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Chapter 3

She stood there by the now closed door. She had hoped Kaiba would have taken the hint and left, but he was still sitting there on the couch eyeing her smugly. It was more than apparent that he was going nowhere without the information he had requested.

"You're a stubborn one Seto Kaiba," she whispered, thinking that he couldn't hear.

"It's not being stubborn it's perseverance, I don't merely sit and wait for it to happen I make it happen. Now, where were we...I believe that you were about to tell me where your 'friend' was."

The loud knock on the door made her nearly jump out of her skin. It was followed by a rapid use of the doorbell. She shook her head, as if trying to clear the scare out of herself and opened the door.

"You're a trusting soul," a sweetly feminine voice rang out, "you didn't even look through the spy hole to make sure I wasn't an intruder."

"Gee Mai," she answered with sarcasm in her voice, "I don't know of many intruders who knock loud enough to wake the dead and then proceed to pound on the door bell."  She looked at her sister with a look of mock annoyance, a trace of a smile played upon her lips.

"I've missed you Lanie," Mai smiled.

"I've missed you more."

The two girls hugged their greeting and then pulled away to smile at one another.

"Oh my gosh," Lanie exclaimed as she stepped out of Mai's way. "Where are my manners, please come in."

Mai moved past her sister dragging Joey behind her.

"This is Joey," Mia introduced the two.

"Well, well, well..." A sarcastic voice lamented. "I didn't realize this was a pet friendly apartment building."

The three turned towards the voice, Lanie had forgotten he was there. She rolled her eyes as she turned her attention back to Kaiba.

"What are you doing here Kaiba?" Mai asked as she grabbed Joey's arm. This was not the time for the two to start fighting.

"I'm looking for someone who can help locate my brother. The police are worthless and I'm losing my patience." He glared at Lanie. In his mind she was now what stood between finding Mokuba and failure.

"We just came from the precinct. In a few hours they can start the investigation, probably a bit sooner. I managed to pull some strings." Mai told the incensed CEO.

"What strings did you manage to pull? Did you threaten them with your canine friend?" Seto lashed out.

"Kaiba I swear I'll..." Joey attempted, but Mai jerked on his arm.

"Like it or not Kaiba-you and Joey are in this together."  Her voice was strong and authoritative. "Your brother is missing and so is his sister. The sooner the two of you learn to get along the faster we'll find them. Thank you for bringing us both here and from this point forward we'll all work to find them."

Kaiba kept up his air of superiority, but stopped openly insulting Joey.

"Who did you talk to at the station?" Lanie asked, "Was Dad there?"

"Your father is in prison?" Kaiba asked, wondering what the daughter of a criminal could do to help him.

"Hardly," Lanie countered. "He's the chief. Basically he runs things down there and if you want to get on his good side you better stay on Mai and Joey's good side."

He sighed heavily then grunted. This whole exchange was more than annoying and he was wasting his precious time.

"I spoke to Dad and he said he would get on it as soon as he could. He's going to set aside the 24 hour rule, at least bend it There has been no ransom call so he is sure there is more to this situation than extortion. Wouldn't a kidnapper have called by now? He also told me that I should come to you and ask for help."

Kaiba's ears perked. Mai and Joey were looking for Arrows as well, this girl Lanie better start providing some names, numbers and addresses. He needed to get a hold of Arrows and she was the key. With Joey and Mai here maybe now he'd get some answers.

It suddenly dawned on Joey that Kaiba had come here before he even knew Mai had a sister. He was here before he even realized their plane had landed. Did he know who Lanie was?

"How did Kaiba beat us here? Did you already agree to help?" Joey asked, a little puzzled.

Lanie looked at Kaiba sheepishly. He looked at the three waiting for some kind of answer.

"I'm here to find Mel Arrows." Kaiba announced to no one in particular.

Mai let out a soft giggle, Lanie could have killed her for that.

"Isn't that why you're here?" He glared at Mai.

"I'm here to ask my sister for help."

His sharp mind, dulled from the loss of his brother, finally computed the information... "What is your name?" He grabbed Lanie's arm in demand for an answer.

"Lanie," she answered quietly. Her eyes were hard, she would have jerked her arm out of his grasp if this had been a power play, but it wasn't, he was desperate to find his brother. As demanding as he was she could see the fear in his eyes, his cold blue eyes.

His brow knit together, "Your full name!"

She swallowed hard and gave him the answer that would open the door for him to torment her.

"Melanie Valentine." She answered quickly, hoping beyond hope that he wasn't as intelligent as she knew he was.

He studied her, the emerald green eyes, shining with intelligence the corners of her lips threatening to turn up. He saw the resemblance to Mai in her features and then it all pulled together for him. Her father was the Chief of police, this must be her place, she had been jerking him around.  Arrows...cupid arrows...Valentine's Day...Mel short for Melanie...he was livid. His grip tightened on her arm.

"Melanie...Mel...Arrows...Valentine. You wrote that stupid book?!"

"It's hardly stupid Kaiba, it is a best seller. Did you still want an autograph?" She mumbled the last part hoping to cut the tension.

"Why would some girl at the police station send me on a wild chase to find some romance novelist?!  Is this some sick twisted joke?!"

Mai was now furious. Kaiba had no right to treat her sister this way.

"She happens to be a premier profiler with the FBI for your information. If anyone can find Mokuba and Serenity, well, let's just say you're assaulting her right now!"

"You work for the FBI?" He nearly laughed out loud at the absurdity.

"Correction," she whispered, "I did."

"What's that suppose to mean?" Kaiba released her arm.

"I did, past tense of 'I do'. My stupidity made me not work for them anymore, now I write about my experiences. I have no interest in chasing criminals anymore. I'm sorry I think you all wasted your time coming here." She pulled away from him, lost in thought, and feeling useless.

"Dad said this case looks like one you had worked on a year ago. He has a feeling it's the same guy. I wish you would reconsider. Lives are depending on you Lanie. Can't you even consult?" Mai asked beseechingly.

"It will turn out better if I steer clear of this case." Lanie folded her arms across her chest and drew in a ragged breath. "There are plenty of good people and detectives at the station who are better able to handle this work. I'm sorry but I can't help."

"Fine," Kaiba growled, "then I'll find someone who can." He stormed out. She didn't even glance his way as she heard the door slam.

"I'll leave you the hotel information if you have a change of heart." Mai scribbled down the numbers. "She's your family through me sis, please don't let her die because of some accident." Mai and Joey left in silence, she never turned to watch them go.

"I only wish it had been an accident. It wasn't though, it was my fault...I can't let it happen again." A single tear slipped down her cheek.

"Excuse me Sir," a plain-clothes officer called out to Chief Valentine, "A call just came in about a double homicide. Meyers thinks it might have something to do with the case your daughter was in here talking about."

"Damn," Chief Valentine cursed as he stood. He knew this wasn't going to end well.

"Call my daughter at the hotel and tell her we may have a lead. Inform Seto Kaiba as well. Don't give the information where the crime scene is. All we need are some hysterical civilians destroying evidence." Not that he thought there was any evidence to ruin. If his hunch was right there would be scant traces he was even there.

"Please let me be wrong. If I'm not God help those two kids."

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