Cherry-Lime Dr, uh, Nightmare

(NOTE: Strange as it may seem, even though this is the prologue, it was made after I made everything else. I didn't realize until now that it was the only thing preventing this story from becoming perfect fodder for a Totally Spies episode.)
Ding-dong! A customer entered the room and approached the bar.

"Welcome to Carla's Café," the lady behind the counter said. "Take a moment to look at the menu, and tell me what you want."

As the customer scanned the menu, he noticed one soda that he hadn't seen before. "What's this? Cherry-Lime Dream? Never heard of it."
"Yeah, it's a new soda that came in just a few weeks ago. Made in Mexico, it is. Want to try it?"
"Well, sure."

Calmly, the lady poured a glass of Cherry-Lime Dream and passed it to the customer, who took a sip.
"Gee, this soda is the best thing I've ever tasted!" In just seconds, he'd finished off the glass.
"You liked it?" the lady commented. "That'll be three ninety fi-"

The lady didn't finish her sentence. She watched in disbelief as the customer started to morph. In seconds, a chameleon stood on the floor where the customer had been.

"Third one today," the lady thought to herself. "I'd better see a doctor about these blasted hallucinations"
What she didn't consider was that she wasn't hallucinating. What she'd seen was exactly what she thought she'd seen. The customer had been transformed into an animal, along with everyone else who'd gulped down servings of Cherry-Lime Dream …