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Chapter 12

- - - - -

I placed my final item in my duffle bag, my portable CD player.

It was the next day and the Warden had just come in and told us our bus had arrived.

I slung my duffle bag over my shoulder and walked outside with Keely.

I was wearing a pleated pink miniskirt with a white spaghetti strap tank top with a pink lowercase M in the middle with a pair of pink thong platform flip flops, my curly hair was pulled into a ponytail and my black sunglasses were planted on the top of my head.

Three guys whistled at me but they were all jokes, Twitch, the new guy in D-Tent, Armpit and Dynamite.

I ran over to Armpit and Dynamite, pulling them into a tight hug, "I'm gonna miss you guys," I said with a smile.

I walked over to Twitch and patted his head, "Nice knowing you, for the short day that I did," I said.

Twitch laughed, "See you,"

I looked over at Keely who was hugging Dynamite and Armpit and giving them big kisses on their cheeks, I saw Lorraine and Squid making out somewhere near the bus, I could barely see Lorraine's tears but I knew they were there.

I smiled and then turned to see where Maddie was, she was standing with Magnet, hugging him tightly as he kissed her hair and tears rolled down her cheeks.

They broke apart with a soft kiss on the lips, Maddie gave him a wave and then ran up the bus steps.

I looked over at Jose who looked back at me.

I dropped my duffle bag and kicked off my sandals and ran towards him and pulled him into a big hug.

"Te quiero," I said, tears streaming down my cheeks.

"Te quiero, tambien," he said and gave me a kiss on my forehead.

"When are you coming home?" I asked.

"I'm supposed to get out in about four more months," he said.

I gave him another hug, "Come home this time, okay?" I asked with a small smile.

Magnet nodded, "Okay," he said returning my smile.

"Hey, where's Caveman?" I asked, looking around. I hadn't dug today and I hadn't seen him around camp.

"He tried to bring the water truck to Zero but crashed it into a hole and then took off after him," Magnet said.

I nodded.

"Manny, we gotta go!" Maddie called from the bus.

"Adios, hasta luego," I said to Jose.

I gave him a kiss on the cheek and then ran back to my stuff. My shoes and duffle bag were gone.

"Alrighty, whoever did that, dar me mi sandalias y bolsa atrás y no uno voluntad consiga herida!" I said.

Magnet laughed.

Suddenly I felt someone's shadow over me, I turned and saw Zig Zag with my Adidas white duffle bag over his shoulder and my flip flops in his hands.

I shot him a dead glare took my shoes back, "Thanks," I said and took my duffle bag off of his shoulder.

I gave him a small wave and a tiny smile and ran up onto the bus.

I took a seat next to Maddie and in front of Keely.

"I can't believe it's all over," Keely said, shaking her head.

"I know, it seems like just yesterday I was freaking out over a cell phone," Maddie said with a small smile.

I smiled back, remembering the day.

The bus drove off and about ten minutes later I noticed a wooden boat and I saw two orange jumpsuits walking away from it.

"That's Caveman and Zero," Keely said, watching the two, "Hey dude, can you like stop the bus?"

The bus driver shook his head and grumbled something about respecting the rights of a bus driver.

We rolled our eyes.

Keely flipped on her headphones and the whole way home Maddie and I talked about the boys at camp, life, music, and how much we were going to miss Camp Green Lake, even though we hated it.

- - - - -

"Bye Manny," Keely and Tilley said at the same time, pulling me into a hug as we pulled up to my house.

I smiled and returned the hug, "Bye guys,"

"See ya," Cammie said with a smile.

I waved at her.

"Yeah, bye," Lorraine said boredly, barely looking up from her magazine.

"Good news," Maddie said smiling at me, tears glistening in her eyes.

"What?" I asked.

"I'm switching high schools," she said.


"I got to Brackenridge right now, but I'm said you went to James Madison, right?"

I nodded.

"Well my parents called me yesterday on my cell phone, they moved to a new house and it's actually across the street from yours, so, I'll see you guys later!" Maddie said, with a smile and tears running down her cheeks, she waved at them all.

"Bye Maddie!" Cammie, Tilley, and Keely all shouted in unison.

Maddie slung her pink duffle bag over her shoulder and we jumped off the final step of the bus as it drove out of sight.

"Why would you guys move?" I asked.
Maddie had told me the neighborhood she lived in a few weeks ago, it was one of the nicest developments in San Antonio. I mean our neighborhood was gorgeous with nice and pretty big and new houses but her neighborhood was like mansions.

"Because we lived in that house since I was born, and it was hard being there after my brother's death and all." Maddie said, "I'll see you later, probably later on today actually,"

I smiled and waved at her, "Bye," I said and ran across the street to my house.

I ran up our front steps and on to our wraparound porch, I swung open the door and nearly jumped inside my house.

"I'm home!" I called out excitedly, dropping my duffle bag on the polished Oakwood floor.

My mom came out from the kitchen, "Manuela!" She exclaimed, tears running down her cheeks, she ran to me and scooped me up, planting kisses on each of my cheeks and then looking me over.

Who can change a lot in 3 months anyway?

Actually Maddie and Keely had each gotten extremely tan and I was more bronzed and definitely toned up and sculpted.

"Mamá!" I squealed back, I knew tears were running down my cheeks but this was my mom so it didn't qualify as embarrassing.

"Manny is that you?" I heard Roberto say.

"Papá!" I exclaimed, even if he was my stepfather, I still called him papa, and I called my real dad daddy or dad.

