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A chestnut braided haired teen walked into a rather popular night club called 'Trestean Star', though it was popular; most of the people inside the club were human. The chestnut haired teen was actually only there because of a friend. He personally hated places such as this, but his friend said it was important. Violet colored eyes scanned the room before they spotted a blond haired teen sitting at the bar, a grin possessing the braided boy's mouth. The braided boy walked over to the blond haired teen, "Hay Quatre, you know if you keep playing with fire, one day its going to back fire."

The blond haired teen smiled as he watched the braided haired boy take a seat next to him, "Jealously is an evil thing Duo." he said, killing the small flame he had been playing with.

"Well look at you; you seem to be all smiles. Anything you should be telling me?" Duo asked, watching the blond with violet eyes, seeing the blond smiling wider he knew something had happened.

"I think I may have found the right one." Quatre said, a blush taking over his angelic features.

"Oh... tell me." Duo said happy to know just who his friend was falling for, telling the bartender what he wanted to drink so the annoying human would leave them in peace. Quatre smiled as he moved to speak before a sudden figure appeared behind the blond teen, this caught the attention of the violet eyed teen as he moved a bit to look at the figure. The figure had brown colored hair that hung over the side of his face, making it nearly impossible to see that side. The figure wore black clothes, some of the clothing had some cuts in them, but it looked as if they were made to look like that and not an accident. The chestnut haired boy looked back at his blond haired friend, who refused to look anywhere but forward, his eyes on his drink as a red blush spread across his cheeks. Duo chuckled at the other,

"If you keep blushing like that you'll set your hair on fire." he teased the blond, who happened to be a firestarter. Duo could feel the other's eyes upon him but he refused to look at the figure, he hated to see other's pasts, only because he always felt like he was violating the others privacy. He felt the other's eyes move off of him as he saw Quatre go even brighter in the face, an indication that the other was looking at him. Duo grinned as his hands moved to the seat that the firestarter was sitting on as he gave it a quick turn, seeing that it was a moving seat. Facing Quatre to the other figure. Duo decided that this was where he would make his escape as he quickly walked off from the bar, but because he didn't want to leave his friend all alone he decided to get some fresh air on the roof.

He looked at the stairs that lead up to the roof as a groan pasted his pink colored lips, he personally hated stairs. Moving forward as he began to head up. His black colored shoes making a click sound at every step that he took on the stairs before he was able to reach the top, giving the door a push as he moved out into the night cool air. Taking a deep breath before he looked around, violet colored eyes landing on yet another person on the roof, wondering a bit on who it could of been and if he was bothering the other at all. Looking more at the man he noticed he had short dark brown colored hair, and a long black over coat. When the other man turned around when he realized that he was no longer alone. Violet and Cobalt colored eyes locked on each other. The braided haired teen knew he should of looked away but he found himself unable to. Emotions and memories began to flood into the braided hairs mind, at one point the memories and emotions got so bad, Duo could actally feel tears begin to run down his face. And when the memories began to get worse he finally was able to pull away from the other's eyes. The other began to walk towards Duo, the violet eyed teen watched the other's feet, seeing that they made no sound on the roof floor. Tears continued to roll down from the violet eyes, trying his best to forget the memories he had seen.

Soon the figure was standing in front of the braided haired man, "Why are you crying?" he asked, seeing that the other seemed to be upset.

"Its nothing just don't look at me." the braided haired teen said, this caused a look from the other figure, wondering what was going on. "I'm Duo." the teen said as he moved to wipe away the tears on his face before he allowed his eyes move over the other again. Some black colored boots which seemed to have black colored pants disappear in them, further up he noticed the other was wearing a dark blood red shirt, further up he noticed he had bright cobalt colored eyes, some of the brown colored hair falling against his face.

Duo turned his eyes away hearing the other speak again, "I'm Heero." this caught the braided hairs attention, hearing the way he had said it in an accent, it was something he had not heard before but he had to admit he like the way it sounded. "Why do you wish for me to not look at you." the dark haired man asked, as he looked upon the other, wondering a bit.

"Your memories are not happy ones." the chestnut teen said at that as he kept his eyes turned away from the other teen.

