Dear Reader,

There are a few things that need to be said before you read the story, and please, don't skip over this just to get to it. This will be worth your time, I promise.

First, I want you all to know that this is a tragedy. Actually, it starts out as a tragedy;-) I'm just telling you so that all of my more fluff-loving readers will be warned. But that is not to say this won't have a happy ending. It will. Maybe not what you expect, but happy none the less. What I've been aiming for is something well best, hopefully.

You're probably wondering why I even wrote this story in the first place. Well, I'm not QUITE sure. I know if I was reading a story like this, I'd smash the computer in frustration. But I think if I did this right, you will see it as a really touching and uplifting story. Basically, this was one of those stories that kept on yelling in my head, "Write me! Try it!" over and over and over and over and over get the picture. So finally, I gave in a said, "What the heck? I might as well try."

Throughout the process of writing and editing, I have more than once almost given up entirely, and the lows and highs of my characters really reflect my own emotions during that time. But, happily, I persevered, thanks in part to my two little editors, Steelsheen and Quellerûth, and finished what I started.

So now we have it, the result. Pretty much what I'm saying here is this: if you can't handle tragedy and really sad, heavy stuff, stop reading, because I can guarantee you won't like this (and I DON'T want my review box all trashed up!). But if you want to go on an emotional roller-coaster with one of our favorite heroes and get a sad but uplifting ending, by all means, read on. I'm trying my hardest for you guys.

One more thing to note; I promise I'm almost done! This story is from a Christian worldview, and it will be a very God-centered fic (especially the last chapter). So if that offends you or anything like that, you have my permission to cease reading this right now. But really, you'll be missing out if you do! (And I won't go into the offending part...)

Thank you all for reading this. I hope to see what you think of my work!



Note: There will be no set number of reviews for each chapter; no "quota" that must be reached. I will post one chapter every Monday, until the story is all posted. You may review however you like (ie: "Beat me! Kick me! I am yours."), but please refrain from rough language and do not attack me personally. Please keep in mind that I own nothing of Tolkien's and all of the Bible quotes come from the NIV version.

Dedicated to Bethany, Steelsheen, Quellerûth, and my big brother, even thought he will never read this because Miss Éowyn dies.

This story is rated PG for mature themes and some violence.