Angel, Kiss my Tears Away

There was yelling. And screaming. Something shattered against the living room wall. He heard his father's voice yell hoarsely above the driving rain outside.

Hidden beneath a large blanket, a small boy huddled, his young face pressed against the window pane. He watched the water roll slowly down the glass, trying to drown out the noise, pressing the blanket in around his ears. He did not count the tears that escaped from his frightened, blue eyes. His mother screamed a chain of curse words. He flinched and huddled closer to the window as he heard something else break. The rain became louder suddenly as his bedroom door was opened.

"Where's your brother?" said his dad loudly. A cigarette was dangling in his hand. The boy, shaking, looked over at the bathroom door. His father stormed over and kicked it open. Matt was standing, feet spread apart, both hands clasped onto the sink. His eyes were down, away from the mirror. His blond hair, long and straight, fell part way over his eyes.

"Come one, Matt. We're leaving."

"No. I'm not going anywhere with you."

"Get in the car."

Matt swallowed, tensed at the fierceness in his father's voice. He shoved past the man and hugged TK tightly.

"I got to go for awhile, bud. I'll be back soon. Take care of mom. Promise me."


"Promise me you'll take care of mom. Promise me you won't let anything happen."

"I...I promise. Where are you going? Matt?"

But that was it. They were gone. Mom was crying. Dad was still yelling as he got into the car, still smoking his cigarette. Matt got in the passenger's seat and crossed his arms. He looked out the window up to TK's bedroom. From Tk's window, he saw Matt smile faintly as the car began to drive away.


Tried to run, chase down the car, but everything blurred. Matt was fading away. His Dad was screaming at his mom, and she was fading too. Then Angemon looked at him and smiled, as he disappeared into a thousand fragments. A young girl with short brown hair and beautiful crimson eyes reached out to him as she was pulled down into a black sea.


TK leapt up out of bed, his whole body drenched in cold sweat. His deep blue eyes were wide and terrified. He put both hands on his head and ran his fingers through his long locks of dirty blond hair. He swallowed and got up from bed, walking over to the window. Breathing heavily, he pressed his forehead against the cold glass.

Always on the stormy nights, he thought. He closed his eyes, unable to look at the rain anymore, one hand limp at his side. The other one still gripped his hair. He clenched his teeth and swallowed again, his eyes shut tight. At sixteen, the Digidestined had changed in several ways. He had grown, if you could imagine it, even more handsome, and had taken on a more rocker look. At the moment, he was naked to the waist, where his black pajama pants flowed hugely down over his feet, and there was an earring in his left ear. His walls were covered in band posters and pictures of him and his friends. Near his dresser, a snapshot of Davis putting whip cream all over a sleeping Ken was taped. Yolie smiled from a photo as Mimi gasped in the background, a pink tank top clutched in her hands. A group picture of their visit to Europe over the summer hung above his bed. TK looked over at his dresser, where the photo of him and Kari together in New York stood in a homemade frame.

Kari had given him all these pictures. She was the one with the camera. That was how Kari and him worked; Kari took the pictures, made doubles, and gave half to TK. TK, with his artistic talent, posted them around the room in his own interesting ways. There was a set of paints on a nearby chair, and journals lay scattered around the room. The teen was half-done with a portrait of all the Digidestined. He flinched as the dream flashed through his mind again. Trembling, he pressed his forehead harder against the window.

You just couldn't keep them together, could you? You had to tear them apart. Slowly, he let the tears slide down his cheeks.

Always on stormy nights.