----------------------------------- )( The Wall That Divides Us )(------------------------------------

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-----------------------------------)( Chapter 3: Dinner Disaster )(-----------------------------------

"Hey Ran! Have you seen my remote?!?!"

Kogoro walked out of his office with a TV guide in one hand and a can of beer in the other. Apparently he had just found out about a Yoko Okina special that was going to be playing in about ten minutes.

"Shhhhh... Be quiet dad, he's sleeping..." Ran whispered.

"Oh no!" Kogoro slapped himself on the forehead dramatically, acting like he had just been shot. "Don't tell me that little brat is back already."

Kogoro walked from the hallway into the living room only to see Shinichi Kudo sleeping on the couch. And not just any old couch... HIS couch! In HIS house!

Kogoro's temper flared. "What the hell is that baka detective doing here?!?!"

Just when he thought he would never see that teen detective again. Well, there he was, just taunting him by sleeping there.

"Shinichi's not feeling well, and he collapsed on our way home from school." Ran told him sympathetically, almost trying to make him feel sorry for Shinichi.

Kogoro didn't buy it. "Well when he wakes up I want him OUT!"

"Fine... But if HE has to go then I'M going with him, leaving YOU with no dinner."

Kogoro shook his head and slowly dragged his feet out of the living room and back into his office.

"I pay for the house, but she gets away with everything..." Kogoro mumbled when he was out of Ran's hearing range.


'Where... Where am I?'

Shinichi rubbed his eyes a couple of times and realized that he was in Ran's living room. After studying his surroundings a little more he realized that he was wrapped in blankets, and it was 6:30.

'It was all a dream? I must have fallen asleep out here last night and Ran didn't want to wake me up. Oh well, I better get ready for school...'

Suddenly the smells of Ran's cooking began to tempt his nose. This wasn't Ran's average cooking, which was good by all means, but this was just... Wow! He hadn't smelled something this delicious in ages! Ignoring everything else he slowly rose from the couch and stumbled into the kitchen, almost as if he were in a trance.

As he entered the kitchen Ran turned around from the stove and gave him a huge smile. It seemed funny to him that she was smiling so much.

"Hey sleepyhead."

"Hey Ran-neechan! Whatcha cookin?"

"Did you just call me Ran-neechan?" She stared blankly at him. "Did you hit your head when you passed out?"

"Hit my head? ...Passed out?" Shinichi questioned.

Ran turned away from the pan that she was cooking with. Her once large smile was now a large frown.

"Don't tell me you have a concussion!" She rushed over to Shinichi and rubbed her hand through his hair, trying to find any bumps or cuts from falling. "I could have sworn that you didn't hit your head!"

'That's funny, Ran seems really short... DUH!!! Kudo you idiot! You're in your real body! But why was I sleeping on the couch?'

Ran sighed with relief. "You don't have any bumps or anything... Do you remember anything from today at all?"

'That's right! I passed out on the way home from school! It's not 6:30 in the morning it's 6:30 in the afternoon!'

"Yeah I remember everything now, but how did I end up here?"

"Luckily, we were right next to my house when you blanked out." Ran gave off a little blush." You were really tired, I was worried..."

"Oh... Thanks for helping me Ran." Shinichi blushed back.

"No problem."

The smile returned to Ran's face again and she turned around to continue her cooking. Shinichi snuck up beside her and peeked over her shoulder, trying to get a view of the food.

"Soooooooooo Ran... Whatcha cookin?" Shinichi whispered into Ran's ear.

Ran blushed badly when she realized Shinichi's face was only inches away from hers, and the fact that he was breathing into her ear and on her neck didn't help much either. She reached into a large pot with her stirring spoon and scooped up a little bit of its contents. After blowing on it to cool it down she turned around and dabbed a little bit of it onto Shinichi's nose.

"Hey! What was that for?"

Ran gave him a gleeful smile. "It's supposed to be a surprise."

Shinichi grabbed a paper towel and wiped the sauce off of his nose.