I ran to him and wrapped my arms around him.

He planted a kiss on my cheek and hugged me tightly.

"We missed you sweetie," he said with a grin as we broke apart.

I could smell quesidillas cooking in the kitchen and the spicy aroma of chili.

"My favorite!" I exclaimed, sniffing the air, "I have so much to tell you guys," I said as we walked into the living room.

I flopped on to the couch and began to explain everything.

My mom got teary when she heard I saw Jose and that he had a girlfriend who happened to be my new best friend.

They were even interested in hearing about Zig Zag, and thought I actually liked him.

Yeah right.

- - - - -

The two weeks before school started flew by, Maddie and I hung out everyday and she got introduced to April and Justin, and we all actually got along pretty good.

I learned something else, April and Justin were going out.

How cute.

"It sucks that I'm only a junior," Maddie said, getting into my car, "while you're a senior,"

I turned my key into the ignition and we pulled out of my driveway.

"I love your car," Maddie said, "My parents still haven't gotten mine," she sighed dramatically.

Her sixteenth birthday had been last week.

Sadly, we still had to serve community service, for the past two weeks we had been helping out at the soup kitchens and local homeless shelters and now we had to do it everyday after school for the next 3 weeks.

She continued rambling on about my car which was a silver Volkswagen beetle and sighing about being a junior and only a junior.

We got out as soon as we got to the school and walked into the school.

"Hey Farber, looking hot this year," my old friend Kyle said seductively, coming up from behind me.

"Ky!" I exclaimed spinning around and wrapping my arms around him in a tight hug.

"Ky?" Maddie scoffed.

"It stands for Kyle, and who are you pretty lady?" Kyle asked.

You charmer.

"Maddie...and I'm taken," she said.

I laughed and rolled my eyes, "She's with Jose,"

"You're dating Manny's bro?" Kyle asked as we walked down the hallway.

Maddie nodded, "But he's like two years older than me,"

"You're a junior?" Kyle asked.

Maddie nodded with a smile, "I'll see you later," she said and wandered off into the hallway.

I heard her scream.

"What the hell?" Kyle asked as Maddie ran towards us.

"What was that?" I asked.

Suddenly I saw someone walking through the hallways, my jaw dropped, "JOSE!" I screamed.
I couldn't believe it.

"Oh my God," I said, pulling him into a hug, "what are you doing here?" I asked.

He broke the hug, "CGL got shut down, and I've been staying with dad for the past week and a half,"

I smiled, "Awesome,"

"Not as much as the other surprise you'll be getting," Jose said and then ran over to Maddie tackling her with kisses.

Okay then...

"So, are do you have to repeat twelfth grade?" Kyle asked.

Jose nodded.

"Sweet dude, you'll be chilling with me and Manny, can't you just feel the excitement?" Kyle asked from behind me with excitement, wrapping an arm around my neck and pulling me towards him, I slammed into his chest.

I laughed as we all headed down the hallway.

"Kyle, you can let me go now,"

- - - - -

I twirled my combination into my locker and dropped a notebook inside when I heard a voice, a somewhat familiar voice.

"Hola chicas, mi llamo Ricky, yo am molesto a encontrar alguien. Realmente, ella es no sólo alguien, ella es la chica yo amor. La nombrar es Manuela Farber, hacer tú sepa donde ella es? Yo fui la grande asno y yo sólo desee a contar la cómo alfigido yo am y cómo mucho yo amor la,"

My heart stopped beating.

It was Zig Zag.

At my school.

"Yeah, she's right there," the girl said, I could tell from her voice it was Cassidy, "could you tell her how sorry I am for framing her?"

I turned around and stared straight into my locker.

"You said it was a line that could turn on the girls...did it work?" I heard Zig Zag ask.

I turned around, tears glistening in my eyes, "What are you doing here?"

"I transferred, my old school sucked, so I'm staying with Ma-I mean Jose and his dad who just moved into an apartment not too far from here,"

Of course everyone else but me would know this.

I nodded.

"Once again, did it work?"

"Did you mean it?" I asked.

Ricky nodded, "With all my heart. And it took me a whole two weeks to get that line memorized,"

I smiled, "Then yeah, it worked. You wanna know why?" I asked, standing on my tip toes, wrapping my arms around his neck.


I gave him a soft kiss on the lips and then moved to his ear, "Because I love you too. And it took me my entire all to fight it off, but I don't need to anymore,"

Ricky shook his head, "Nope," he said quietly. "I LOVE YOU!" he shouted out loud, everybody turned to face us, but I didn't care.

"I want the whole world to know," Ricky said into my ear in a low whisper.

"Yeah just because the D-Tent boys aren't here,"

"Does that matter?" Ricky asked.

I shook my head with a grin on my face, "Nope," and it didn't.

Especially not when he kissed me right there, a very passionate kiss, and I couldn't even hear all of the cheers and screams from all the students.

I could only hear the fireworks exploding in my heart.

We broke apart and I wrapped my arms around him in a hug, "Who taught you that line?" I asked.

We broke apart the hug and he grinned, "Your brother,"

"The one I gave you didn't work?" I asked, pretending to be offended.

"What do you care?" he said and gave me another kiss, "This one did,"

Yeah...consider yourself lucky.


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The line Zig Zag said was: Hello girls, my name is Ricky. I am trying to find someone. Actually, she is not just someone. She is the girl I love. Her name is Manuela Farber, do you know where she is? I was a big jackass and I just want to tell her how sorry I am and how much I love her.

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