"I wish those weren't mine." Heero said as Duo moved to look back at the other again, just something about the other's eyes intreged him. "I know. I do not know why they are that bright either." he said honestly at that. Duo could only nod his head at that before looking away once again. Heero looked Duo over a bit, he was rather surprised that Duo wasn't bad looking either. Heero checked his pockets a bit before pulling out a piece of paper, which was surprising that he had one, even more that he had a pen in his other pocket as well. Writing something onto the paper before he held it out to Duo, "Call me sometimes." Duo looked at the paper for a bit before taking it out of Heero's hands, then watched the back of the man as he walked off the roof. Duo looked at the paper before he opened it up.

Heero Yuy

Home: 726-5431

Cell: 389-0960

A smile pasted over the braided man's lips before he placed the piece of paper into his pocket, then walked back into the club to see how a certain fire starter was holding up.

When Duo returned Quatre was still sitting on the same bar stool, "So did you actually talk to him, or just sit there and pretend that he wasn't there?" Duo asked as he moved to sit back into the bar seat that he had once been in. Quatre moved his head as he looked over at Duo before turning his head back, but Duo had seen the bright red flushed face on his cheeks, "Ohhhh something did happen... I want to know." Duo said a smirk upon his face.

"He... He asked me out to dinner with him tomorrow." Quatre said, still smiling, he wasn't sure if he would show of not, sure he had said yes but he still wasn't sure about it, going out on random dates with others wasn't exactly his style. "But what about you Duo? You seem to be in a better mood." Duo just smiled as he pulled out the piece of paper showing it to Quatre as the blond took the paper as he looked at it, "Heero Yuy?... Wait a minute you mean you met 'THE' Heero Yuy.. and you got his number... what did you have to do to get that?" Quatre asked as he looked at Duo with a rather shocked face.

"What about it? I didn't do anything but be me really." Duo said, wondering what Quatre meant by what he had said, "And why does that seem like a surprise to you?" Duo asked again as he took the paper out of the fire starters hands in case he tried to take off with the numbers.

"Heero Yuy.. dude, thats the singer of Unfit Gun." Quatre spoke as he looked at him, which got a rather shocked look on Duo's face, almost like he couldn't believe it either, "But man if you got this don't get star strucked he may just want to be treated like a normal person." Quatre said as he got a nod from the braided man. Duo could only smile before he decided that it was time to head home, knowing that he had a rather busy night tomorrow.

Duo had returned to his condo an hour later, he usually walked slower, but he wanted to see if Heero had left for his home, since he had not seen the handsome cobalt eyed man in the club at all. His home had been nothing fancy, rather simple really, but it reminded him of where he had grown up and thats what he had liked the most about it. Placing his keys upon the counter before he pulled the piece of paper out of his pocket before looking at it, wondering if he should call or not. Well he guessed there was no harm in calling the man. Picking up the phone as he dialed Heero's home number. Rather surprised that the phone had been picked up in under two rings, and that it was Heero's voice.

"Hello Duo." the voice spoke over the phone, even on the phone Heero's voice held such power to it, Duo could see now why Heero had been chosen to sing in such a band.

"Wow so you really did leave way before me, you must not live far at all. But how did you know it was me?" Duo asked as he moved over to sit down upon his couch, resting his feet upon the coffee table.

"No one knows my home number, only my cell. So I knew it was you." Heero spoke softly over the phone, and Duo felt a shiver run down his spine.

"Nice, makes me feel special." Duo spoke before he laughed at the idea.

"You are." Heero spoke before. "You there Duo?" Heero asked, wondering if Duo had hung up on him.

"Yea... I'm here I was just surprised is all. No one has ever agreed with me on something such as that." Duo spoke, the surprised sound still in his voice.

"You are special Duo, you are the second person that I have met that was able to see into someone's past." Heero said quiet honestly.

"Man that sucks, I wish there were more people like me. I've never met another." Duo said as he sighed abit.

"Be careful for what you wish for Duo, sometimes I might come true." Heero said again.

Duo looked down at his watch and noticed that it was going to be morning soon, and he knew he was going to be sleeping hard, "Heero will you be home tomorrow?"

"I'm always home on certain days." Heero spoke as he to looked down at his watch to see what time it was.

"Is it alright if I call you tomorrow? I need to start getting ready for bed." Duo said before he yawned and rubbed his eyes.

"Good-night Duo, and I hope you forget what you have seen, I worry for your safety." Heero spoke rather low into the phone.

"Wha-" was all Duo was able to get out before he heard the phone being hung up on the other end. Looking down at the phone he wondered a bit on what Heero meant by that before he placed the phone back onto the charger. Shrugging his shoulders a bit before he went off to get ready for bed. Though the constant images of Heero's memories running through his head, he knew he would have a hard time falling asleep.