A/N: Okay, I tried writing a different Holes story earlier, which this chick (Devilish668) hated, so I'm going to make a new one, and it WILL be original. It still Holes, and it's still a romance...but in a much different sense.

Chapter 1

- - - - -

"Damn, this bus smells," I muttered to myself. As I climbed on the bus, I turned back and looked at the bitch that put me here, my best friend Cassidy, straight in the eyes.

My name is Manuela Farber. I'm half Mexican, half American (hence last name, obviously makes my dad American, my mom Mexican). I am 16 years old and live in the best place in the world, San Antonio, Texas.

- - - - -

Just a week ago I was having the best possible day of my life. I was hanging out with my best friends, Cassidy, Dillon, Justin, and April. We were all hanging out at Six Flags Fiesta Texas having a great time. As soon as we got off of the Superman Krypton Coaster, Cassidy and Dillon decided to have a little fun.

Fun my ass.

Dillon has been in a bad crowd for almost ever, even though his dad is rich and owns one of the most popular businesses in San Antonio. But he never would pay attention to him; it's a deprived devilish child thing I guess. He pulled out a gun from his duffle bag for no reason whatsoever and fired it off, just expecting to have fun with it and scare people. Cassidy joined in too, using the other gun they had brought. April and Justin (who had no intention of ever being in a gang) ran off and then the worst thing happened.

Cassidy's gun was really loaded, and she shot a small girl in the stomach, she almost died right there.

Dillon and Cassidy gaped and dropped their guns, running out of the park like mad-mans, I started to run to, but I tripped over one of the guns and landed on the pavement.

I felt to big arms grabbing my smaller arms and tugging me up. It was a security guard. He thought I shot the girl and next thing I knew I was sitting in a cop car with handcuffs over my tan wrists.

- - - - -

I stared at Cassidy with disgust who mouthed I'm sorry to me.

I rolled my eyes at her and slung my duffle bag over my shoulder and climbed up the rest of the steps to the bus.

I looked at the bus and there were 4 other girls sitting there as well, one was very small and Asian, she had a tattoo of a heart on her neck and she had red streaks throughout her silky hair.

Who would get a tattoo on their neck?

There was an African American as well, she had the prettiest hair I had ever seen, perfectly spiral curled and it hung just to her chest, she had dark skin and deep brown eyes, she was sitting there staring out the window like it was the worse thing in the world to be on this bus.

I don't blame ya hunny.

Next to her was a girl with chestnut brown hair that was cut just to her ears with honey brown streaks in them, she had gray eyes, and a nice tan. She was sitting there with her headphones listening to what I could tell was The Donnas.

There was also a blonde who perfectly resembled a Barbie doll with a cell phone attached to her ear, "I know what you mean Molly, this place sucks, and it reeks, and my hair is going to be so frizzy,"

I laughed to myself. Not that I wasn't much less of a girly girl than she was.

I had wavy black hair that hung to my collarbone, big brown eyes, about 122 pounds and probably 5'5. I was wearing a green off the shoulder tee shirt that showed my pierced bellybutton and a fringed light blue jean skirt that hung just to my thighs with a pair of clean white K-Swiss sneakers. Just like Justin and April, I never would be in a gang. It was only Dillon and Cassidy just because she would do whatever it took for Dillon to be her boyfriend. But there was one thing I hated about myself, my breasts, they were pretty big and round and that was almost the only reason guys asked me out. To get me into the sack. The only time that ever happened was at a party, when someone slipped me ecstasy and I didn't know what I was doing.

I sat down across the aisle from Barbie who was still on her cell phone "Love ya girl, I better go...wait, what? Oh my God, put him on the phone...Hi Billy! Yeah I don't know why I'm here...really? Really? I would love to go to the dance with you...wait I won't be h-here!" and with that she burst into tears and then got her phone confiscated by a big burly security guard.

"Ugh! Dude, Billy was like asking me to Homecoming!" she whined.

Two seconds later she turned to me, "Hi, I'm Maddie!" she said with a pearly white smile.

"Manuela, but my friends call me Manny,"

"Manny and Maddie, its fate! Well my real name's Madison and yours is Manuela but still, fate,"

I nodded at her and then turned away.

Please don't keep talking.

"So what are you in here for?" Maddie asked.

Saw that coming.

I turned back to her, "Something I didn't do,"

Maddie nodded, "Me too, my friend stole like four thongs from Abercrombie, but she slipped it into my purse and I got caught, and now I can't go to Abercrombie anymore and I'm getting sent to some camp, and Abercrombie is my favorite store!"

I looked at her outfit. Of course it was all Abercrombie except for her white thong platform flip-flops. She was wearing this white baby tee belly shirt that showed off her tan flat stomach and pierced belly button that said: Dudes Prefer Blondes and a light denim five pocket mini skirt. Her golden blonde hair was pulled back into a ponytail and her sunglasses were planted on top of her head.

"Bummer," I said sarcastically and opened up my duffle bag, reaching in to grab my headphones but as I reached for it something fell out and Maddie reached for it.

"Who's the hottie in the picture? Boyfriend?" she asked.

