Raven's Legacy

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Chapter One

Somewhere to the East of the zoid eve, A red Tyrann Zoid glowed orange from the camp fire below.

Raven sat near the fire, with Shadow resting next to his master.

Ryss was stationed across from him, also near her own zoid partner. She gazed over the fire to see Raven's mark glowing an orange instead of its normal red; like his zoid above him. Never did she expect him to accept her like this, not after their first meeting, when his Geno Breaker evolved from the Geno Saurer. They definetly wern't on friendly terms back then, but for some reason, Raven had a change of heart after Shadow died, or maybe it merely opened his heart to the only person that actually cared about him. Whatever the case, the two of them learned to get along with each other, their organoids, however, were another story.

She had so many questions, might as well start with the most obvious one. "Raven?..." The blue haired zoidian asked in a unsure voice.

"Yeah?" The dark pilot responded, looking up from the fire.

"Why...why do you allow me to stay with you?...I know if-you wanted to, you could just leave me here." She answered timidly.

Raven looked back to the fire as he replied. "That's just it, I'm allowing you to come with me, and that's all...nothing more nor less."

Ryss gazed downward, mumbling under her breath. "Well that's better then Hillz's damned conditions." She cringed at the thought.

"What was that Ryss?" He asked, almost currious.

"Um...nothing-just awful memories..." The Zoidian looked down to her Organoid, not wanting to discuss the matter.

Raven glared at her, after defying his question. "So why don't you tell me about it, after all you made me watch my crap ass past." His face slightly annoyed.

"Uh...well there was Nichalo..." Ryss thought as she tried to remember the boy, so kind to her when she was released from her capsule all those year's ago. "Ok that wasn't what I was fuming about, but he won't know the difference...right?"

"Yeah, you mentioned him before...when your fever held you unconscious." The zoid pilot ignored her almost panicked state, that would probably be overlooked by anyone else, but for some reason, Raven noticed her uneasiness. "What else?"

"What?" Ryss looked up, almost stuned. "Huh...well-he...he died." She whispered in reply, as her eyes burned with pain.

Raven fixed his eyes to hers, as he replied, "Look Ryss, I know what it's like to lose someone you care about, but if you don't move on...you'll end up just like them."

The blue orb'd zoidian glared back. "Don't you think I know that Raven! After all I had to put up with that bastard Hillz for so long!"

Raven merely smirked at her outburst, satisfied of getting the answer he wanted. "You had a thing for him didn't you?"

"What? no! never!" She looked away. "well...he did take me in, when no one else accepted me..." Making the truth show all over her face.

"So what made you change your mind?" The raven wanted to know.

Ryss met his gaze, with a scowl. "Why do you care so much anyway?"

"It's not that I care, as much as I am curious." The Pilot stated flatly, as he stood, and walked into the nearby forest. "Shadow!"

The dark Organoid jumped forward and followed his master obediently.

Ryss stared into the fire with irritation. "The answer is you Raven, you changed my mind." She whispered to the night air.

When Ryss noticed he wasn't coming back for awhile, she stood and walked over next to the Geno breaker. She laid back on the ground to stare at the stars.

After some time, Raven made it back and Ryss was next to his zoid. He started to walking over to her, as he passed a growling Specula next to the fire. No funny stuff, Got it?

After the protective zoid's threat, Raven made his way over to Ryss and sat down beside her. He looked at her for a second, but her eyes never left the sky.

He laid back to see what was so interesting, when Ryss was first to break the silence. "I think there are two kind's of people, the first group like stars, and the second like clouds."

A few seconds had passed, as Raven replied, "I'm in the lighting group..."

"That wasn't an option!" Ryss argued.

"I always have an option." Raven argued back.

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