----- She Will Be Loved

----- Written by Iris Dreamer

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----- BACKGROUND: He's reached his happiest moment of his life: he has an awesome job, a circle of close friends, a good reputation, and most importantly, the girl he loves is now his fiancée. But happiness is short lived and everything he once had was thrown away and there he meets a girl that totally enraptures him, but this girl is just your normal, in the bad section of the city, prostitute.

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----- CHAPTER ONE: Crossroads

"Hey, good morning Syao," Eriol called over the business floor as he saw his best buddy coming out from the elevator. Syaoran turned as he recognized the familiar voice and smiled.

He waited for Eriol to walk over, and apparently the smile he greeted with, was still on for Eriol grinned. "Someone seems all bright and cheeky today." He commented with a teasing smirk. "So, I'm guessing that your proposal to that goddess your last night went extremely well."

"Let's just put it that the night was one of the best in my whole life." Syaoran answered as he started walking to his office, picking up his mail along the way.

Eriol walked beside him, laughing. "So you got laid last night?"

Syaoran gave him a glare. "When will you stop being so perverted?"

Eriol gave him a mock frown. "Please, who was the one who was used to rent porn every weekend and went frequently to strip joints?"

"And who was it that went with me?" His friend shot back in a furious whisper as he opened his office door and practically shoved Eriol inside after him. Count on Eriol who knew everything that there was to know about himself, to say his embarrassing facts in public.

"Got me there," Eriol admitted with a shrug. "So now you're getting married. Say goodbye to single life my pal. No more porn, playboy magazines, and going to the bar." He paused, most likely for effect and continued, "My friend, you've been harnessed."

"I'm being married to a woman I love Eriol, for heaven's sake! I'm not being harnessed!" He answered, angrily as he flipped through the mail carelessly; he'd give it to his secretary later anyhow.

"I know, I know. I was just joking around." Eriol sighed as he leaned against the table. "I wonder what it's like to actually fall in love." He gave a sidelong glance to his friend. "Seems just a while ago when we both planned to be bachelors our whole lives. And now we're both 25 and one of us is already planning to be married."

Syaoran laughed. "Yeah, seems like yesterday we were just hanging at the bar."

"We did, the night before." Eriol pointed out. Syaoran shot him a withering glare at how he'd always point out those annoying facts that were quite annoyingly true.

"Anyhow, I think it's time you met someone." The business man continued, sitting down in his chair and turned on his computer.

"And you were just so lucky as to stumble upon such a gorgeous woman." Eriol shot back.

"I didn't stumble upon Tomoyo," Syaoran said. "She was our friend and came by to visit often. And when I brought her out to dinner and proposed to her last night, she said yes."

"I think you were still damn lucky." His friend insisted. "I mean, out of all the female population that who are our friends and who come and visit us, you get Tomoyo Daidouji, a natural beauty with a stunning voice. You have to give me pointers one day."

Syaoran laughed. "I'll get Tomoyo to introduce you to a couple of her friends." He offered.

"Nah, I think I'll just enjoy my time being a bachelor." Eriol sighed. "I don't want to be married to someone I don't love with all my heart. If there's someone I'm destined to be with, I'm sure we'll meet someday."

"How absolutely touching," A third voice, distinctly female, drawled sarcastically. The two young men whirled around to see Syaoran's secretary with a cross expression on her face.

"Are you two done talking about your love lives? I have work to get done. Li, I'm leaving early today, so hand me those letters that you threw carelessly on your desk. Here's today's schedule; you have a meeting at ten and another at five. Hiiragizawa, you should be getting to your job before your upper officer gets annoyed standing in front of your desk."

"Oh shit." Eriol swore under his breath as he hurriedly scurried out of Syaoran's office and quickly went over his desk where he could be seen apologizing deeply.

Syaoran swallowed his chuckle once he saw how his secretary was still giving him a harsh look.

"I'll get to work, Mihara." He said resignedly.

Chiharu laughed. "Sometimes I wonder if I work for you or you work for me." She commented. "Well, start working your ass off. I'm leaving early today," she reminded again.

"What?" Syaoran mumbled, "Oh, wait. You told me." He said quickly before his secretary could scold him again. "You still dating Yamazaki?"

"Enough to know he's wonderful." Chiharu replied. "And I heard about what happened last night, congratulations. I was wondering when you'd let a woman tie you down." She congratulated with a real smile.

"Well, I'd love to chat, but my arms are getting heavy." With that, she walked out of the door to her seat where she freed her arms from the heavy bulk of papers she had to get through.

