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Chapter 8: Case Closed
Sam and Alex ran up the stairs as fast as they could, with Alex carrying the fox that was Clover. Sam hesitated at every floor to press the elevator's UP button.
Because of this, the elevator stopped at every floor past the 20th floor, delaying Cleo's would-be getaway a lot, not to mention making Cleo really angry.

Alex stopped climbing at a floor near the top, and pried the elevator doors open. She then waited for the elevator to stop, and dropped down onto it.
As the elevator approached the next floor, Alex held Clover up to the elevator cable. When the elevator stopped, Clover bit the cable in two, sending the elevator plummeting.

The sudden drop left Alex in mid-air. "Maybe this wasn't such a good idea," she thought to herself in the instant before she started plummeting.
Alex's sudden descent only lasted seven or eight floors before she used her magnetic go-go boots to land on the wall, still holding Clover tightly.

The elevator crashed at the bottom of the elevator shaft. Cleo got out of the elevator and pried the basement doors open... only to be confronted by several WOOHP agents.

05:00 PM - WOOHP
"Thanks once again for a job well done, girls," Jerry told the girls. "Cleo should be attempting to care for the guard dogs at the WOOHP jail by now."
Clover smirked. "I'm just glad the WOOHP lab could find an antidote to the Cherry-Lime Dream formula. Being a fox wasn't that enjoyable, believe you me."

Jerry turned and focused his attention on Mandy. "I'm sorry, but your performance has not met WOOHP standards. You, Mandy, are fired."
"Fired?" Mandy screamed. "You can't do this to me! I'll get my revenge on you. I'll tell everyone I know about your stupid WOOHP organization, and I'll-"

"Wait. I wasn't finished. Our WOOHP computer will erase all your knowledge of WOOHP's existence. When you leave, you will remember nothing about WOOHP whatsoever."
Clover was the next to speak up. "Can you erase her annoying personality as well?"
"Don't press your luck, girls," Jerry responded. "You should be going now. Oh, and one more thing. We'll be experimenting with the transformation formula used in Cherry-Lime Dream for a little longer, so if for some reason you want to become an animal again, just stop by."

"You know," Clover said to Alex and Sam, "other than the whole turning-into-animals thing, Cherry-Lime Dream tastes pretty good."
"I'll have to trust you on that one," Sam responded. Clover was about to respond when Alex let out a cry of shock.

"What is it, Alex?" Sam and Clover asked at the same time.

"I just remembered a homework assignment for my zoology class," Alex said worriedly. "I have to write a 600-word essay about one of the topics on a list he gave me. I'll never be able to get it done on time!"
Alex put the list of suggested essay topics on the table. Clover examined it, then circled one of them with a pen. "Pick this one," she said, "and don't worry. I'll tell you everything you need to know."
"Ah, I get it," Alex replied after looking at the topic Clover circled.

That Monday, Sam, Clover and Alex were eating lunch together in the school cafeteria. "So," Sam asked Alex, "how did the essay go?"
"Mr. Carukia loved it," Alex replied. "He was amazed by the detail. He liked it so much, he put it on display in his classroom."
"Well, how did you do it?"
"Clover helped me. She had a lot of experience with the subject she suggested to me."
"Which was?"
Wait a moment! What do you think the essay topic was? Consider everything that's happened in the story, and think about every Totally Spies episode you've seen. It should be really obvious what essay topic Clover suggested to Alex. Once you think you know, read on. -Author
Instead of answering, Alex showed Sam the list of essay topics. Sam looked at the list, and started to laugh. Clover and Alex quickly joined in.

While laughing, Sam dropped the list, and it fluttered to the tabletop. One of the topics was circled. It went like this:
"Pick an animal and write about what you think it would be like to be that animal."
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