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Title : Hold
Written by : Misori Chan
Genre : Romance (What else would I write? XD)
Rated : PG
Warnings : Shonen ai (BoyxBoy content! You'd think people would know by now…) and darkish… ness.
Spoilers : NONE! XD
Pairings : Yami x Yuugi
Disclaimer : I don't own Yugioh! But… boba and Yugioh is good… >.>

Dedicated to… Usagi-chan! (No, you don't know her. She's not a writer on this website but you'll find her at her YxY group, pharaohs hikari! She's a marvelous writer… of… lemons. >.>)


Yami's POV

The first time I held Yuugi's hand was an accident, an odd twist of what could be called 'fate' and will.

I wanted to hold his hand, feel its warmth spread through my soul, and touch it in a way no one's ever been able to accomplish.

He was falling down the stairs, being the clumsy hikari of mine that I love and adore so much.

As a spirit I have no body of my own, forced to share with the one I urge to touch in manners of sin.

Even if the odds were against me, I managed to catch him, unexpectedly.

We stayed there, caught in the situation, frozen like a captured picture on film.

I couldn't help but look into his sweet amethyst irises, so large and so bright.

From that moment I knew I would never be able to let him go, even if it destroyed him.

My precious light, my aibou.

How I wish to hold you forever in ways no one else may, keep you in my arms forever, and never let you go.

Do you have any idea what you do to me, Yuugi?

Maybe you do and you're secretly doing it to tease me.

Dear, sweet hikari…

I remember the second time I held your hand, and it wasn't an accident.

Do you remember that time?

I gripped your hand in mines ever so tightly…

You noticed the possessive gesture, didn't you, Yuugi?

Is that why you've distanced from me?

Sweet hikari of mine, why is it you keep away from me?

Do you know how much I miss hearing your voice, feeling your body against my soul when comforting you during those nightmare filled nights?


Ra, I missed your voice…

But why are you here, hikari? Are you no longer angry at me, disgusted with me?

"Aibou… what are you doing here?"

Do not look so hurt, hikari.

I hadn't meant to sound so cold toward you.

"I… I'm sorry, Yami… for the past few days. I… I didn't mean to avoid you. I just needed time to think…"

You know that I could never do that to you.

I'm just confused by my want to hold you.

"I know what I need to do now, Yami…"

Why can't I hold you?

When you belong to me…?

"Yami… I…"

When you were meant to be mine?

"Y-yami… w-what are you doing!?"

"You're mine, Yuugi, and I'll never let you go."


"Yami… will you… will you hold me?"

Sweet Ra… I will gladly oblige, Yuugi.

You're mine now, Yuugi.

All mine…

Now that I have you in my hold, never will I let you go.


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