----------------------------------------- )(The Wall That Divides Us)(------------------------------------------

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Shinichi gets a little bored and decides to go steal one of the trial APTX antidotes that he used

during Shinichi's Rebirth. To his surprise he finds an antidote that will more than suit what he

needs, but what will he do with a whole week of being normal at his fingertips? It's got plenty

of fluffy goodness with a little bit of humor on the side, and I don't want to spoil anymore, so

with out further ado here it is...

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-----------------------------------)( Chapter 1: A Way Around The Wall )(-----------------------------------

'I wonder if she knows that's bad for her eyes. She's been sitting inches away from that computer screen for hours! She doesn't even have the lights on!' Conan Edogowa thought to himself as he watched Ai Haibara mash away at her computer. He had been hiding in the darkness of Ai's lab for the past two and half-hours, just waiting for a chance to take another one of her trial antidotes.

'Now what did Haibara say the last time I wanted another one of those antidotes?'

'Idiot! You could have died from that! I'm not giving you one everyday! I'm sorry but I'm gonna have to cut you off . . .'

Conan suddenly got a very perplexed look on his face.

'I've changed back and forth from Shinichi to Conan three times already, I think that's good enough proof that nothing bad will happen . . .'

Conan waited and waited and after another twenty minutes or so, to Conan's delight, Ai had finally finished hacking away at her keyboard and made her way out of her lab. Conan ran quickly but quietly over to the desk that Ai's computer was on. Actually it was more of a fast limp when he realized that his leg had fallen asleep from sitting on it for three straight hours. He rummaged through all of the drawers on the desk and came up with nothing but a bunch of papers. He turned his attention over to the desk to his left and then the desk to his right, and then to the file cabinet behind him. Through all of his searching he found nothing but papers and folders.

'How many papers does a little girl need for school? This can't all be information on the antidote and the organization? Can it?'

He tore his way through the last file cabinet on the left side of the room and came up with nothing. Distraught with not finding anything he sat at the computer desk with his arms folded and his head on top of them.

'Where could she have put them things? Could they be in her and Doc's room? Damn, if they were I don't even think Kid could take em without one of them noticing. I'll have to give it a shot though! Kogoro hasn't gotten a case in a week and a half, Ran isn't exactly having the time of her life right now, and I'm not going to be able to live through another week of multiplication tables!'

Conan rose out of the computer chair but as soon as he got up he hit his leg on something metal.

'What was that? It couldn't be the desk, this things made out of solid oak. Unless its a . . . a safe!'

Conan looked down to see a small but sturdy little safe located right under the right side of the desk. He slowly crawled under the desk and turned on a small flashlight that he made sure to bring before he went to Ai's lab.

'Now if it was only . . . Yes! It is! It's bolted to the ground! Now all I need are my stretchy suspenders and . . .'

Conan took his suspender straps off and put one end on the door and one end on the handle to the safe. After everything was tied up properly he pressed the button.

' . . . And perfect!'

The safe door ripped open. When he took a look inside his face beamed. In front of him were piles upon piles of APTX antidotes.

'There must be at least fifty antidotes in here! Wait . . . Hello what's this?'

He looked at an oddly colored blue and orange pill with a note of paper under it. The paper read:

'168 hour trial APTX antidote.'

Without a second thought going through his head, Conan slowly inched his hand towards the antidote. It was so amazing to him! How could such a small little tiny thing change his whole weak? How could he be so breathless reaching for a pill when he could denounce people as murderers with a grin on his face?

'I can't believe that alcohol can make my body grow and ungrow ten years...' He thought to himself with a little chuckle.

Right as he grabbed the pill he heard the doorknob begin to turn. His heart started to beat faster than it already was and he panicked. He slammed the safe door shut and stuffed the pill into his pocket. Only a split second later Ai Haibara opened the door and turned on the light.

Ai folded her arms across her chest and tapped her foot lightly on the ground.

"What are you doing in here?" She demanded.

Conan slowly crawled out from under the desk and stood up.

"U-um . . . I was a . . . Looking for my a.. Watch! See I found it!" Conan pointed at his wrist with a large smile on his face.

"Whatever, goodnight Kudo."

"Goodnight." Conan responded as he sighed with relief.

'Thank god! I can't believe she bought that!'

Conan folded his arms across the back of his head and began his triumphant march up the stairs and out of Ai's lab. Ai waited with her arms still folded by the door.

"Oh! And Kudo!" Ai began. Conan froze, fearing that he had been caught. "I made that for an emergency. I'll let you get away with this only if you promise that this will be the last time you do this. Deal?"

Conan turned around and grinned.



"Hey Ran! How much longer until dinner's ready? I'm dying over here!" Kogoro Mouri shouted while he violently beat the dinning room table with his fork and knife.

