The One Who Lost Her Heart


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Raine hiccuped as she drew a blade to her wrist. He was gone now, what did it matter?..He wasn't coming back. It's been so long....He'll never come back. She screamed in self-hate. Why wouldn't he come back? Did he find someone else...? Salty tears rolled down her cheeks and splattered on the tiles.

She slashed at her wrists, slitting into her flesh, blood spilling everywhere. She remembered...


"Dammit, you should have told me he left yesterday!" Raine raged at Lloyd. "You idiot! You expect me to forgive you for that?!"

Lloyd cowered against the wall. "I...suppose not," he replied skeptically. "I'm sorry. But he told me he didn't want to see you then. I guess it would have been too painful for him."

Raine was uncontrollably angry. She stormed out of the Sage household and ran down to Iselia forest, where Lloyd had told her he had left.

"DAMN YOU!" She screamed, throwing a rock at the ground. She collapsed to the earthy flooring, pulling agonizingly at her silvery hair. "You stupid stupid Angel!" More tears splashed down her face. "I HATE YOU SO MUCH KRATOS AURION!"

Genis, Lloyd, and Colette came running up the dirt path. "Raine, please, get a hold of yourself," Colette said comfortingly, while Lloyd struggled to pull the teacher up to her feet.

"GET OFF, LLOYD! YOU 'LL NEVER COMPREHEND MY FEELINGS!" Raine cried. "How could a mere student of mine comprehend the loss of my beloved...?"

Lloyd, Genis and Colette stared in awe. Even Lloyd's iron grip loosened. Raine sunk to the ground, sobbing.

"Come on, Raine...Let's go home..." Genis said softly. He pulled her arm around his neck for support and helped her out of the forest, accompanied by his two friends. It was quite difficult work, though, she kept rocking and teetering along the path.

"Goodbye...Kratos..." Raine whispered.


The blade slashed her wrists again and again. She cried out in pain with every cut. Blood roiled out on the tiles, staining them with a bright red. She gritted her teeth as she saw the gruesome scene. Blood pooled around her, and she whispered in slurred words:

"I'll find you, one way or another...Even if I end up in hell..."

Her clear eyes fogged up and slipped out of focus. She was losing consciousness...Raine Sage fell to the bathroom floor with a thud. And she blacked out.


"Raine?..." Genis knocked on the bathroom door timidly. He knew what a bad temper she was in then. But she was falling into depression...When there was no answer, he decided just to open the door.


"God Raine!!" Genis stumbled backwards and collided painfully into the wall. "Oh Martel!" Tears welled in his eyes. His sister was dying in a pool of her own blood for some stupid Angel that left her because he couldn't get over his loss of Anna! Martel just damn it all!

The young mage grabbed a clean white towel and pressed it firmly against her slit wrists. "God no..." He whispered, then, as the color faded from Raine's cheeks, he screamed, "RAINE!!"


Fortunately, the new mayor of Iselia was more than happy to provide a way of transportation to Flanoir. Now Raine, barely conscious and weak, lay in the doctor's home in Flanoir.

All their friends had come to the Snowy Village. The doctor spoke of her condition frankly, thankfully, since the details would have been too gruesome and overwhelmingly emotional for the friends to hear. But they all knew what was going on.

Raine was dying.

At the last minute, Genis and Lloyd had pleaded to Yuan, an assosiate of Kratos', to deliver a message to him from the doctor. sort of like a last request from Raine. It read as followed:


It would be our greatest displeasure to tell you that Raine Sage is dying as you are reading this letter. She slit her wrists several days ago, and has remained in critical condition. We have used all our medical technology to try and put her in a state of better health, but her situation has not improved, so she has requested that you be at her death bed, at the very least.


Dr. James Boltzman

Ancestor of Master Boltzman


Yuan hesitantly handed over the letter to the Cruxis Angel. "I'm not sure you would like to read this, Kratos..." He said regretfully.

Kratos laughed bitterly. His life had been literally like hell since he left behind his son, and...her...back on the newly rejoined worlds. But when he flipped open the letter, his face paled quickly.

"Where did you get this?" He said sharply, breathing in short gasps. He flipped over the letter. Lloyd's name was printed on the back as proof. In his handwriting. But surely...

"Change Derris Kharlan's course. We're heading toward Tethe'alla and Sylvarant. Well? What are you waiting for? Let's go!" He snapped.

As the purple planet glided toward Tethe'alla and Sylvarant, Kratos hastily grabbed a Rheiard and sped off, cursing angrily under his breath. As he descended upon the snowy village of Flanoir, he noticed a fairly large commotion taking place outside the inn.

"Dad!" Lloyd ran up to Kratos as the angel ran toward the doctor's house. "Raine's...Raine's..." He pointed at the inn. "They moved her in there. She's not stablizing well..." he broke off.

"Thanks, son," Kratos said gratefully while pushing the crowd apart. "Move it, dammit. I said MOVE!" He shoved aside an old woman and barged through the door, wet from the snow. "Where's Raine?" he demanded to the woman who ran the counter. She meekly pointed at a room on the top floor.

"Up there, sir..." she said quietly. "I don't think you want to see the condition she's in.."

But Kratos didn't hear. He was already upstairs in the mage's room. The moment he burst in through the door, the scene he saw shocked him.

"Oh my god...RAINE!"


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