Disclaimer: The characters of Kyou Kara Maou are created by a whole bunch of people who do not include me. I am merely borrowing these characters for a lil fun ;) If you sue, you will end up losing more money to your lawyer than you will get from me because I HAVE NO MONEY!! Ok, that said, enjoy the story XD

Warning: Shounen-ai (malexmale relationships) If you do not like, leave. If you read on, and are squicked out, I'm not responsible.

Spoilers: nothing much

Pairings: it's obvious

Author's Comments: Cuteness, fluff-- seriously there should be more KKM fics out there :(


Sweet Dreams


A distant clock sounded twice, a soft disturbance in the otherwise quiet night. Quickly, a small form unmelded itself from a warm mattress and tiptoed down silent stone carved hallways toward a pair of gilded doors on the other end. The dutiful guards were already snoring on their posts, covering up the click of a lock undone and a creak of hinges.

In the room, a large, king-sized bed held the sleeping body of a dark haired, dark eyed youth, although the latter part could not be seen at the moment. The intruder moved until he was barely inches away from the Maou. Tentatively, one hand reached forward and caressed a baby- skinned cheek. The hand slowly moved lower, deftly unbuttoning the silky, black pajama shirt, revealing moonlight pale skin and a yet to develop chest, rising and falling with steady breaths. Soon, the boy was without clothes at all, and lips explored what hands could not satisfy.

Gentle kisses covered a smooth shoulder, entered the hollow of the throat where heartbeats pulsed drowsily, on to soft, pink nubs, tickled the flat stomach, and much lower. When kisses could not quench the growing desire, the shadow shed his own camosile so that skin stretched along bare skin, shivering under the moonlight in a tender harmony.

Gradually, a second pattern of breath eased into the first. Morning was an ominous thought, but the satisfied mind silenced the worries. Screams, accusations, and recriminations were sure to ensue, but for now- for the few precious hours left under a cocoon of darkness, the world seemed perfect.



Author's Comments: yup it's short :) hope u liked!! ...please say smthing if u did or didn't- always hoping to improve!

- ok ok so the camosile part was a lil exaggerated, but couldn't u just picture him in one??? ...i mean- pink nightie, he's almost there XP