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Sianne's Story

By Dannichu

Chapter 1 - In which we have vague character introduction and lots of shameless exposition

After an extremely long day of traveling I sat down exhausted under a large oak tree. I then took my tent out of my tattered rucksack and attempted to set it up, though it proved rather difficult due to my seated position. I stood up wearily and managed to get all the poles in the right places without ripping the thin fabric, which I couldn't help but feel proud at. My tent had been ripped (and consequently patched up) so many times that I doubted there was actually any of the original tent left. It looked pretty cool though. Like a patchwork quilt, but a tent. That done, I took my little propane stove, a saucepan, a can opener and a small tin of vegetables out of my bag as well. After a couple of failed attempts to open the can with my dominant (and left) hand using the can opener that I had foolishly bought without checking it was suitable for left handed people, I finally managed to open the blasted can and get them heating in the saucepan. I left them bubbling away happily and went to my bag again. I took three Pokéballs and one Premier Ball from it and threw them in the air. Bursting forth from them in four flashes of white light came Sarah, Luke, Terra and Russell. Sarah instinctively came over to me where the food was and looked into the saucepan. She saw the vegetables simmering and wrinkled her nose. "More veggies?" she asked in her Marshtomp language that I had only just grown to understand.

"Yup. Besides, I can't really afford anything more than canned veg, you know that. And I can't really afford that."

"I guess... but don't you have anything else?" she moaned.

"Nope, sorry. Well, I have another can of vegetables..." I said, half-smiling. Sarah sighed and gazed at the bubbling carrots and sweetcorn.

I was, in case you hadn't already gathered, a Pokémon trainer. By all means I wasn't the best, but I elt good because I was one of the few trainers who put their Pokémon's feelings before personal glory. For example, I would rather forfeit a match than see one of them get badly hurt. Even if it did disgrace me. Of course, I was never all that bothered about other people's opinions. I was fifteen and had four Pokémon partners in the Hoenn region. I was (and, last time I checked, still am) a girl, but I've never been a girly-girl. I also wasn't, with any stretch of the imagination, particularly pretty, but this was probably because making myself look good came last on my agenda of doing stuff. Of course, the whole 'looks' thing wasn't helped by the fact I was normally wearing the same clothes for about a week (and I had just two pairs anyway), was normally dirty and generally looked like something the Delcatty dragged in. And the scar down my face, but that was normally concealed by grime or whatever. I was one of those people who really didn't care if they waded through a mud pool as long as they had fun doing it.

Despite having just four Pokémon and a meager six Hoenn badges, I was far from being a novice trainer. I had grown up in Mintale Town and, after my parents had been killed, had befriended a Pikachu that my parents had left me. Which, as you can imagine was fun. Sure I missed mom and dad, but I didn't know them all that well and... well... envisage yourself in a house with nobody to tell you when to go to bed or wake up, nobody to dictate to you what you're going to do, nobody to tell you off for making your room a total tip. And you never had to worry about being alone because you had your best friend in the world at your side at all times. No, it was more fun than that.

When I was a little older I had to attend the local school. I had been planning to skip school altogether until I was old enough to become a trainer, but the League (the equivalent to the government) were already angry at me for being unable to be taken into care due to a loophole in the law, and I didn't want to leave my house and especially my Pika-pal. At school where we were taught many different subjects; the boring ones like math and languages, and more exciting ones including Training Techniques and Pokémon Care and Management.

I dropped out of school at the earliest opportunity and began Pokémon training at the age of nine. When I got my license, I had to lie a little about my age, parents and house, but they believed me, probably due to a mixture of the hoards of kids wanting to get their licenses and because I would have raised the ruckus to end all ruckuses if they hadn't let me. I began my journey with the Pikachu and journeyed around the Kanto region, later visiting Johto with him and my Chikorita, Genesis, then I took my good friend Nwacha the Umbreon and his brother to Oore, where we came across the darker side of the Pokémon World. Then I wanted to take my best friends to the newly-found Hoenn, but discovered with anguish that I couldn't bring my other partners to the new country! So I began over with a Mudkip, which hatched from an egg that a strange old man gave me for no apparent reason. After that I had caught a couple more Pokémon and got a fair few badges, but I just enjoyed the experiences of traveling with my Pokémon, my friends, and seeing new places with them. That, for me, was happiness.

