Our hero opened his eyes to find himself floating in a world of blue. A few bubbles had drifted pass him when he realized…

"I CAN'T BREATHE!" He shrieked and immediately dove out of the fountain. The landing, however, was not quite as comfortable as he had imagined.

"AUGH!" A cry rose from beneath him and he looked down to see a young girl glaring back. Brunette tresses fell down her shoulders as she pulled herself from the ground. After brushing the dirt off of her baby blue dress, she turned to face him. "My book please".

He cocked an eyebrow. Some welcome. But he thought it was best to do what he was told at this point so he did. Taking the book from the base of the fountain, he glanced at the title. "The Cat and the Hat?"

Her scowl only deepened as she snatched the book from him. "Who are you? I've never seen you around here before".

A brazen grin crossed Aladdin's face at the obvious opportunity to brag on him self. "Why I'm Aladdin! Haven't you heard of me?"

A thoughtful look crossed her face. "I don't think so".

"Are you serious?!" He boomed, ready to have a heart attack. "But I've been mass produced!"

"Sorry", she muttered, returning to the soggy, wet pages of her novel. "The only man who matters much around here is-"

"Belle!" A well- built man in red danced over to meet them, his face showing two straight rows of pearly whites. "I've been looking for you".

Aladdin scoffed. There was no way in hell that this guy was about to outshine him. He immediately broke into a cheesy smile. Gaston, seeing this, commenced to make an even wider smile. Aladdin cocked eyebrow. So he wanted to play rough. Our hero's grin grew larger, making it impossible to make out his eyes.

Belle, who was now wearing sunglasses, shook her head. "Both of you stop this now!"

"Nonsense", Gaston persisted.

"I can take it", agreed Aladdin, through clenched teeth. Oh, yeah. He would make one hell of a ventriloquist. Then without warning, he felt rustling in his pants. His eyes widened. This couldn't be happening.

"Not now, Abu", he muttered through his teeth. The rustling grew causing an itch and Aladdin struggled not to give up.

"Must. Keep. Smiling". Suddenly, the rustling ceased and in a matter of seconds Abu exploded from his pants. Then before Aladdin could stop him, he sent a searing blow across Gaston's mouth and the man went crumpling to the ground.

"ABU!" Aladdin roared, able to speak now that the battle was over.

"HIPPO!" Abu smiled a wider smile than both of the men put together before diving back into Aladdin's pants.

"Comic relief", Aladdin muttered before turning to Belle. "Are you alright, Belle?"

She nodded. "But I'm afraid that I can't say the same for you. You killed a man".

Aladdin snickered. "He's not dead". He bent down to take Gaston's pulse. "He's just… OMIGOD HE'S DEAD!"

Our hero dodged around looking for an escape route, but he only found angry men with pitchforks. He would have to applaud Abu later. He had no idea that monkeys were so strong.

"This way", whispered Belle. Taking him by the hand, she raced through the town square. Then after they had made it so far, they fled off into the forest.

"Run!" Belle advised him. "And never return! For if you do, they will surely have your head!"

"But it was Abu!"


"You saw!"

"I didn't see a thing"


"Don't be foolish! Now run! I'll cover for you"

And before he could counter, she was off.

"Awwwww man!" He complained and kicked at the ground, only to stumble over a tree stump and fall on his face.

"Whoa!" He bellowed as his face came into contact with the grimy, leaf covered ground. Coughing he stood and continued down his path into the dark forest. He would find his arch nemesis and when he did he would pay. Oh, he would pay.

"MWA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!" Mozenrath's laughter roared throughout the kingdom. "HA HA HA HA… okay this is boring… XERXES!" He called for his right hand eel.

"Yes, master?"

Mozenrath sighed and flipped on a ballet CD that he had received for his 6th birthday.

Xerxes eyes widened. Never again. Never again!

Mozenrath cocked an eyebrow at the eel. "You're not DANCING XERXES!"

Xerxes shrugged as good as an eel could shrug and took a few steps from side to side.


Xerxes rolled his eyes and did a few spins. At this Mozenrath clapped and giggled. "MORE! MORE!"

He turned to see Jasmine walk in from the other side of the spacious grand entrance hall.

"Back so soon princess?"

"Shut up, Mozenrath", she shot back before walking the other way.

"Oooohhhh, someone's feisty", he persisted despite Iago and Genie violently shaking their heads on the opposite side of the room. Ignoring him like the dumbass that he is, he kept on going. "Perhaps you'd like to dance for me. You know, since you don't have any purpose in the palace anymore".

Jasmine abruptly spun around, murder in her eyes.

"Mommy!" Mozenrath squeaked, his manicured fingernails biting into the now purple leathered throne.

"DON'T YOU KNOW WHEN TO SHUT UP?!" She roared before diving at him.

"AGH! MY EYES! NOOOOO! XERXES! SAVE ME!" He screamed for his companion but the eel only wiggled out of the pink, frilly dress and floated away.

"I can't go on!" Our hero moaned as he crawled across the muddied ground. Rain was falling now, chilling him to the bone and the incessant cries of the wolves were no consolation. He had been crawling for hours now (this time for real) and he had still failed to come upon any signs of shelter.

"It's no use, Abu", he groaned. "I'm done for". So he let the wind take him. And he rolled. And rolled. And rolled… right into an iron gate.

"AGH!" He cried. "IS THERE NO END TO THE PAIN?!" Rising to his feet, he parted the gates and strolled on in. He reached the majestic stone doors and started to knock only to fall in as the doors separated on their own.

"I saw that", a voice sounded. He glanced around to catch it's owner, but found no one.

"Over here. No… to your left. That's it. Hot. Hot! Cold. BINGO!"

"AGH!" Aladdin screamed. There was no way that a teapot was speaking to him. He gasped as a candelabra bounced into the room.

"Be our guest!"