A Yuy Daughter by Jasmine Starlight

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Chapter 1

Coming Home

Alexa sighed for what seemed like the umpteenth time that day. The professors were all making a half hearted attempt to teach on the last day of classes until summer break. She was happy to be going home for the summer. Home to Aunt Hilde's and Uncle Duo's she had lived with them ever since she had been six and her parents had died in a shuttle crash.

Her Freshman year of University had been hard at first but then it had flown by. She had been so busy she hadn't had the time to be depressed about her parents' death anniversary, which had been last week. Alexa smiled Aunt Hilde and Uncle Duo had always treated her like another daughter, it always felt good to be at the barbecue that they were holding to celebrate the kids' homecoming. By kids she meant the children of the other Gundam pilots. Aunt Hilde and Uncle Duo had three kids of their own. James who was 19 and an exact replica of his father braid and all. Daniel who had Hilde's looks and Duo's personality. And finally Andrea with Hilde's brains and Duo's looks.

James never failed to cheer her up especially when he tried to pull pranks on Tori Winner. Which always ended in horrible disaster, involving usually she and James trying frantically to clean up his mess. Tori was one of two sons and heirs to the Winner fortune. He had blue eyes and blonde hair and was supposed to be picking her up after her last class so they could go to the shuttleport together. Tori also attended L1 University for the Arts and Humanities. He was a Sophomore. He like her was studying for a MBA. Tori's mom was Dorothy Catalonia, who she had heard stabbed Tori's father prior to their marriage. Alexa found this weird that her uncle had married her anyway.

She was looking froward to attending Daniel's graduation from high school as well, it would give her aunt and uncle another excuse to throw a party. Then most likely they would go to Tori's house for his brother Sean's graduation party. Sean was 17 and had blonde hair like his brother but his father's blue green eyes.

As much as Alexa liked Tori she still missed her best friend Diana Chang. Diana was the spitting image of her father except with blue eyes. Diana had two siblings: Corina who is 17 with blonde hair and blue eyes, and Ling who is 16 with spiky black hair and onyx colored eyes. As a matter of fact Corina was graduating as well, another party to go to. Anyway Diana attends Harvard where she is studying to become a journalist.

Last but not least were Uncle Trowa and Aunt Middi's kids: Rika who was 15 with brown hair and blue gray eyes, anyone with half a brain could tell that Rika was going to be a knockout when she got older, which is why her looks were a very touchy subject with her Uncle Trowa. Then there was the middle child and resident cynic Michelle, who was 16 and had green eyes and blonde hair. Finally there was the eldest Jeremy who was 19 with brown hair and green eyes, if James was Duo's copy, then Jeremy was Trowa's double.

Alexa couldn't quite put her finger on it but she had always felt odd around Jeremy Barton, besides having known her from her birth, when ever she saw him she had this weird feeling in the pit of her stomach. Like a family of butterflies had settled in her belly.

She could picture in her mind's eye her uncle standing at the grill wearing his floppy chef's hat and an apron that said 'kiss the cook'. Uncle Duo had a tendency to get distracted while wearing that apron, so Uncle Trowa usually took over after the first batch of burgers turned to charcoal lumps.

Home was such a circus and she missed every minute of it. So that every minute that ticked by seemed like hours. Finally her last class let out. She rushed toward her to dorm only to find Tori sitting in her kitchen and eating her out of house and home. "Nice to know you feel at home stealing my food." She said wryly.

"It's not my fault your classes are so long. And I missed lunch." Tori said in his own defense.

Alexa rolled her eyes, that was Tori's excuse for everything.

"C'mon stop stuffing your face and let's go, our flight leaves in a hour."

Grabbing her bags and waiting for Tori to get up they walked down the street to where Tori's BMW was parked.

"Geez, Lex what did you pack in here bricks?"

"Well if you hadn't parked so far away we wouldn't have carry them for so long now, would we?"

"So, it's not my fault there's no parking around here."

"Well if you came a little bit earlier maybe you would have a gotten a good spot."

"I had things to do."

"Like what? You have no classes today. What was that important? You have a girlfriend now?"

"No." said Tori mumbling and blushing.

"You do have a girlfriend don't you?"

"Not a girlfriend per se, more like someone I have my eye on."

"Oh. You're stalking her. Let me know when she has a restraining order."

"I'm not stalking her!"


Tori huffed as he opened the trunk to his silver X3 BMW. Alexa just rolled her eyes and hopped into the front seat. Fiddling impatiently with the radio dial, she finally settled on a new channel, and called to Tori, "You know, today would be nice."

Tori grumbling mimicked her voice, "You know today would be nice! I'm queen of the world and I don't have to do any work whatsoever."

Narrowing her eyes she said, "What was that?"

"Nothing." Tori said as he climbed into the front seat, revving the engine they sped off towards the shuttleport.

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