"No one's ever been so nice to me before." Roy gave a start, and looked at the mop of yellow hair in his arms. The boy had had a rough first battle, though he outwardly hadn't shown it at all, until he collapsed.

No one had gotten close enough to Fullmetal to lay a finger on him. Something the boy should be proud of.

Fatigue plauged Roy as well, beads of sweat rolling down his face, both the physical and mental strain of that much alchemy in that small a time frame, and the heat of his flames causing it. He shifted his hands self consciously, and Ed gave a dry laugh.

"You know, you give your feelings away with your hands." He said, a delusional and dry quality to his voice, like the only thing keeping him sane was talking. Which was probably right, Fullmetal had killed a lot of people today in an effort to protect them all.

And for a fifteen year old, he'd done a brilliant job. For anyone he'd done a brilliant job. None of the State Alchemists had a mark to show for their tousle with the uprising of heavily armed civilians.

Roy smiled softly. "Do I?" He asked, with slight warmth in his tone that his voice usually lacked.

The boy's face turned upwards, and stared at the man who was carrying him, bridal style off the battlefield, which used to be a city... Before Ed levelled the area to find the civilian sniping the soldiers off one by one. He nodded, the colonel's attention squarely focused on him and him alone. "Yeah." He whispered, his voice ever so dry and cracked, "You hands, and your eyes."

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