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Together Forever

Chapter Five

Raimundo's eyes flickered open and he smiled at Kimiko asleep in his arms, he gently got up and lay her head on a cushion.

"Aw is one of the love birds up?" Carrie teased walking in.

"Shut up Carrie!" Raimundo flashed her a cheeky smile.

"Your sooo cheesy!" Carrie told him.

"I know! It's what I do best!" he smirked as Carrie rolled her eyes, when a cushion hit her.

"Ha! Got ya!" Kimiko smiled flinging one at Raimundo too.

"HEY!" Raimundo yelled firing it back, the three had a massive pillow fight before breakfast and then left to go for a walk.


Kimiko was humming a tune as she walked along with the other two when Miranda came running down the street.

"Rai!" she called, "Mom wants you home...NOW!" she added Raimundo groaned and followed his sister. Raimundo got home and went into the kitchen where his mother and father were sitting.

"What ever it was I didn't do it!" Raimundo said quickly.

"Your not in trouble Rai!" his mother told him (He sighed in relief), "this came for you!" she told him handing him a letter, he took it from her and read it.

Dear Raimundo Lopez,

You have been accepted to the Xiaolin temple in China. If you accept to come you will study martial arts and learn many new things. You shall come to the temple in a years time when you are 14! You shall be the 'Dragon of wind' and here at the temple will learn how to control your powers. I must warn you that your element is strong and unless you learn how to control it you may hurt someone. Please note that this is not a joke and there are only three 'chosen ones' in the world. I hope to see you soon!

Master Fung

Master of the Xiaolin Temple

Raimundo read the letter and laughed.

"Yeah right! Nice try guys I'm not falling for that!" he told his parents.

"Son it's not a joke!" his father told him, "Master Fung came to us soon after you were born and told us that one day he'd send foe you!"

"We just didn't know I'd be so soon!" his mother added looking a little sad.

"I don't believe you!" Raimundo said firmly.

"Look Rai you remember that tattoo on your right shoulder? The one you don't how it gor there!" Raimundo's father told him.

"Yeah?" Raimundo said.

"Well it's the symbol of 'wind' in china" Raimundo's father spoke softly, Raimundo looked at his parents and realised they weren't kidding.

"I... I need time to think about this!" he said walking to his room. Raimundo sat on his bed thinking about what his parents had told him; he removed his top and looked in the mirror trying to see the tattoo, when all of a sudden the door opened.

"Kim!" Raimundo yelled, "Would ya mind knocking in future? I could've been changing!" he told her.

"Opps sorry Rai!" she smiled, "What's that?" she asked spotting the tattoo.

"Dunno?" Raimundo replied.

"Well the symbol means 'wind' in Japanese, it's strange I have one too!" she told him slipping her arm out of it's sleeve and showing him a tattoo on her right shoulder, "It means 'fire'" she smiled.

"Did you by any chance get a letter from some old guy... about a temple or something?" he asked.

"How'd you know?" she asked in surprise.

"I got one too!" they looked at each other in surprise; what was the Xiaolin temple? Why were they chosen? What kind of training would they do? And what powers?

These were just a few of the many questions going through their minds...


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