"Why is that everyone's saying that marriage is being held down?" Syaoran mumbled to himself.

He had met Tomoyo at the office actually. She had come for some data about the company for a paper she was working on for college. After that, she had come to the office to see him often, bringing coffee for him and Eriol. The three of them would often chat together during lunch breaks and such. He learned that Tomoyo was in her fourth year of college and she was heading off to be a fashion designer. That was how they met, two months ago.

And he had finally had the courage to ask her on dates around two weeks ago. Everything just seemed to be going uphill from there.


The doorbell rang gently and Eriol looked up from where he was making dinner. Wiping his hands hastily on a napkin, he went to answer the door.

"Tomoyo, what a surprise," He said as he opened the door wider as to let the girl walk in the apartment. "If you're looking for Syaoran, he's not here at the moment." Eriol apologized with a smile.

Tomoyo smiled. "I know, he called me to say that he has lots of work to get done and is probably going to come back at around midnight."

"Oh." A puzzled look came over Eriol, but was quickly replaced with a smile and he opened the door wider. "What kind of gentleman am I?" He laughed. "Come in. Do you want a cup of tea before you go?"

"Actually, I came to find you." She whispered softly, fixing her eyes on his.

When she saw his confused look, Tomoyo laughed. "I'm not having an affair," She joked with a grin. "I just came here to talk to you about Syaoran."

"Is that jerk cheating on you?" Eriol demanded furiously. "If he has, I'll bash his head in, I swear,"

Tomoyo placed a hand on his shoulder gently and Eriol shut up immediately. "Syaoran isn't that kind of person." She said, with a smile. "I just wanted to talk to you, if that's okay. I wanted to know more about Syaoran from you since you've obviously have known him for a really long while."

"I mean, I'd like to know more about the guy I'm about to marry." She clarified.

"Sure," Eriol said with a pleasant smile. "Have you had dinner yet? I was just preparing some if you'd let me have the pleasure of dining with you."

She smiled.

"That's so kind of you Eriol. Do you usually cook?"

"Me and Syaoran take turns." He answered as he continued to chop some celery. "He's quite a good cook, Syaoran is. I hope you don't mind vegetable noodle soup?"

"That's great. May I help?"

"If you insist," Eriol said with a grin. "But really, stay where you are. I'll handle everything."

Tomoyo nodded and supplied another sweet smile as she sat on a stool located in the clean kitchen. She watched as Eriol hummed lightly as he worked through his way in the kitchen to prepare dinner.

"This is delicious." Tomoyo said as she drank some of the soup. "You'd make an excellent chef."

"Yes, I know Tomoyo." Eriol replied with a teasing grin, "You've only mentioned that around six times tonight."

Tomoyo laughed. "Well, it is good."

"And I'm glad you like it."

"Funny how I've also known you for two months, but this is the first time I've been with you alone." Tomoyo commented.

"Yeah well, more the merrier, as they say." He said.

"I'm happy now." She murmured.

"I'm glad." Eriol replied. "Syaoran would have killed me if I treated you badly. Besides, Tomoyo, you're my friend as well."

Tomoyo just nodded and supplied a small smile and continued eating her dinner.

"I can see why Syaoran's best friends with you. Thanks, Eriol." She said softly after a while.

The rest of the dinner was spent through a nice conversation sprinkled with occasional laughter and smiles. They talked about shared interests, favorite flowers, foods, and whatever that came to mind.

Funnily enough, Syaoran wasn't the main topic at all, even though that was what Tomoyo had come for, but it seemed that neither of them noticed.

And finally, the night had come to an end as Tomoyo stood up. "Sorry, but I really have to get going. It's already ten and I have work tomorrow as well."

"How are you getting back?"

"I drove here." She replied. "Thanks for dinner. I really had a great evening."

"Sure thing," Eriol replied as he walked her to the door. "I'll tell Syaoran that you came by tonight."

"Thanks. Tell him that I said hi and that I love him." Tomoyo answered with a smile. "Well, good night Eriol. And once again, thanks."

"Didn't I tell you it wasn't a problem?" Eriol sighed, as if annoyed with her. He grinned. "I'll see you around Tomoyo. Sweet dreams."

"You too," Tomoyo gave a small wave and walked to the elevator.

Eriol ran a hand through his hair as he leaned against the closed door. "She's taken Eriol, by your best friend for Heaven's sake. Snap out of it." He told himself.

