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A lone figure treaded across the forest floor; the sound of a coin purse echoed with each step. Long rave locks flowed beyond the black sleeveless Kimono. Their matching Sashinuki Hakama snuggled tightly to their legs allowed for more movement with less sound. The only thing out of the ordinary was the figure wore no shoes. Her soft blue orbs would scan the area with utmost precision. Anyone who would lay eyes on the lone beauty would not realize her mind was wondering else where.

Kagome sighed to herself. How long has it been? Five, maybe six years? It has been too long. To think she has grown into such a fine women and even more skilled warrior since then. The only one who stood any chance against her might was her master.

She shook her head. No, she must not think about him. She has come too far to back down. Her mind was set. Determined to go back home, back to the place where her family and friends were waiting.

Her training was over, she was done hiding. Hiding from her fiends, her family, and her… love. She could not turn tail and run. She had to be strong, for herself, if anyone. She stopped in her tracks. Raising her hands, she noticed she was trembling. Taking a deep breath she tried to calm herself.

Sitting at the base of a nearby tree she tried to gather her courage. Why does she still shake at the mere thought of her love? No. Not her love, not anymore. She corrected. She was his love now. He chose her. Why her?! Why did he love her?! It just didn't seem fair. Why? She found herself questioning. Why? She would ask herself every day, yet, no one would answer. Why?

Feeling warm liquid trail down her cheeks, she raised her hands, blocking herself from the rest of the world. A sob escaped. She was alone. No one would pity her now. She can finally cry. Cry until she could no longer feel the pain. But she knew no amount of crying would make the pain go away. If that were true, she would have gone numb long ago.

No, fate would not be so kind. Fate was never kind, it seems. They let her suffer with this pain that he caused. Yet, she could not hate him. She loved him, even after all this time. She could not go back. What was she thinking? Seeing his face, and the happiness he had with her. She would break, wondering why it couldn't be her who made him happy.

No, she decided not to dwell on the past. She was happy for him. Her love being happy meant she would be happy as well. Yet, why was she still sad? Why could she not move on and find happiness?

All her friends, they moved on, had their lives. They found their happiness. Why couldn't she? Why does the pain still linger in her heart? She forgave them long ago. It was not hate, but something else. Was she lonely? No, she had her master. But she guessed even someone who is surrounded by people can be lonely.

Time only seemed to numb her aching pain. It will never truly go away. Her heart is still scarred by his choice. She said she was happy for his decision but she can't take this pain anymore. It hurts so much.

She did not want to feel this pain any longer. She wanted her heart to be fixed, to be healed. Time has tried and failed, she wanted something else-- Someone else. She wanted a second chance. She wishedto find love once more.

Suddenly, Kagome's eyes felt heavy and they slowly fluttered closed. Why did she feel so tired? Her mind was fogging over and her body felt stiff. Maybe she has been too stressed lately. One little nap wouldn't hurt… Just some rest is all…

A soft, pink glow encased the drowsy female. Before she passed out from exhaustion, a small whisper flowed into her ears. It was so soft and caring. Mother? No, it was not her mother, yet, it was. It spoke warm words, telling her it was going to be okay. That she would not have to suffer anymore. Not suffer? That sounded very nice…

"You will love. Kagome."

She sighed. That sounded nice too. So very, very… very--

"Thank you…Mother." She whispered to the voice.

Feeling a warm hand caress her cheek, she smiled. If only this wasn't a dream…