"Can I help?" He asked with the best puppy dogface he could give.

"I dunno know... Can you help without peeking?"

Shinichi closed his eyes and raised his right hand in the air.

"Detectives honor."


Ran looked over at Shinichi and watched him try to flatten some dough. He was apparently trying to make some kind of biscuits or something, but it didn't seem like he knew he needed flour to help unstick them. She giggled a little bit at the sight of it.

'He looks so cute with an apron on.' Ran thought to herself. 'I wonder if he thinks the same thing about me...'

She stirred the hidden contents of the large pan one last time and then placed her spoon on the side of the stove.

'Alright, just say something nice to him. Let it out!'

After a long pause and a couple deep breaths she was ready.

"Hey Shinichi, .. I..."

Ran turned to face Shinichi, but she caught only a glimpse of him. Mainly because she was hit in the face with a small glob of dough. She quickly lifted her apron and rubbed the tan collored brown gooiness out of her eyes. She saw Shinichi with a large grin on his face and a spoon tilted at her as if it were a catapult.

"SHINICHI!! What are you doing?!?!"

By the time she was done yelling, he already had another glob of dough armed in his spoon-catapult.

"Shinichi! You better not!"

Shinichi stood in silence with a poker face, almost as if he wasn't paying attention to Ran's warnings.


He continued his silence.

"Go ahead and do it! See what happens!" Ran dared him sarcastically.

A large smirk broke his poker face.

"All right, I will." Shinichi finally said.

He launched the glob, hitting her in the left shoulder. He couldn't contain the laughter anymore now. Ran was scrambling around trying to clean herself off and her face was bright red. He just had to laugh.


His laughter ended immediately. When Ran used his whole name it usually meant she was ticked.


Immediately, Ran tossed a large lump of rice straight at Shinichi. He tried to dodge it, but he didn't have enough time. His entire face was covered with a white glob.

Ran laughed instantly when she saw Shinichi scoop off some of the potatoes from his face. She even laughed when he threw the potatoes back. She truly hadn't had this much fun in what seemed like forever.


"Hey Ran! Is the food done yet?" Kogoro asked as he made his way towards the kitchen.

Neither Ran nor Shinichi heard him though. The sounds of their laughter and yelling drowned it out.

"Ran? Did you hear me? I'm starving!" Kogoro yelled again.

There wasn't any answere. Kogoro now approached the entrance to the kitchen.

"Hey Ran..."

As soon as Kogoro walked in to the kitchen he was hit in the side of the head with what seemed to be a mixture of rice, dough, and flour.

Both Ran and Shinichi dropped their globs of food and looked over at Kogoro in complete shock. They had both completely forgotten about everything and lost track of time.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TWO DOING?!?! LOOK AT THIS MESS!!!" Kogoro screamed at the top of his lungs.

Ran and Shinichi slowly examined the room. Globs of dough and rice were everywhere! On the walls, the floor, the stove, the fridge, and even dripping from the ceiling. The fact that they had both knocked over the table and some chairs for cover didn't help much either.

"RAN!! I don't care what you do or say, but I want that kid OUT!!"

"Fine, let's go Shinichi..." Ran sighed

Both Ran and Shinichi cautiously walked there way around Kogoro, got their backpacks, and walked out the door.

They were both surprised to see it was already dark out. Where had the time gone? Some of the streetlights were just turning on now so it couldn't be that late.

Shinichi looked over at Ran who was walking beside him. She was so beautiful. He tried as hard as he could not to get lost in her eyes again, but he already knew he would lose the battle.

'Why?' He asked himself. 'Why can't I be with her like this everyday? Why can't I just get my normal body back? Why does some stupid crime organization want me dead? Why did I have to follow Vodka back at Tropical Land that one night? Why can't I just tell Ran everything?'

Ran turned and stared back into Shinichi's eyes.

'I wonder what he's thinking about right now.' She pondered to herself.

"Hey Ran..."


"I'm sorry about getting you in trouble."

Ran giggled a little bit at his comment. Was he actually apologizing to her?

