Sweetness: Hiya guys. I'm starting another one... I hope you enjoy reading this. It'll be better once i get in off the ground and into the air. See you at the end!

Out of the frying pan

Chapter 1:

In was a spring afternoon in Domino City. Marik and Malik had just finished terrorizing the mailman with their new water pistols. After screaming that he'd never come down their street again... he ran away, leaving his mailbag behind.

They couldn't just leave the sac on their front lawn, so Marik brought it in. Once they were inside, Marik saw fit to look inside and take a peek.

"Okay, let's see what's here." He peeked inside, scrounged around and pulled out a yellow envelope.

"Marik," Malik said turning on the T.V, "I'm not sure we're supposed to have all this mail. It isn't ours."

"Oh, hush up. That guy gave us this whole bag... so as far as I'm concerned, it's ours." He scanned the letter, "...Hey, I might have already won a new toaster!"

"..." He ignored the idiotic comment, "Marik... come on, that isn't yours. It might be that old lady down the street's toaster."

"You gotta be kidding me. I eat more toast than she does. It's mine." Looking inside again he took out an envelope that said Capitol One on the front.

Malik looked up, "What have you got, now?"

"A..." he pulled out a silver colored card, "Credit card! Alright! Beers all around!"

"...Who's is that?"

"I dunno. It's says Tristan Taylor."

"Tristan Taylor? That's one of Yugi's friends! He was talking yesterday about how he needed that money for his college education."

"He can't make a life without that!"

"Hey, we've all got our sob stories."


Marik put the letter inside and reached into the bag again. This time, pulling out a box.

"Put that back! You don't know what's in it."

"That's exactly why I intend to open it and find out." he ripped the sides open and pulled out it's contents, "Ooh, look Malik. Dirty pictures!"

"Oh, grow up!"

"Fine, if you don't want to see. I'll just keep them for myself."

"...Um, wait a minute." He sat on the couch and looked over his yami's shoulder, "...Ick. These must belong to the old lady down the street."

"Ha, tell me about it." He dumped all the mail onto the floor at his feet. "Now... let's find our stuff."

Malik went back on the floor and sorted through the mess. He found about four letters addressed to them, "Finally."

"What'd we get?"

"Hmm... Bill, bill, bill... ooh, look." He held the red envelope up to where Marik could see it.

"What is it?"

He opened it and starred at the page, "It says it's from my great-uncle's legal representative..."

"Who the hell is that?"

"How should I know? I didn't even think any of my family members except Ishizu were still living."

"I didn't know either."

"It says he's twice removed. And it also said... aww!"


"It says he just died last week."


"Marik, have a heart." He pouted, "He's practically your great-uncle as well."

"Why do you care? You didn't even know you had a great uncle."

"...It says he left me and my yami some stuff in his will."

"Alright!" Marik took the paper from his hikari, "Let's see here... damn."


"No money."

"Well, what is it instead?"

"A restaurant that he managed for a couple of years... Man, this stinks. Finally someone dies and we don't even get anything. Life on this end sucks."

"I think it's cool."

"You would."

"No, seriously Marik. Wouldn't it be cool to have our own restaurant?"

"Eh... not really. I mean the service industry is weird. The ladies are bitchy, the kids are dirty, and the guys are sketchy. Personally, I don't think you could take it, Malik."


"You heard me. You're getting soft... it would take someone with nerves of steal to work at one of those... those..."



"Ooh, I'll show you!" he stood up, "You'll see! I'm not getting soft! We're gonna take that restaurant!"

"We are?"

"Yup, and I'm gonna prove that it isn't too much for me!"

"Fine. We'll take the darn thing. But if you find out you can't handle it... don't say I didn't tell ya so."

"Ha, it'll be easy-peasy." He looked back at the letter, "We'll call them tomorrow to make it official. Once we change a few things around it'll feel just like home."

"Home, huh? Well, Malik... I guess since you're doing it, I might as well too."


"Yeah, sure. I've got no where to go."