Note: I give full credit for the idea of this story to toxictattoo from their story 'Falling'.


Shun leaned casually against a tree deep in the orchard of the Kido mansion, one leg bent and braced against the tree to keep his balance. He leaned his head back, dark moss green eyes looking to the sky, matching hair pressed to the tree. It was a beautiful day to be out by himself and to be relaxed as he wasn't usually, being a saint of Athena.

Being a saint meant constantly facing death. Losing people you loved. Going off to fight the bad guys to save the world. The sad thing was though many of the people they fought weren't necessarily bad. Some were misguided, confused, angry, but at heart people even he and the other saints cared about. It was doubly hard to fight a friend gone bad than a foe. And unbearable to kill them. But it happened.

Shun sighed. He was just happy they were having a break right now. He needed it. He tried not to show it, to show the others he could be tough, he could survive but he sometimes didn't want to fight. He was only seventeen! And...and had to face the possibility of taking someone's life. He couldn't act like it was all his problem though. The others...his friends. They went through this too. Some more than others...his thoughts wandered.

His head snapped down away from his view of the sky and Shun searched the forest before him waiting. He'd heard the crunch of someone walking over the leaves, towards him. He smiled suddenly as he saw a blonde head come through some parted bushes.


The head lifted as the body broke through the bush and Hyoga smiled.

"Shun. I've been looking for you."

Shun nodded and smiled. He watched as Hyoga headed towards him slowly. Hyoga, his dearest closest...friend. He wasn't even aware he was staring, the perpetual brightness of his friendly eyes dimmed as they darkened with something else.

Hyoga looked up and smiled slightly catching Shun staring. His smile widened as Shun looked down to the ground, a pink tinge on his cheeks.

Shun raised his eyes as Hyoga stopped before him, just beyond his knee. He didn't even feel like he had to talk. He just looked straight into those eyes the colour of the sky on a cloudless, sunny day. Baby blue looking into moss green. Moss green into baby blue. Shun flushed again as he saw what he was feeling reflected in Hyoga's eyes.

"Did you want me for particular?" Shun tried to keep his voice light but his vocal cords wouldn't cooperate right now.

"...Not really." Hyoga tore his gaze away looking off into the trees behind them. "I was just... looking for you."

Shun's gaze wandered over Hyoga's face slowly. His lightly tanned skin. Blonde locks. Soft lips. He felt heat rise over his face again remembering. He shifted his upper body against the tree and instantly Hyoga's eyes were on him again.

His closest friend...