"Don't worry about it, that was the most fun I've had in a long time."

Shinichi laughed a little bit too, was she actually still happy after all of that?

"So what do you want to do?" Ran asked.

"Well, there isn't really much we can do looking like this." Shinichi motioned to his apron and played with it a little.

Ran suddenly noticed the globs of rice all over Shinichi's clothes. She wondered how messy she looked considering she lost the food fight.

Ran giggled a little bit. "I was wondering why all those people are staring at us."

"We should probably go back to my house and clean off. Then maybe we could order some food or something" Shinichi suggested.

"Sounds good to me."

When they finally reached Shinichi's house they realized one huge problem; his keys fell out of his pocket when he was sleeping.

"Great! Now what, Mr. Detective?" Ran asked impatiently

"Well... There's a window opened upstairs in my room, we can break in from there.".

They both made there way around to the side of the house and located his window.

"Are you kidding?!" Ran yelled. "It's at least fifteen feet off the ground! It's too high!"

"Not if we stand on this." Shinichi said while he pulled out a small stepladder from the side of the house.

Ran starred at him like he was an idiot.

"A tiny five-foot ladder isn't going to help us!"

Shinichi rolled his eyes. "No, no no! I'll stand on the ladder and you stand on my shoulders and go in the window. Then you go down stairs and unlock the door."

"But... it... it's dark in there!" Ran cringed at the thought of roaming Shinichi's house in the dark, which many little kids thought was haunted.

"Well it's the only way unless you want me to stand on your shoulders."

"Grrrrrr.. Fine! This is all your fault Shinichi!"

Just at that moment Dr. Agasa peeked out his window to see the two kids arguing and climbing all over each other, trying to get into the window. Of course he could go out and give them the spare key that he kept, but that would ruin all of the fun. He couldn't stop himself from laughing at their cloths either. The messy apron burglars he reminded himself to call them later.

"SHINICHI! Did you just look up my skirt?!?!"



"It was an accident, I swear! Just hurry up and get inside, I won't look up anymore!" Shinichi assured her.

"Well if you do, I'll step on your face!"

Ran finally got into the house and quickly made her way down the stairs to open the front door. It wasn't hard for her to find her way through the huge maze like house in the dark. She had been there many times and knew the layout almost as well as her own house. She was quite scared though.

"Thank you. There were a couple kids from school out there staring at me." Shinichi said when Ran unlocked the door for him.

"I bet you're gonna be everyone's favorite subject in school tomorrow." Ran joked.

They both laughed a little bit.

Shinichi picked up his backpack and rummaged through it, trying to find his cell phone. "What should we order?"

"How about some Chinese?" Ran asked excitedly.

How could he say no?

"Go ahead and go get cleaned off. You can get some clothes from my parent's room and you can use the shower upstairs. I'll put everything in the wash too."

"All right." Ran agreed while she took off up the stairs.

When she entered Shinichi's parent's room she already knew that there would be trouble. There were so many closets and dressers in this massive room. Most of them were Yukikos though, and if she ever wondered how big famous actresses wardrobe was, she now knew. There were suits, dresses, jeans, shorts, sweatshirts, and even bunny pajamas. There must have been at least ten pairs of every single style of cloths ever created in there! Every time she went to put her hands on something she would pull it back. She didn't want to dress up, but she didn't want to look like slob either. Finally after five or ten minutes of thinking, she picked out a pair of blue pajama pants with little bears on them and a gray sweatshirt. After that, she quickly made her way to the bathroom and began her shower.

"Women . . ." Shinichi muttered to himself when he finally heard the shower turn on.

After a little bit of searching he found the number for a Chinese restaurant in the phone book that delivered. After ordering, the guy said it would come in about forty-five minutes, but Shinichi knew that really meant about an hour. Which reminded him, he had no clue what time it was. He turned his phone back on and realized it was already 8:30!

'Maybe I should check up with Ai while real quick...'

Shinichi quickly dialed Agasa's number and waited a few seconds for him to answer.