"Calm down dad it's almost done!" Ran called out from the kitchen.

Only a few minutes later she appeared from the kitchen doorway with a tray and a large bowl in her hands. She placed both dishes on the table to reveal that she had cooked smoked salmon and rice.

"Dinner is served."

"Wow! Looks like all of that waiting was worth it! Ha ha!" Kogoro yelled.

He jumped to the other side of the table and skewered a fish with his fork. He then grabbed the bowl of rice and dumped half of the bowl onto his plate.

"Dad! Aren't you gonna leave anything for anybody else?"

"You snooze you lose!" Kogoro muffled as bits of fish and rice flew out of his mouth.

Ran shook her head and began to make her plate. She grabbed a fish and a scoop of rice, once she was satisfied with her plate, she passed both dishes to Conan. He picked himself a salmon and a small scoop of rice and place both dishes in the middle of the table.

'I don't care about eating right now! I want to go change back to normal...' He thought to himself.

"Conan-kun? Aren't you going to eat your food? It's getting cold."

Conan quickly looked up at the concerned look in Ran's eyes. He nodded his head slowly.

"If not, I could . . ." Kogoro began, while he slowly moved his fork towards Conan's food. Ran quickly leaned over the table and blocked his fork with her spoon.

"Dad! You have enough there already!"


Conan glanced across his futon at his alarm clock; it had just turned midnight.

'Now that I think about it, I'm probably going to have to wake up earlier for this to work right.'

He quickly got up and walked over to the closet and after a little bit of searching he found a small pair of headphones. He walked over to the alarm clock and placed the cord to the headphones in the back of it. He stopped suddenly though when he heard a whimpering noise come from the other side of the wall. Conan slapped himself in the forehead.

'Great Ran's crying again, probably because of me . . . She's been like this all week!'

He walked over to the wall and put his hand on it. He moved his hand up and down almost trying to reach through it, trying to get to Ran. It symbolized the struggle he was in right now. Ran was so close to him, but there was a large obstacle in his way, a wall if you will. This "wall" was the APTX and the Black Organization.

'There may not be a way through this wall, but there are many ways around it...'

Conan finished setting the alarm clock and walked back over to his futon.

'Don't worry Ran, tomorrow I'll wipe all of your tears away with my own hands.'


Conan practically jumped out of his bed as a loud beep pulsed through his ears. He threw the headphones off of his head and rubbed his eyes.

'Maybe I should have turned the volume down a little bit...'

After a second or two he remembered what he had to do. He slowly opened the door to his room and tiptoed out. He planned on using the bathroom for his room of transformation, but apparently someone was already in there using the shower.

'No Way! How early does Ran wake up? School doesn't start for another two hours! It's only Six A.M.!'

Conan quietly returned to his room. He rummaged through his school bag and retrieved a piece of paper and a pen. He wrote a quick note and placed it on his bed. He then got some of Shinichi's cloths out of his backpack that he had gotten the day before, and changed into them. Finally he opened a little side pouch on his bag and pulled out the antidote. The little pill shimmered off of the little bit of sun that shone through the window. After finally putting the pill in his mouth he covered his head in his blanket to muffle the screams that would come out eventually.


'Dear Ran-neechan,

My parents came in the middle of the night and said they were going to take me to America for a week. I wanted to say goodbye to you but you were sleeping and I didn't want to wake you up. My parents said that I should probably at least write you a quick letter so you don't worry about me. Don't be sad though I'm gonna make sure to get you a cool souvenir from the U.S.

See ya soon,

Conan Edogowa'

Ran sighed heavily, and a small tear formed in her eye after she crumbled the note she had just taken off of Conan's bed.

'Now that special day is going to be lonelier than I thought . . .'

She shook it off and continued her normal morning routine. After getting dressed she woke up her father, which was probably the toughest task for her every day, at least physically. Then she made some eggs and toast for her and her father. Of course when Kogoro got the news of Conan leaving for the week, he clapped his hands and brought out a case of beers. Ran didn't have the will to talk him out of it, and just continued her morning. After brushing her teeth and gathering her school stuff she was ready to leave. She grabbed her backpack and began her long and lonely walk to school.

Ran made her way down the stairs of her house, and after she made her way out the door, she got the feeling that somebody was watching her. She paid no attention to the feeling however and continued walking.

"You know..." A familiar voice called out from behind her.

The voice made her freeze in her tracks. It sent a large chill up her spine that halted her every movement.

"...It's dangerous to walk to school by yourself, especially in this city!" The voice continued.

Ran turned around to confront the man behind her. It was dark and foggy that morning, and the dark figure behind her was only a shadow, but she already knew who it was before she turned around.



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