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Chapter 1- Uh oh

"I can't believe he got away!" yelled Robin, pounding his fist on the wall.

"It is all right Robin. At least we have stopped him," said his friend, Starfire.

"She's right. Slade got away, but at least he doesn't have his machine with him, whatever it is," said Raven. She turned to look at the machine. It was small, small enough to be held in a palm. It was black, with green and red flashing lights. It gave you the Christmas spirit just looking at it.

"Yeah, and until no one knows what this thing is, no one touches it. You got that Beast Boy?" said Cyborg, turning to survey his younger friend.

"What? Who said I would touch it?" said Beast Boy in protest.

"I did."

"Aww, come on-"

"Just say you won't."

"Okay, okay. I won't touch the weird looking machine. Happy?"

"Yes," answered Raven.

"Hey I wasn't talking to you!" said Beast Boy.

"WILL YOU ALL SHUT-" yelled Robin, but was interrupted by a giant explosion. All five Titans landed on the machine. Blip. Blip. Beep!

Raven opened her eyes. Where was she? Oh, in the main room (A/N Where the TV and kitchen and all that stuff is). She groaned and got up. What had happened last night? She looked around. All of the Titans were stirring.

"Argg, what happened? Did we get drunk?" Beast Boy asked.

"I know I didn't," said Raven. Beast Boy chuckled, probably at the thought of Raven being drunk. Raven quickly pulled up her hood to hide the blush. What was this stupid feeling she was experiencing? Was it.. possibly.. love?

"What is being drunk," asked Starfire in confusion.

"Never mind, Star. I think it was the machine that brought us here," said Robin.

"Yeah, but what's the point?" asked Cyborg. As if in answer, the door slid open. A girl with jet-black hair down to her butt and all green eyes entered. She didn't noticed the Titans, only turned to open the refrigerator.

"Yo! What are you doing in our tower?" yelled Cyborg. The girl turned saying, "Your tower? This is our- Oh! Hey mom, dad. What are you guys doing here? Hey you look younger. Did you use that cream?" said the girl.

"What? Mom, dad? Dude, who are you?" said Beast Boy.

"Nice, BB. But next time, don't use dude. It's so late," said the girl and smiled.

"Listen I don't know who the hell you think you are-" said Robin, but was cut off by the door sliding open again. This time a boy and a girl entered, in deep discussion. The girl had green hair, in a boy's cut, and green skin. The boy, however, had purple hair, earlobe length, and purple eyes. Both had charkas (A/N You know, the gem on Raven's head).

"I think we should change it to black," said the second girl. They both stopped at the sight before them.

"I think we have a problem. Our parents have gone off the deep end. They don't know who we are! Lavender, can you please check and see how old they are?" asked the first girl. She seemed to be in distress. The Titans did nothing but watch, as if they were in a movie theater. They had no idea what was going on, but they didn't want to interrupt. The second girl, Lavender, nodded and closed her eyes. She put her hands to her head and Raven felt an emotion like nothing before. Someone was easing into her mind, making her feel safe. As suddenly as the emotion had come, it left. Raven realized someone had read her mind. However, Raven didn't feel like arguing about it, so she didn't say anything.

"They don't know. In their minds, they're still in their teens. They aren't even married yet, even thought they do have feelings for each other," said Lavender grimly. The first girl put her hands to her mouth and the boy headed for the microphone.

"All Titans come to the main room," he said. This seemed to have snapped Robin out of his "zone".

"Hey you can't do-" he said aggressively.

"I can, and I will," said the boy, interrupting Robin. Robin shut up. There was something in the boy's voice... The door slid open again and a boy and a girl appeared. The girl had curly hair (A/N You know, the kind that breaks a brush), neck length, bat wings, bat ears, lion teeth, lion claws, a curly monkey tail, and vertical green pupils. The boy had silver hair, down to his shoulders, with silver fox ears, fangs, tail, and claws (For all you Yu Yu Hakosho watchers, think of Kurama in his demon form).

"What's the problem?" asked the second boy.

"They are. They have no memory of who we are!" said the first boy. Raven snapped out of her trance. This had gone on long enough!

"Listen, you better tell us who you are or-" Raven paused and broke a lamp, "That could be you."

"Fine, fine. My name is Haku, and this is my twin, Lavender." He stopped and pointed to Lavender. "We are your and Beast Boy's children-" said the boy, Haku, but he was cut off by a cry of, "RAVEN AND BEAST BOY?!" from Starfire and Robin. Raven blushed. Damn them! Had they figured out about her love for Beast Boy? Cyborg had said nothing. Wait, there was no way, but maybe CYBORG loved her?

"There's no way!" said Robin.

"Yes there is. Now this is Lynn-" he pointed to the first girl. "Robin and Starfire's daughter-" Haku was again cut off by a cry of, "STARFIRE AND ROBIN?!" this time from Raven, Beast Boy, and Cyborg.

"Will you stop interrupting?! This is Kimonica-" said Haku and he pointed to the third girl, "And this is Kuma-" he pointed to the second boy and the last of the five, "We are the Titans of 2019."

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