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Chapter One, A Prodigious Beginning

No story can begin it the middle, why, that would exterminate all cause for beginnings, so this one can be no different. This particular story is about one James Potter, and another, Lily Evans. James sported thick, messy black hair and hazel eyes. He was wealthy and truly born a wizard. Lily on the other hand, she had dark red hair, and almond-shaped eyes of a startling green hue. She was born a muggle, and raised one, but now about to attend a school for witchcraft and wizardry. A school by the name of Hogwarts, as it turned out, and the same school as a Mr. James Potter.

Year One:

Getting onto the train for the first time, Lily Evans accidentally jostled James Potter. James poured frog spawn down Lily's shirt. Lily succeeded in casting her very first spell, a rather skillful jelly-legs curse. At which point James met Sirius Black, Peter Pettigrew, and Remus Lupin. They helped James retaliate. At which point Lily met Sara Corner and Alanna Simmons. They helped Lily retaliate. At which point all the aforementioned were sorted into Gryffindor House. And then James retaliated and Lily retaliated and James retaliated and Lily retaliated...and so was a most prodigious beginning achieved.

Year Two:

James and his friends discovered Quidditch, and James became Gryffindor chaser, while Sirius became a beater. James and his friends also discovered that Lily Evans is not the only one who screams when frog spawn is shoved down her robe. They made it their life goal to out-prank the wizarding world.

Lily and her friends discovered the library. Oh, they knew about it before, but this...well, this was just amazing. They spent their year paying rapt attention in class and learning to win at wizarding chess. When not in class or at the library, they spent time in their dormitories. Because really, who wanted to be in the Gryffindor common room when it could go up in flames at any moment because of Potter, Black, Pettigrew, and Lupin?

Year Three:

James, Sirius, and Peter found out that Remus was a werewolf. With considerable effort, they snapped their jaws back on and made up their minds to find a way, any way, to help him. All pranks were abandoned and the boys discovered the resources of the library. They, unlike the girls, had never been there before. To the surprise of both staff and students, it turned out that James and Sirius were actually quite talented in school when they stopped deliberately messing up. (Remus, of course, had been achieving good grades all along, and Peter, though not in any way gifted, wasn't too shabby himself.) By the end of the year, they had figured out what to do...if only, well, if only they could become animagi, well, then their problems would be over. They vowed to do it, to become animagi before the end of their stay at Hogwarts, and once again, the boys took up pranking, and they christened themselves the Marauders.

Lily, Sara, and Alanna fought hard to keep their high academic marks, and, when that ceased to take up all their time, started to join clubs. Lily's personal favorite was charms club, and she was soon voted club advisor, to her great pleasure. The three girls were wary, at first, of the lack of pranks from Potter, Black, Pettigrew, and Lupin, but as the year wore on, they decided the boys must have reformed. Lily and James even became lab partners in potions class. Unfortunately, that stab at friendship didn't turn out so well, as during the practical potions exam, James bewitched the cauldron to start singing love ballads where Lily was the maiden, and Severus Snape, a slimy Slytherin, the brave knight. Lily got him back in an uncharacteristic fit of rage, by punching him in the nose. Lily got her first ever detention, but James got a bloody nose.

Year Four:

The Marauders discovered girls. They'd known about girls before, of course, but never before had a girl served in a greater capacity than squealing squeamishly at a prank. Now, well, there was clearly a better use to them. Pranks were now limited to the staff, the Slytherins, and Lily and company. (Lily, Sara, and Alanna weren't girls; not really, they were more, well, rivals.) Lucky for James and Sirius, at least, most girls were able to forget past pranks in favor of good looks. Prank-wise, the Marauders excelled to all new levels based on a gift James received from his father for Christmas. With an invisibility cloak, anything was possible.

The girls too, suffered from adolescent pangs. Unfortunately for them, they seemed to have matured more quickly than the boys. Alanna, to her embarrassment, actually vomited on one lovesick swain when he tried to kiss her. In public, Alanna claimed that she'd been feeling sick all day, but to her friends she had to admit that it might have had something to do with the overwhelming smell of eau de toilette about him (A/N: eau de toilette is French. It refers to a cologne, but literally translated, it means "water of the toilet." Just thought you might want to know.). On an entirely different note, Lily decided that she wasn't doing enough with her time, and founded six new clubs. Sara and Alanna thought she was mad, but went along with her anyway. Three years of friendship had to be good for something, didn't they?

Year Five...

The author slams the doors in the faces of her (and JK Rowling's of course) characters and tell them to COME BACK LATER. She promises them she'll write another chapter soon, but this one has got to get posted already. The author tears her eyes from the screen and notices all the readers.

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