick swore a vow to himself that he would do everything in his power to make the woman he loved happy- including making himself into a man she could love.

The next morning, after the scorching desert sun had chased the cold moon from the sky, Evelyn woke with a start. The dream she had started last night had just reached its horrifying conclusion.

Jumping from her make-shift bed she ran barefoot across the sand and round the corner of the cliff they had set their camp against.

She had paused only long enough to ascertain that Rick had already risen, her eyes having quickly picked out his silhouette moving around and dealing with the camels.

Once she was certain she was out of sight Evelyn fell to her knees and began to retch violently. Her dream had felt so real, it was as if she had experienced the last two days all over again. She could taste Imhotep's dusty lips pressing against hers, she could feel his hands roaming across her skin.

Evelyn's stomach contracted again and again as the vivid memories washed over her.

Suddenly a hand fell heavily on her shoulder and made her jump, and falling backwards on to her bottom, she cried out instinctively

"No" her voice was soft and yet full of fear.

"Evie?" It was Jonathan; unbeknown to her he had witnessed her running exit from the camp and had followed, concerned. "Evie, what's wrong?"

Evelyn blinked a few times before she realised it was her brother, standing above her and blocking out the sun. The image of Imhotep had been so strong in her mind, she was convinced he had come back for her.

"Oh Jonathan!" she cried, relieved. "You made me jump."

Jonathan didn't reply, but his eyes widened at the sight in front of him. As Evelyn had fallen awkwardly onto the sand the jacket that she had been wearing had fallen open, and was now exposing her left shoulder. Jonathan's eyes had travelled across his sister's bare skin and, in horror, found it covered in deep black and blue bruises.

"You're hurt!" he gasped and pointed at the exposed area.

Following his eyes Evelyn realised what had happened and tried to quickly pull the jacket closed over her black nightgown, accidentally exposing more of her bruises as she did so.

"No I'm not," she argued, smiling, "it's nothing."

"Evie..." Jonathan moaned, using his best big brother voice, "you're hurt. Let me see."

"No!" Evie cried and pulled away as he stepped closer.

"Well then let me at least get Rick," he continued as he turned away, shocked by her reaction.

"No!" she shouted this time and scrambled to her feet. "Don't tell him, please Jonathan." Evie grabbed her brother's arm in an effort to stop him moving. "I'm fine, really," she smiled at him wildly, and willed him to agree. "Please jo-jo," she continued to beg using her childhood name for him, "please?"

Before he had the chance to reply Jonathan and Evie both saw Rick round the cliff edge.

"Is every thing okay?" he asked as he closed in on them, wondering why they were standing so close together.

"Everything's fine." Evie lied and crossed to him. Kissing him lightly she added, "Good morning."

"I thought I heard you shout," Rick continued, still suspicious, as he took in the look on Jonathans face.

"We were just having a sibling thing," Evelyn lied again, but this time she turned to Jonathan to back her up. "Weren't we?" she asked.

"Erm, yeah," Jonathan agreed unhappily, unable to look Rick in the eye as he answered.

Rick looked from one Carnahan to the other. He didn't believe either of them, but again he was in a position of not knowing what else to do. "Okay," he conceded eventually, "shall we ride?"

The journey to fort Brydon was a long and arduous one, but as they had started early the small group quickly covered many miles of sand. Even so, it was still long after dusk before they finally arrived.

Throughout their long ride Evelyn had shown Rick as much passion as she had the day before. And yet Rick was still worried. A couple of times when he had tried to touch her she had flinched away from him. When he eventually questioned her she claimed he had just surprised her, yet again Rick wasn't convinced. He was afraid there was some deeper meaning, but having never felt feelings this strong before he didn't know how to express himself. So he kept quiet, and tried to concentrate on the ever changing sky in a way to dispel the doubts from his mind.

For Evelyn the ride had been no less worrying then it had for Rick. She had enjoyed the times when they were getting to know one another, swapping stories and facts from their lives. The problems had come with the quiet times; vivid playbacks of her ordeal had crowded her thoughts, and try as she might she could not dismiss them.

"Are you having doubts?" Rick had asked her eventually. "About us being together?"

Evelyn had shaken her head. "No, no, no," she answered quickly. "I want to be with you more than I've ever wanted anything in my life."

Rick's blue eyes had lit up; it was the answer he had been hoping for. "Evelyn," he started, "you are the most amazing woman I have ever met, and I can't believe you are mine." He hugged her tight.

As she heard Rick's words, Imhotep's voice had invaded Evelyn's mind. You are mine, because you have been no one else's, he had told her, and from this moment on you can be no one else's.

Evie had buried her face in Rick's chest as he held her tight. "I am yours," she whispered through soft silent tears, at first to the adventurer, and then to her-self. "I am yours."