"No," I said taking the picture out of her hand, "Brother,"

"He's really cute. Is that you in the picture with him?"

I nodded.

"You looked different,"

I looked at the picture.

I was about the same height, a little skinnier and not as developed.

I began to think about my brother and when this picture was taken, he was 15 and I was 14, it was 2 years ago. I felt a tear tingle in my eye, I hadn't seen him since a week after this photo was taken.

"What's his name?" Maddie asked.

I had forgotten she was even right next to me, I turned to face her, "What?"

"Your brother...his name?"

"Oh, Jose,"

Maddie nodded, "I didn't see him outside waving you off..."

"He didn't come. He couldn't. My parents got a divorce last summer, but before, my mom had cheated on my dad and he walked out on us. Jose was really pissed at my mom and he left too. In the middle of the night. He called me a lot but most of the time I didn't get the messages because my mom wasn't happy with him. 2 months later I went to visit my dad, and Jose was gone. He stole something and he got sent to a Juvenile Detention Camp. My dad said he didn't know what Jose stole. But I did. Jose adored animals and he always said he would never by an animal from a pet shop, he said what the way they kept them in cages was wrong. I knew he was trying to save one of the animals. I haven't seen Jose since the day before he left that night," I said.

Maddie stared at me wide eyed, "Wow. Did you guys have a good relationship?"

I nodded, "The best. He was my best friend and I was his, and I really miss him."

"I would think so," Maddie said and leaned back in her seat, "my brother got killed in a drive by a year ago, he was only 9 and wouldn't even imagine doing anything so horrid, and it's partly my fault he died," Maddie said, tears filling her eyes.

"Why?" I asked.

"Because, the guy who shot him was my ex boyfriend, and it was because I wouldn't put out for him, and I mean why would I? I was fourteen and he was seventeen. I thought it would be so cool to have an older boyfriend, I was so wrong. He thought killing Luke would be the perfect revenge. Luke was just sitting outside on our tree swing, laughing as our dog jumped around the tree in a circle as high as he could, and I would keep on chasing our dog and falling over. And then Alec drove by, shot off the gun and killed both my brother and my dog. I was behind a tree, fallen over and I wasn't able to get shot or help my brother. He died instantly, he has a really week heart. I hate Alec. And do you wanna know the worst part?"

I nodded.

"He never got arrested, never. I tried to tell them who it was but they didn't believe me, no proof,"

"Wow..." I said, amazed how we had both came clean so fast.

Maddie wiped tears from her eyes and leaned her head against a pillow that she had propped up against the window, "I'm pretty tired, see you at camp," and with that her eyes closed.

I tucked the picture back into my bag and then flipped on my walkman listening to Good Charlotte's song The Chronicles of Life and Death on the "life" version of the CD titled the same as the song.

I ended up falling asleep twenty minutes later.

- - - - -

"UP!" I heard somebody yell, I opened my eyes with a start and looked around the bus, Maddie sat up too, her eyes half-lidded. I looked over and saw the Security Guard standing up.

The girls in the back both stood up so Maddie and I did the same.
I tucked my walkman into my bag and followed Maddie off the bus.

As we walked down the steps all that I saw was something that resembled a ghost town, people walking around in ugly jumpsuits, and holes.

Lot's and lot's of holes.

"Damn, think we have to dig them?" Maddie asked.

"Not sure, but all I'm seeing here is guys," I said staring at all the guys shooting us looks.

"It's great isn't it?" Maddie asked excitedly, craning her neck around, staring at all the guys.

"Ladies, follow me," The guard said.

Maddie nearly skipped the whole way.

I fanned my self with my hand. It was so hot here!

The three in the back were talking.

We walked into a small shack and thank god, it was air conditioned.

I closed my eyes and I let the cool air fill my body.

"Now I see that you all are girls..." a man with a hand full of sunflower seeds and a really weird looking beard said from where he was sitting at a desk.

Please tell me it didn't take you that long to figure that out.

We all nodded.

"So where is the lake?" Maddie asked.

"Excuse me?" the man asked.

"The lake, you know Camp Green Lake...?"

"There is no lake, it dried up, we haven't had rain in ages," he said.

"But there has to be rain, I love rain," Maddie said with a hint of disappointment in her ocean blue eyes.

"Sorry tootsie pop," he said.

Tootsie pop?

"My name is Mr. Sir, from now on you will address me by that name, is that clear?"

Yes sir, Mr. Sir, sir.

We all nodded and I had to bite the inside of my cheek to not laugh at the dumb name.

"You girls thirsty?" Mr. Sir asked, reaching in a mini fridge and pulling out bottles of Coke.

"I'm completely parched!" Maddie said, reaching for a bottle of coke.

"Get used to it. You will be for the next eighteen months," he said and handed the other bottle of Coke to the guard and a second bottle to him as well, "for the driver,"

The guard smiled and then left.

"Follow me," Mr. Sir said and walked outside, the five of us trailing behind.

I tried to brush off all of the glances at me and ignore the fact that everybody was whistling at me.

They were whistling at Maddie too but she was grinning at all of them flirtatiously.

I rolled my eyes and then Mr. Sir stopped walking.