"But, damn, she's gorgeous."


The steady beat of the heavy bass rang in her ears, matching the thumping of her own heartbeat. It was so natural that she didn't even realize that she had come to match her breathing. She had come to adapt quickly to the environment, knowing the rules of the game and how to play to win. She had mastered the game.

But just as she knew the game, the game tied her down. It's like how we set up rules, but rules confine us even though we are its creators.

We are creators just as much as we are prisoners.

The irony was so bitter that she laughed.

"The show's up in five, you ready Kira?"

Kira looked up from her seat where she sat before a mirror. Her startling green eyes ran over her smooth features of her face, applied a new layer of abyss red on her pink lips before nodding.

"Yeah, let's get this act over with. I want to go home." She answered, as she stood up and looked at once more at herself in the mirror.

Her brown hair was streaked with fiery red that matched her red skimpy top and tight red leather mini skirt.

"You can say that again," Her companion said, dressed similar to her, but in black. "Thank kami this is the last show. I'd had enough of those horny bastards."

"At least they're rich horny bastards." Kira answered.

"That's because you're a good dancer and they like you, so they give you tip."

"Ai, just drop that modesty of yours and be seductive. You give them what they want, you get what you want. It's all about business and making money girl. That's the only way to survive in this kind of shit." Kira told her seriously. "Just think of the reason why you need the money."

"I need some means of income," Ai protested defensively. "It's not my fault the so called boyfriend loved me so much as to ditch me and take every cent I owned, and then my parents disown me."

"I'm not doubting you girl. You've got yourself to live for and that's enough. Now forget all those bastards outside, just think about you." Kira instructed, drilling her sharp green eyes into her partner's.

"It's the only way you're going to survive out there sweetie." She continued her voice softer. "Come on, they're starting."

She was greeted with the environment she so many years ago would have never even thought of stepping into. The loud music drilled into her ears, but she could still hear the whistles from the men that seated too close to the stage. Despite the bright lights that half blinded her, she could still the see the lust filled eyes. Although the air was filled with heavy liquor, Kira was able to detect the smell of disgust.

Damn bastards, Kira thought, her eyes flashing angrily as she stood in her pose to get ready, her arms held up above her and her hips stuck out in a provocative angle.

She shut her eyes and blocked out her emotions from her system. "You're Kira remember. That's not who you really are. It's just a role you have to play. Remember who you're fighting for." She whispered to herself.

That was the only thing that kept her going. She had to keep fighting; she wasn't just going to give up like this.

When the music started, Kira immediately started dancing, her hands gliding over her curves while gyrating her slim hips seductively. She did the same dance every single time, adding flairs when she noticed especially rich men who'd give out hundred dollar bills. It was the only fucking way rich men would release their greedy, death grips from their money, and if that was the only way, then so be it.

Damn bastard just touched me; she muttered dark thoughts in her head but pasted a sweet smile on her profile. At least the horny guy gave me five hundred bucks. But god damn it, I'm going to kill you all one day.

Ai and the other girl she danced with left, leaving the show to the climax as Kira started to pole dance, gyrating her hips to the music and tossing winks, more money started to find its way to the stage. Slinking over, she collected every bill, and to the pleasure of the audience, slid the money inside her top.

Blowing a kiss to the audience, Kira strutted out backstage and immediately stormed back to her room where she took out all the bills and stuffed it into her purse. After changing into a pair of jeans and a black t-shirt, she grabbed her purse and other belongings and went directly the main office to collect her night's pay: 500 dollars for five hours of damn dancing into the late night.

She didn't even bother counting the money; she never did until she was safely back into her home where she was alone. After carefully stashing her money away, she'd curl up on her cold bed and cry herself to sleep, wishing that she could forget everything that happened.

And in her dreams, she could be herself before she'd have to wake up and be Kira all over again.

And the whole process would start to continue again. A never ending cycle; like a circle that would be always round.

Like a prison that she'd never break away from.


Syaoran muttered a string of dark curses as he hit his shoulder on the side of the door. Fumbling for his keys in the pitch dark hallway, he was surprised when the door opened itself.

"Wasted?" Eriol asked with grin from the inside. His grin was as blinding and annoying as the bright light that shinned from inside the apartment. "It's three in the morning Syaoran."

"Shut the hell up." Syaoran grumbled as he made his way into the warm apartment and plopped himself into the comfortable couch. He laid his head back and groaned out loud. "You won't even believe what happened."