I looked around to see Luke the Zangoose leaning on the other side of the tree, looking up at the clouds and Terra perched on the lower branches. Russell had darted off somewhere, though I suspected he'd come back with some kind of item. As the Linoone he was, it was instinctive for him to find things. It was a blessing really; if he didn't bring back Nuggets, King's Rocks and Proteins for us to sell, we would probably have to resort to begging. It was all down to that stupid rule that when you lose a trainer battle you have to give them half your money. After losing to one arrogant kid who I swear was no way ten years old, he found it hilarious to steal all my money, leaving me with nothing. Since then, about two months or so ago, we had been struggling desperately to find enough money to buy food. We hadn't won a match in weeks because my Pokémon had been too distracted by their hunger to concentrate properly and we lost every time, leaving us with half of what little money we had before.

"Oh cheer up Sarah," Terra said from her perch in the oak tree, "vegetables are good for you!"

"Easy for you to say; you like them" moaned Sarah, "Why can't we get something nice like pasta or chicken?"

"Chicken? No way; unless you want to prepare it yourself. There's no way I'm going near any raw bird flesh." I said instantly.

"Me neither" agreed Luke, suddenly joining in the conversation. "I thought you were a vegetarian anyway."

"I am... sort of." Sarah moaned. Sarah was good at moaning. She was also a great friend and loyal Pokémon. She was named after my best human friend, who was still traveling around Johto. We kept in touch via email, but it just wasn't the same. Then, after I got to know my Mudkip, and later Marshtomp, better, I had found another great friend.

Luke was a great Pokémon too, though completely out of character for the Zangoose he is. Extremely patient and gentle, Luke was one of the calmest Pokémon I knew and went very much against the stereotyping of Zangoose to be "vicious, bloodthirsty monsters". He was also extremely sensitive about people staring at him due to him having just one eye. His other eye was taken out by his mother, who misjudged a Slash attack against a Seviper when he was little. Apparently, he nearly died through blood loss and his mother abandoned him. I caught him after the wound had healed, but it was slightly infected (mercifully not as bad as it would have been, due to his immunity) and he was very weak, so he had to have stitches put it to repair the wound properly. It left him with an extremely long scar going across his face and where his eye would be sewn shut.

Terra was a funny story. I remember catching her for no reason other than wanting to get to the nearest Pokémon center quickly and her Arena Trap ability was stopping me from recalling Sarah. In the end I just threw a Premier Ball which caught her. Of course, training a Trapinch is a very strenuous process due to their complete lack of speed. After she evolved into a Vibrava her speed became amazingly fast and she outstripped even Russell in speed and agility. After Russell brought home a blue piece of material on his hunt for 'stuff', she took it and managed to use the scrap to make a sweatband. It suits her both in terms of appearance and personality. Her nickname, Terra, was extremely ironic. Latin for earth, I thought it was fitting for a Ground-type such as Trapinch. But ever since she evolved, she never spent time on the ground at all. She has a completely free spirit and loved flying. She always used to moan about how she wanted to hurry up and evolve so she could be wings and "get out of this stupid body". She should really have been a Bagon.

Russell was the first Pokémon I caught in the Hoenn region and he's a great battler, though his favorite pastime is dashing around and digging for things that may be buried or lost. My Pokémon, though I have others. On my journeys through Kanto and Johto I accumulated a collection of Pokémon friends though they were not allowed to be brought into Hoenn due to safety restrictions. The only Kanto and Johto Pokémon in Hoenn are in the Safari Zone and kept under constant check. And the random Oddish and Tentacool of course, but you can find them everywhere.

