My Precious Feia Kufena

By: Lafiel

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I'm a huge fan of Crest/Banner of the Stars. I bought all the manga!!! Then again, I think there are only three...anyway I just wanted to say that my story isn't just on the Crest of the Stars, but also Banner of the Stars. And I will also be using Abh, but I will state the definitions at the end of the chapter...if I remember...

Disclaimer: I don't own Crest/Banner of the Stars.


Indeed, they are both quite important people.

They could grow into heroes of the empire.

Perhaps they already are...

And perhaps this is fate...

Bringing them together may be the beginning of a new era...

Are you his excellency Count Jinto of Lin Syun Rock Hyde?

I'm sorry. I didn't catch your name.


I wish she would say "You are the only one for miles I can count on..."

Hey, Jinto...why did you slap your head when I saluted you?

ONYU (1)!!!!

Three years ago we were protecting each other...

No one would care if I died...

Which one is it? Who do you have something against? Nereis or Nefee?

Remember when you said that no one would care if you died?

Huh? Yeah.

I'd care...Is that sufficient?

If I weren't an abriel...

My last chance...

Am I fit for the Labule (2)?

He's alive! Get medical in here! Radio to base!

I thought Abriels didn't precious feia kufena (3).


Nothing much here just some random quotes from the manga. Could you tell who said what? n.n


(1) onyu - idiot

(2) Labule - Star Forces, the Abh interstellar military

(3) feia kufena - a term of affection reserved for royalty