Everything was still.

In the cold garden of broken stone, where Sora, Yolie, and Mimi held each other, motionless. Ordramon fell from the sky and opened her mouth, but the scream was mute. Palmon, Biomon, and Hawkmon lay in their partners laps, eyes closed.

Everything was still.

In the cliffs of the red mountains, where Joe held Cody in a fatherly embrace, pressing foreheads with Izzy. Rocks shattered to pieces as Irguimon thrashed about, tearing up the sides of the chasm, but all was quiet in their ears. Gommamon's head rested against Armidillmon's broken shell. Tentomon lay immobile beside them.

Everything was still.

In the cold waters of the Dark Ocean, where Ken's wet hair dripped down his cheeks and mixed with the salt of his tears. Wormmon was locked in his arms as the Digimon Emperor yelled and stumbled back in the water, Stingmon roaring beside him. But there was no sound of splashing, no voice from the Digimon Emperor's throat.

Everything was still.

On the burning white island in the sea, where Matt and Tai were on their knees, shoulder to shoulder, Tai's free arm wrapped around Davis. Three hands joined desperately in the midst of them as Veemon eyes closed slowly, Gabumon laying beside him on the white earth. Augumon crawled into Tai's lap and went limp.

And everything was still, as Angewoman drew back her arrow, as a glittering spear glowed in Angemon's hand, as Devimon backed away until he felt the cold, burning metal of the Cross touch his back. And his last scream was silent.

Kari ran one hand through TK's hair. She pulled him further into her lap.

Angewomon let fly her arrow.

TK opened his eyes and gazed at her, smiling. The pain was gone.

Angemon threw the spear.

Everything was still.


"No. WAY."

Davis laughed with his tongue still sticking out of his mouth, showing off the silver ornament that sat there. Izzy and Matt started laughing; Sora giggled and Mimi put her hands on her hips.

"A tongue ring? Now Davis, if you wanted a piercing, you could've gotten a lip ring instead, they're much more in this year -"

"Buh zi I gool!" said Davis, his tongue still hanging out as he tried to say, but this is cool!

"Well, it does take the focus off the over-inflated head!" said Tai, grabbing the boy and giving him a noogie. Ken started to chuckle as TK cracked up beside him. It had been a whole month, and here they stood, all twelve of them, in the Public Park a few streets down from the school.

Kari and Yolie weren't here yet; Mimi sat cross-legged on a bench, her hair dyed with pink streaks in it, her summer outfit consisting of...well....pink. Matt leaned against a tree behind her, his blond bangs falling over his face as usual, his black shirt sporting the name of a rock band on it. Izzy was wearing what he called, 'casual wear' as he stood beside Matt. Basically, he had on a button-up shirt and tan shorts. Ken shifted in his new azure t-shirt (compliments of Mimi, who said it looked good with his eyes) as Sora watched Tai and Davis, laughing, in a strapless blue top and black jeans. Cody, in a regular t-shirt and shorts, stood next to Joe, who was wearing a white shirt and a button up blue one on top of it. Davis, new tongue ring and all, was dressed in black with dark, slightly torn blue jean shorts. Tai laughed in his white, short-sleeved button up as the younger version on himself darted away, fixing the goggles on his head.

TK smiled. His hair had gotten longer, falling over his eyes in a way similar to Matt's. Davis had somehow convinced him to put a red streak in it, which he had, temporarily. The reunion was just an afternoon get together for the group. It had been exactly four weeks from that day in the Digital World.

Devimon was gone, and the virus collapsed after his defeat; the Digimon were back in the Digital World, where they belonged. The Digidestined knew, now, that nothing was too great a challenge for them; they were the best of friends that they could be. And as TK saw Kari and Yolie walking up the path, he knew it would stay that way forever.

He ran to her and picked her up by the waist, spinning her around as she laughed that beautiful laugh of hers, her crimson eyes gazing lovingly into his azure ones. Yolie giggled as the Bearer of Hope set his Angel back to earth and pressed his face close to hers.

"Oh no, don't you two start kissing, alright? You made an agreement - " started Tai.

"You signed a CONTRACT, even -" chimed in Matt.

"NO kissing in front of the brothers!" TK and Kari finished for them. The group laughed as Tai and Matt rolled their eyes sheepishly. Ken smiled.

"So...we did it," he said.

Yolie looked over at where Mimi and Sora sat on the bench and smiled. Joe put a hand on Cody's shoulder and Izzy nodded. Kari rested her head against TK's shoulder and he put an arm around her waist. Tai grinned at Matt, who had Davis in a headlock.

Kari smiled as she gazed at TK.

"Yep. We made it," she whispered. TK's heart skipped a beat and he smiled.

"You know what this calls for?" said Joe suddenly, looking over at Mimi. Mimi's eyes lighted and she turned to Sora and Yolie.

"SHOPPING SPREE!" they chorused. Matt let go of Davis and they both sweatdropped. Yolie grabbed Ken's hand and pulled him after her as Cody and Joe raced them to the park's gate; Mimi wrapped one arm around Matt's and one around Izzy's and pulled them along with her. Tai took Sora's hand and took off after them. Kari grabbed Davis and TK and they pulled up the rear, laughing.

TK's thoughts drifted for a moment as they neared the gate.

I love Kari.

She gazed at him as they slowed behind a walking Tai and Sora and knew, with all his heart, what she was thinking.

I love TK.

As they pulled up to the bus stop, Mimi leapt on Joe in a fierce hug, screaming her thanks for his amazing idea. Joe smiled nervously, and TK knew this would be an interesting day.

"Actually...I just thought we should go get ice cream..."

Davis laughed and Kari caught the glimmer of silver in his mouth.

"Davis...did you get a tongue ring?!"

This was definitely going to be an interesting day.

The End

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