I began thinking about the Safari Zone and began wondering how far it was... I left Fortree not long ago, but we had walked a lot that day, keeping in the tall grass in order to stay away from passing trainers who might have challenged me.

I took out my PokéNav and pressed the buttons until a map of Hoenn came into focus on the little screen. According to it I was between half a day and a day's walk from the Safari Zone, less if I took the way that was likely to be crawling with trainers itching to battle, though there was no way I was going to go down that route. I had read about the Pokémon in the Safari Zone and the ones they had decided to import were good choices, though there were only two I was interested in; Natu and Pikachu. I really wanted a Pikachu; though they were very popular I still loved them. Perhaps because Pikachu was my first Pokémon ever; Sparky. I could never, ever have beaten the Kanto league without his help. He was always there and willing to battle, yet he was shy and quiet at the same time. I still have no idea why I was not allowed to bring him to Hoenn, especially since there were already Pikachu there... I complained bitterly to the people who stopped me taking some of my best friends and partners into the newly discovered country. They said it was only for a "short period of time" so I just hoped I would be able to transport them across to Hoenn soon. Hopefully.

"Danni?" Sarah's voice snapped me out of my contemplative thinking.

"Yeah?" I asked, not looking up from the PokéNav.

"The veggies are boiling over."

"What? Oh why didn't you tell me sooner? Now they'll be all soggy!" I shoved the electronic device in my pocket and rushed to turn the gas cooker off and save our dinner but in my haste I grabbed one of the metal prongs that was glowing white-hot and heating the food. I screamed.

"AAARRRGGGGHHH!" I screeched, probably disturbing every person and Pokémon in a fifty-mile radius, clutching my blistering hand tightly.

What is it?" Sarah snapped her head around and saw my poor hand. She automatically used Water Gun on it to cool it down. It cooled down a little, but the searing pain of it made me almost pass out. Terra darted down from the tree and Luke came over to see what was the matter. Russell came rushing out of a nearby bush, a forgotten Great Ball in his mouth.

"How did you manage that?" asked Terra, concerned.

"I... Arghh!" I said incoherently through clenched teeth.

"I think she grabbed the metal thing on top of the cooker," Sarah said, stopping her Water Gun for a second so she could talk. "It looks really bad though."

"There's - Agh! -a... Burn Heal... in - Argh! - my bag!" I said in agony, clutching my wrist so tightly it would probably hurt if there were not something a million times worse hurting at the same time.

Russell dashed over to my rucksack and opened the items pocket. He stuck his nose in and looked around for a second or two before dashing back over with a toothpaste tube-like object in his mouth. Sarah took it and opened it with her fin-hands. She squirted it all over the burned area of my hand.

"Ahhh..." I sighed, feeling the nerves cool down immediately. I decided that whoever made Pokémon items work on people should be made ruler of the universe.

"You'd better have some of these, too." Russell said, taking a small amount of Rawst Berries from my bag's berry pocket.

"No," I said, shaking my had slightly to get rid of the tingling sensation of my nerve system cooling down rapidly, "They're for you and that's all the burn-heal items we have. What if one of you gets burned?"

"We have a Full Heal in here, as well as a bunch of other Berries." Sarah pointed out. "Come on, just eat them already!"

"Oh, okay..."

Dinner was... interesting that night; overcooked vegetables and Rawst Berries. Yum.

After Sarah and I had washed the dishes, we decided to just get some sleep, especially since it was getting dark earlier as autumn and then winter was fast approaching. I took out my sleeping bag and lay it on the floor of the tent. I recalled Luke, Terra and Sarah into their respective balls while Russell curled up by the foot of my sleeping bag and fell asleep. I yawned and smiled at Russell's snoozing form. Then I changed into my Wingull-patterned pajamas, climbed into my sleeping bag, careful not to wake him, and fell into a deep sleep.


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