"Hello?" Agasa greeted.

"Hey Doc, is Haibara there?"

"Yeah, She's right here."

"What's up Kudo?" Ai finally answered after about two minutes of waiting.

"Well, earlier today I passed out on my way home from school. It felt like I was going to change back."

"Hmmmm... That's odd... When did you take the pill?" Ai asked, sounding a little concerned.

"Around six o-clock this morning."

"Did it feel exactly like it does when you change back, or did you just pass out?"

"It felt exactly like it does when I change."

"I see. How much sleep did you get?"

"Only about two hours, but I took a nap for about half an hour too."

"KUDO YOU IDIOT!!! You need to get sleep when you transform!!! Your lucky you didn't change back!"

Shinichi cringed at the earsplitting yell coming from the other side of the phone. "..Ooops.."

"Yeah! Big oops! I'll look into though... If you change back it could ruin everything."

"Thanks Haibara."

Suddenly Shinichi began to hear soft footsteps coming down from the stairs.

"Yeah..." Haibara began, but she was cut off.

"Yep, that's all. How much was that again?" Shinichi asked, trying to make the conversation look normal.

"What the hell are you talking about Kudo?"

"Okay, Bye."

Shinichi hung up his phone and gave Ran the biggest smile he could muster. She smiled back for a couple seconds and tossed her dirty clothes at him, hitting him in the head.

"I just remembered that we have chemistry homework." Ran pointed out while she went across the room for her backpack.

Shinichi scooped the dirty clothes off his head. "All right I'll be right back after I get cleaned up and get these washed. If the food comes before I get back the money's on the table."

Shinichi quickly disappeared up the stairs. While he was getting some clothes and taking a shower, Ran was trying to get started on the chemistry homework.

Ran looked at the papers spread out on the table in front of her and gave out a large sigh. 'significant digits... uranium.. neon... hydrogen.... ARGGGGGGGHHHHH!!! I can't concentrate right now! It's so cold in here too!'

She got up and grabbed a blanket from the closet on the other side of the living room.

The blanket wasn't much help, and Shinichi wasn't that much of a help either. Back in the good old days he would do most of the work when Ran couldn't concentrate or when something was bothering her. Now he didn't really know what was going on since he hasn't been in school steadily for the past year or so. The fact that he and Ran were sharing the same blanket and were right next to each other didn't help with their concentration either.


"That's the food." Shinichi stated as he lifted himself off of the couch and away from Ran and the homework.

He quickly made his way over to the door, realizing it was already 9:30. He opened the door and paid for the food while he observed the delivery boy.

'I think I've seen this kid from school before...'

After paying for the food, he went back to the table with it and the small homework party began. Actually there wasn't much homework being done, just eating and talking.


"Hey Ran." Shinichi half said half yawned. "I think I finally figured out this mass conversion thing."

Ran didn't answer.


Shinichi turned his head and realized that Ran was fast asleep with her head rested on his shoulder. She had a large smile on her face and for a couple seconds, Shinichi could have sworn he was in heaven. This must have been the first time he had seen a smile on her face while she slept since their plane ride to America.

Shinichi strongly considered waking her up, but decided against it. It was already 10:30 and Ai did say that he needed all of sleep that he could get, didn't she? So, slowly and carefully he moved to his left and positioned Ran so that she was now lying on the couch instead of his shoulder. Then he crept to his feet and tiptoed over to the closet to get a pillow. After getting the pillow he snuck back over to the couch and with one hand lifted Ran up so that she was sitting up straight. Next he placed the pillow down at one end of the couch and carefully, making sure Ran didn't fall, climbed onto the outside portion of the couch and slowly pulled her down next to him. Finally pulled the blanket up over them and wrapped his arms around her. Subconsciously, Ran also wrapped her arms around Shinichi and moved her head closer to his.

'This is gonna be really awkward when she wakes up.' Shinichi thought to himself, but he didn't really care. Quickly he started to daze off and he fell asleep.


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