"Here," Eriol handed him a glass of water and watched silently as his best friend drained it within seconds.

"So, what happened?"

"Well, the god damn meeting went on forever, and when I was done, it was already ten. I stayed in the office for a while longer to prepare for my big speech in front of Microsoft tomorrow so when I left the office building, it was like, one thirty I think." Syaoran said, trying to recall the past events.

"Anyhow, I get into my car and I'm driving back home when my car breaks down, and the worst place possible as well."

"Let me guess," Eriol said with an amused smile, "near the bars."

Syaoran just groaned again. "I would have called you, but I remembered that your car was broken down and went to get it fixed today. So I went into Goddesses, and borrowed a car from Moe."

"So where's your car now?"

"Moe and a couple of guys were nice enough to help me move my car to Moe's garage. He said he'd help me get it fixed, so I have to go tomorrow night to return his car and pick up mine."


"Tell me about it."

"So did you at least grab a drink?" Eriol teased.

"Hell no," His friend replied darkly. "I have a damned headache as it is. I don't need to make it worse. Besides, I have my Microsoft meeting tomorrow. That's the last thing I want to screw up; it's my first big case they're letting me handle."

"Well, good luck man."

"I'll need it. I can't believe I have to handle such a big case."

"Your mom is the boss of the company; what did you expect? How else would we have landed to these jobs? I'm not saying we're not qualified, but I'm damn glad that your mom's the boss."

"Yeah, well, tell her that next time. She loves the hell out of you."

"Why, thanks, Syaoran." Eriol replied, giving one of his smiles again.

"Whatever," His friend replied tiredly. "So how was your night?'

"Tomoyo came by actually and had dinner with me." Eriol replied. "She told me to tell you hi and that she loves you."

"What did she want? I thought I told her that I was going to be working late." The tired business man said.

"She knew that." Eriol confirmed. "Tomoyo just came by to say hi and everything. I was just preparing dinner then, so I invited her in. There's a still lot of vegetable noodle soup in the fridge if you'd like any."

"No thanks. What did you guys talk about?"

"Nothing much," He answered.

Syaoran yawned loudly.

"Go take a hot shower and head off to bed." Eriol advised, standing up from his seat on the couch. "Sweet dreams man."

"Yeah, you too," Syaoran muttered as he made his way to the shower.


She walked into the familiar building, holding two cups of coffee, humming to herself. The weather was just awesome outside and nothing could make her day even brighter. Riding the elevator, she arrived to the fifth floor.

"Hi Tomoyo," Chiharu greeted with a bright smile from her desk. "Congratulations!"

Tomoyo laughed and returned the hug from the girl. "Thank Chiharu. How are things between you and Yamazaki?"

"Great," The other said enthusiastically. "I can't believe you're getting married to Li-san! You've only known him for around two months."

"Well, Syaoran's an awesome guy." Tomoyo replied softly.

"Yeah, well, congrats once again Tomoyo." The secretary replied. "You'll be good for him, I think."

"Anyhow, if you're looking for Li, he's in his important Microsoft meeting right now. It just started around thirty minutes ago, so I'm afraid that it'll be going through lunch break."

"It's okay," Tomoyo said quickly. "I just wanted to say hi. It's nothing important really."

"Do you want to leave a message or anything?" Chiharu asked. "I'll be more than happy to pass it over to him. After all, I am his secretary."

Tomoyo laughed. "Just tell him that I came and said hi." She replied. "Here, you can have his coffee; it's dark coffee though. I'll just be giving Eriol his and then I'll be off on my way."

Chiharu laughed as she accepted the warm cup of coffee. "It's like a habit to see you come in and bring two cups of coffee, one for Li and one for Hiiragizawa. So what's going to happen once you actually marry Li?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, are you still going to bring in two cups of coffee?"

"I don't see why not," Tomoyo answered confusedly.

"You're going to be Li's wife. Wouldn't it be weird if you come here and also give Hiiragizawa a cup as well?" Chiharu pointed out.

Tomoyo shrugged, looking at the cup of latte in her hands.

Her friend laughed as to cover the awkward silence. "I'm just thinking too much. I've been studying file cases for way too long. Thanks for the coffee Tomoyo; it was just what I needed to wake me up." She gave a grin. "I'll tell Li you came by. I'll see you around Tomoyo."

She nodded. "Thanks Chi. I'll see you around."

Tomoyo walked over to Eriol's office, but found him no where in sight. Frowning to herself, she looked around to see if she could see him.

