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This story is a bit in the future, so I've aged the characters as such. I'm not really sure what the age differences are so I've taken some author privileges here to make this work.

Serenity is 19 and Mokuba is 18-they are dating (cotton candy and carousels here)

Joey is 24, Mai just turned 24- They are dating intensely

Seto is single and power hungry, as usual. He is 25.

Yugi is 24.

Mai's sister is 25.

I'm not sure if I'll be using anyone else from the series, if I do, age them appropriately.

Chapter 1

"Who are you on the phone with, Joey?" A concerned Mai asked. He had been on edge all day, sending his sister off with the Kaiba brothers had been something she never thought she would see him do. Kaiba assured Serenity's safety, and her separate room, but Joey was a big brother and still griped. Then again, Serenity was 19 and able to make her own choices, which she constantly made Joey aware of, and her major choice of the moment was Mokuba. Mai could hardly blame her, he was sweet as ever, sentimental and doted on her with pure gentleness. He was the catch of the decade as far as Mai was concerned. They made the cutest couple, out blushing each other was their favorite pastime.

"It seems Serenity and Mokuba haven't gotten back to the hotel yet. I keep calling, but no one answers. It's 11 at night their time. Where the hell are they Mai? I knew this was a bad idea."

"Oh Joey, you worry too much. They're probably off taking a carriage ride through Central Park or maybe they're at a play. If I were her I would be doing the whole nighttime in New York thing." Mai assured him as she wrapped her arms around his waist. He rubbed her back as he hugged her, but couldn't seem to overcome his feelings of dread.

"New York isn't an easy place to get along in Mai, it's rough there."

"Hey watch it Joey, I grew up there remember and I;m taking offense to your insults of my home town." She was kidding, trying to get his mind off his sister. "Besides, with all the body guards Kaiba has they'll be as safe as kittens. You have to start letting go of her, I have a feeling that when she comes back she'll be wearing a new piece of jewelry, and soon she'll have a new name."

"Don't even go there, Mai! It'll be over my dead body when she takes the 'Kaiba' name. I like Mokuba and all, but not his brother. Speaking of the devil, he better treat my little sister with more respect than he treats her brother." His voice was laced with venom. Some things never changed.

"You have to get over it. Besides, Mokuba would never allow Kaiba to be cruel to Serenity. He loves his big brother, but he also loves Serenity."

"I know you're right, but her being thousands of miles away is nerve-racking."

Maybe I can help you with that. She threaded her fingers into his hair and pulled his mouth to hers. With leisure she allowed her lips to tantalize his, causing his breath to catch. He was still only for a moment before he deepened their kiss. He turned his memory back to when he thought the privacy they would have, thanks to Serenity's vacation, was a wonderful thing. He gathered her closer, pressing their bodies together.

"Do you have to leave anytime soon?" He asked, his words and breath sounding notched.

"Where would I go when my heart wants to be here?"

Kaiba had just signed a contract giving a major store chain first dibs on a new hologram device KC had created. He had cornered the market in Japan and had been convinced to try his hand at the US market. He was finding it to be quite lucrative and now that he had just signed on with the highest bidder Kaiba Corp. was a force to be reckoned with. He allowed a smug smile to grace his lips. He then buzzed the secretary that was put at his disposal by said company. She rushed in to his aide.

"Yes sir?"

"You may take these to your boss, if you're competent enough to do that." His eyes were cold and his face, though handsome, was unforgiving. She simply smiled at him, took the papers and left the room.

Kaiba gathered his things up, placed them in his briefcase and left the building. He would order room service when he got back to the hotel, he was too exhausted to take in the New York nightlife at the moment. He also wanted to see Mokuba, he knew Wheeler's sister was probably keeping him busy, and for that he was grateful. It was hard on Mokuba with him working all the time. Time never seemed to be a friend of Seto Kaiba's. He always had one more meeting, one more spreadsheet or one more call to take. Poor Mokuba was usually left standing in the rain without an umbrella. Kaiba regretted that the company took up so much of his time, but it couldn't be helped. He trusted no one, so if things had to get done he did them himself.

The limo ride back to the Ritz Carlton was swift. He wondered if there was something that Mokuba would want to do in the city before they eventually left. He knew they would have to be there for at least a week, maybe two, but beyond that he yearned for home. He had more control, he could get things done quickly, and people feared him there. Here, he was just another face in a city full of millions. His notoriety didn't extend here, yet. Eventually he would be a face with a name attached, but for now he was content with signing a contract that was worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

He entered his room, the penthouse suite. He checked in Mokuba's room, but the boy wasn't in yet. He looked at his watch, noting that it was 10pm. Mokuba had two more hours and then there would be hell to pay. He was sure the Wheeler girl was being a bad influence on his brother. He frowned, nothing he could do now but eat and then sleep, and that order didn't have to stand. He slipped into his own room, stripped to his boxers and crawled between the sheets. He had been up for over 36 hours now and was physically exhausted, even though his mind kept turning over the events of the last meeting he had, his body finally won out and he drifted into a dreamless sleep.

"Mister Kaiba Sir," A loud knock accompanied the worried voice.

"What is it Roland?" Kaiba asked, still very groggy.

"I'm afraid Mister Mokuba and his friend Miss Serenity never came back to the hotel last night." Roland's voice was tinged with fear. He had been with Kaiba, so he couldn't keep an eye on the boy at the same time.

It took two heartbeats for it to register what he was just told.

"What do you mean they never came back? What time is it?" Kaiba slipped out of the bed and stormed past his most loyal employee.

"It's 7am sir, and they never came back. I didn't know about their curfew break until I came in this morning." Roland sounded haggard.

"Who was with them?!" Kaiba sounded frantic.

"Stevens and Johnson. They never came back either, they haven't phoned or left a message at the desk. I think something went wrong."

Kaiba turned on the man, and with glazed over eyes growled, "You think?!"

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