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Chapter One: Prophecy

prophesized shortly after Naraku was created

Betrayal marked the path

The beginning of the journey

The death

The new life forevermore

One with the Shikon No Tama

She who would be identified as

Protector of the Shikon No Tama

The lost daughter - Queen of kings

She who was lost in legends

Found in the future time

Then once again

Returned to the past

She who would lead

A pack of immortals

Chosen to aid the protector

She who would lead

A pack of her blood

To unite the Segoku Jikai

Her efforts to succeed

Will bring the attention of one

An entity of evil

Who long ago

Opposed and captured

Now finally freed

Its power returning

Created Naraku

Its power restored

Would cause chaos

It's only thought

Was the destruction

Of life itself

The only way

Capable of stopping It

Would be the union

Of past enemies

Of past friends

Together bonded by trust

If It was left to conquer



And present

Would unravel

Resulting in the destruction

Of all life on earth

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