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Michelangelo sat on the edge of a tall building's rooftop, dangling his feet. He was supposed to be on patrol, but this night had turned out to be pretty uneventful. Mikey sighed and stretched out on the rooftop, lazily keeping one eye open for anything suspicious.

Mikey leaned back as far as his shell would let him, and observed the stars. He didn't get to do this often, since Leonardo hardly ever let him do patrol alone. At the thought of Leo, Mikey realized he hadn't checked in with his brothers for half an hour. He pulled his radio out of his belt, and turned it on. There was a crackle, and then Leo's voice.

"Mikey? We've been trying to get hold of you for ten minutes!"

Mikey shrugged. "Sorry Leo," he said, "Nothing here."

Then came Donatello's voice, followed by Raphael's.

"No activity here."

"I got nothin.'"

Leo's voice again. "Okay guys, we're gonna head home then. Meet up at the lair in twenty?"



Two clicking noises told Mikey that Don and Raph had turned their radios off.


"Huh? Wha...oh, sorry, yeah, that's cool."

There was a sigh from Leo, and then another click.

Mikey slowly put his radio away. He had been feeling a bit off lately, and it was showing. He wasn't sure why, but he knew he needed to do something about it.

Mikey stood up, being careful of the edge of the roof, and was about to jump to the lower layer of rooftops when something on the street caught his eye.

A figure dressed all in dark colors raced through the throng of people at top speed. Mikey frowned, and decided to follow. It might have not been anything, but he wanted to check it out.

Mikey jumped from rooftop to rooftop, keeping an eye on the figure. They kept looking behind them, as if something were chasing them.

The figure ducked into an alley, and Mikey silently slid behind a dumpster to watch.

The figure leaned down and panted for a few moments, then straightened up and removed their hat. Long brown hair came tumbling out of it.

Mikey held his breath. It was a girl!

Mikey blinked a couple times. He hadn't had much contact with humans, but this was by far the prettiest human girl he had ever seen. As she turned to face him – or rather, the dumpster – Mikey sucked in his breath. She was about fifteen or sixteen, not much older than himself. She wore a trenchcoat not unlike his own, and she kept glancing around nervously.

Mikey narrowed his eyes. What was going on?

Suddenly three men came into the alleyway, laughing and talking loudly, obviously drunk. Mikey recognized one of them as Dragonface, secondary leader to the Purple Dragons.

The girl had disappeared behind the dumpster across from Mikey's.

"Where'd that little witch get to?" One of the men asked stupidly.

"She came down this alley," Dragonface snarled, "Start searching." The two other men started going through all the dumpsters in the alley.

There was a small gap underneath Mikey's dumpster, from which he could see the girl's feet. He saw them move slowly as one of the men came closer to her dumpster. Mikey spotted the can before she did.

"No....don't-" He whispered.


The girl had kicked the can. Dragonface immediately went behind her dumpster and dragged her out. "Look what I found, boys. Our little friend came back to play."

The girl struggled against his grip, and Mikey slowly drew his nunchucks. "Okay, that's it."

Mikey jumped out from behind the dumpster, and immediately went into ninja mode. He took out one of the guys by tripping him and knocking him over the head with his nunchucks.

As Mikey struggled with the second guy, he saw the girl go for Dragonface. She pulled a knife and leapt, elbowing the gang leader in the face and kicking him to the ground. Mikey heard the distinct sound of a nose breaking.

Mikey knocked out the second guy and dragged him over to the first one, laying them side by side. Dragonface had crawled away.

The girl had her back to him. He put a hand on her shoulder, and she spun around. Mikey braced himself for the scream that always came.

"Oh...hi, um...thanks for helping me out with those guys," she said.

Mikey opened his eyes. "Uh...you're welcome. So what, no scream, no, 'Oh my god a monster'?"

The girl looked at him in confusion. "What do you mean?"

Mikey shrugged. "Most people get freaked out when they see me for the first time."

The girl was still confused. "Why? This is New York, plenty of people go around in their Halloween costumes in October."

Mikey's face fell. "Girl...this is no costume."

The girl laughed. "Yeah, right, good one."

Mikey frowned. "No, seriously, this is how I am."

The girl stopped laughing. "Really?"

Mikey braced himself again for the scream. Nothing happened.


Mikey opened one eye. The girl was holding her hand out to him. "I'm Lona." She said.

Mikey took her hand. "I'm Michelangelo, but everyone just calls me Mikey. I think Michelangelo is too long for them to say."

Lona giggled. "Got that right. So...if you're so afraid of what people think, why were you out here?"

Mikey sighed. "Well....I do martial arts, in a way. My brothers and I-"

"There's more of you?" Lona interrupted.

"Yeah, three others. Anyway, my brothers and I go make sure everything is okay once in a while."

Lona smiled. "That's way cool."

Mikey stared at her. "Really?"

Lona nodded.


Mikey looked up at the sky, unsure of what to say next. "Why were the Purple Dragons following you?"

Lona stopped smiling. "I was just...walking, and they were drunk, and they saw a girl walk by..." she blushed.

Mikey nodded. He knew what she was talking about. "Well, I gotta get home," he told her. "My brother was expecting me half an hour ago!"

Lona ran a hand through her hair. "Okay Mikey...it was nice to meet you."

Mikey grinned "You too." He took one last glance at her, and then jumped on the nearest rooftop.

Lona saw her new friend jump onto the rooftop of the nearest building. She shook her head and started to walk slowly back down the alley. Suddenly she thought she heard something behind her. She whipped around. Nothing.

Lona turned back around and came face to face with a giant orange masked turtle. "AHH!"

"Ah ha!" Mikey said happily. "I knew you'd scream eventually."

"Mikey!" Lona screeched playfully, swatting him. "What do you want?"

"I just realized I forgot to ask. Where are you staying?"

Lona looked down at the ground. "Um...nowhere.." she whispered.

"What?" Mikey said, bending down so he could hear her better.

"I said nowhere, okay?" she said distressedly. "The Purple Dragons burned down our house, and the fire took my parents."

Mikey looked down at the ground, then back up at Lona. He grinned. "Then you're coming home with me!" he said. "But we have to go by the rooftops."

"Wait, wha?" Lona stuttered as Mikey picked her up. He leapt onto the same rooftop as he had before, then higher and higher. As soon as he got to the highest level, he began to jump across them.

"Mikey, wait, I'm afraid of heeeeiiggghts!!!"