"That's the Wreck Room, that's the Dining Hall, and those are where all the campers live," he said pointing to 5 tents labeled A, B, C, D, and E. There was also an F tent but it said Staff under the letter F.

I noticed a gun on the waistband of his pants.

"It's not for you," he said, catching my glance, "it's for yellow spotted lizards. I wouldn't waste the bullet on you."

Gee, thanks.

"This ain't a girl scout camp, even if you girls were in girl scouts your whole life,"

Oh, shut up. You feminist freak.

He led us into a shed and tossed us each 2 big heavy orange jumpsuits, "These are your jumpsuits, and you have 2 pairs..."


"One for work, and one for relaxation. After your work clothes have been used your relaxation clothes will become your work clothes and vice versa. After 3 days they will be washed, and the wheel will start again,"

Uh huh...

We all stepped outside and were greeted by three guys; one looked like a real dork with sunglasses on his head on top of a big floppy hat, sunscreen on his nose, knee high socks that met the top of his shorts and sandals with a tee shirt and a vest. Another looked a little younger probably in his early thirties, with blonde hair, a white tee shirt, blue jean shorts and worn out tennis shoes. And the last one had brown hair, looked about twenty-five, and was really cute, with tan skin and brown eyes. He had on a white muscle tank and long khaki shorts with a pair of black Adidas soccer sandals.

"Girls, these are your counselors. Dr. Pendanski for D-Tent, Mr. Lewis for A-Tent, and Mr. Rockton for C-Tent. Madison, you will be with Dr. Pendanski in D-Tent. Tillian and Camille, you will be with Mr. Lewis in A-Tent and Manuela and Keely, you will be with Mr. Rockton in C-Tent."

Yes, I got the cute guy.

I smiled at Keely who was the girl on the bus with the brown hair and honey highlights we both wound up grinning.

I saw Maddie shoot me a look, obviously upset that she got stuck with the ugly guy of the group. And then Tilley and Camille were both just walking around with Mr. Lewis.

"Now Maddie, you will be in D-Tent, D stands for Diligence..." Dr. Pendanski went on and on about his name which was pronounced Pen-Dance-Key and talking about that even though she did bad things she wasn't a bad kid.

Maddie shot me a look and mouthed help me.

I laughed and then followed Keely and Mr. Rockton as he led us to a tent labeled C.

"What does C stand for?" Keely asked.

"Confrontation," Mr. Rockton said and led us through the doorway.

There were 2 guys sitting on cots, one was chomping on bubblegum and the other was flipping through a comic book.

"David, Michael, please meet your new roommates," Mr. Rockton said.

"Dude you're supposed to be the cool counselors, our names are Dynamite and Matchbox," the guy with curly brown hair that hung to his ears said.

"Well whatever, here are the new guys, er, girls" Mr. Rockton said, annoyed and left the tent.

"Girls? The guy with straight dirty blonde hair asked.

The two weren't even looking at us.

"Over here," I called out.

The two turned towards us and there mouths popped open.

"Wow...I'm Matchbox, what's your name?" the cute guy with curly brown hair asked, walking over to me.

"Manuela," I said holding out my hand which he shook with happiness and then he went to Keely and the blonde came over to me.

"That would make me Dynamite, nice to meet you Manuela," the blonde said shaking my hand.

"At least they aren't acting like psychos," Keely whispered in my ears with her teeth gritted into a forced smile.

The other guys came in named Skeleton, Roadrunner, Twister, and Blue. They each had shocked expressions but actually treated us like people. That was very nice, especially for me.

- - - - -

"Oh my God, Manny!" I heard someone squeal as I was sitting outside watching the sunlight in the dirt.

I turned and faced Maddie running towards, her blonde hair waving across her orange jumpsuit.

"Oh my God, what?" I joked.

"The guys in my tent are so cute!" Maddie said with excitement in her blue eyes.

"Same here," I said with a small smile.

"There is this one Hispanic guy named Magnet and he is so cute and-"

"Magnet?" I interrupted. What kind of name was Magnet?

"Yeah, his name is Magnet, because he couldn't get his hands off of things. He's here because he stole this puppy from a pet store and..." Maddie drifted off, obviously thinking the same thing I did.

I might know this guy.

"Where is he?" I asked.

"C'mon," she said tugging my hand and leading me to the outside of a tent labeled D there were three guys standing outside, one with wild dirty blonde hair, one had brown hair that was curly and the other was Hispanic with a goatee.

"Hey Magnet!" Maddie called out.

Magnet looked up at us and then jogged over, "What's up chica?"

"What's your full name?" Maddie asked.

"You heard it when mom came in," Magnet said.

"Mom?" I questioned.

"Pendanski, what's your name?" Maddie asked again.

"Jose Farber, why?" Magnet asked annoyingly.

My heart stopped beating and my stomach clenched, I couldn't breathe. Swear to God I couldn't.

Maddie shot me a look, "Manny, you okay?"

I felt tears swelling up in my eyes, ready for departure, I blinked them away, "Fine, just kind of queasy,"

Jose shot me a look and then looked me up and down, his eyes grew wide.

And I could tell, he remembered.