"Looking for me?" A familiar voice asked behind her. "And further more, is that a latte?"

Tomoyo laughed. "Hi Eriol,"

"Hey Tomoyo, how have you been?" Eriol asked as he opened his office door and let his friend inside. He accepted the cup from her and took a sip gratefully. "Thanks for the coffee. All it needs is some lunch. Want to come with me? I'm just going to head down to Subways."

"Sure, if you don't mind."

"Of course I don't." He replied, opening the door for her.

"I've been craving a BLT since I woke up this morning and found out that Dunkin Donuts was out of blueberry muffins, how about you?" Eriol asked with a grin as he placed his order.

Tomoyo laughed. "Just a Caesar salad for me,"

"How unoriginal; does a girl ever order something else besides a salad when she goes for food with a guy?" He questioned curiously. "Is it that they think they're fat or it that they want to hint to the guy that he's eating too much?"

Tomoyo shot him a look as she paid for her salad. "Neither," She replied as the two walked to a table to eat. "I just feel like having salad."

"And I feel like having a BLT." Her friend replied, "But that doesn't answer how a huge population of females has this craving for salad."

"That's not true," Tomoyo protested.

"Look around you. How many guys have having BLTs, and look how many girls are having a salad." Eriol pointed his mouth half full of food. "I see two girls with salad, and surprisingly enough, one girl with a sub. Four guys are wolfing down their subs, but none of them are eating salad."

Eriol paused, taking another bite of his BLT and swallowed before continuing. "So my conclusion would be that I think that most dinosaurs were male; that would explain why most men prefer meat over veggies, and how dinosaurs eventually came distinct."

Tomoyo stared at him before bursting out into laughter. "How does that have to do with anything?"

"Nothing," he replied with a shrug. "I just had to get out that system; excuse me. I just happened to watch a Discovery report over dinosaurs."

"You're the most peculiar guy I've ever met." Tomoyo told him.

"Thanks." Eriol said. "And you're the most beautiful woman I've ever laid my eyes on."

Tomoyo blushed heavily. "Eriol!"

"What?" Eriol answered in the same tone, as he drank from his coffee. "It was a message from Syaoran. I just thought it would be a nice time to pop in that compliment."

She stared at him once more before shaking her head. "You are weird,"

"So you've said before." He replied with a smile.

The two exchanged a look and burst out laughing. Eating lunch with one of her friends under the warm soothing sunshine just made her day even better just when she thought the day couldn't get better.


Syaoran loosened his tie as he drove single handedly down the street. Tossing it to the passenger's seat, he unbuttoned the first few buttons of his shirt. He sighed out loud at how much more comfortable he felt. He just wished that he had another pair of shoes with him. The black leather was killing him.

"I hope Moe's there." He mumbled to himself as he drove the car down the dark street, but as he turned the corner, bright neon lights lit up the dark. Where the rest of the world was sleeping, here, the fun had just begun. It was just a bit after midnight and he knew that the club Goddesses, the most popular one of all, always started a bit later. And that meant Moe, one of the bouncers he knew quite well, wouldn't be work until later.

He hadn't come here in a while, since he had started to date Tomoyo actually. Occasionally he had come with Eriol but they just went for a drink or few. Sometimes they'd watch a few shows, but he was a bit tired with the girls on stage.

A big bulky guy was standing at the doorway where Syaoran parked the car.

"Hey there Syao," The guy greeted, nodding his head just slightly. Syaoran nodded back.

"Moe." He acknowledged. "Yo, man, thanks for the car. How much was it to get mine fixed?"

Moe waved his hand. "Bah, it's on me, Syao. We've known each other that long. Besides, I have to apologize that your car isn't quite ready yet. One of my men is working on it right now. It'd be done in around another hour. Come in and grab a drink if you're not busy. The show's just about to begin."

"I don't know, Moe."

"Come on, it'll be on me. A wedding gift if you have to call it with such formality crap. Sow what about it? We've gotten a few new girls, and this Kira girl who's been here for around two months is really awesome. I mean you should just see her."

"I should go back."

Moe slapped his hand hard on Syaoran's back. "Don't be such a wuss. After you get married, you ain't even going to even know this place exists."

"Fine," Syaoran sighed, giving in. "I'm leaving, either at one or whenever my car's done."

"Fine by me." The bouncer replied, shrugging. "Grab a seat and I'll get Liz to give you a drink, my treat."

Syaoran nodded and walked off to the bar where he got a drink. He was halfway through his drink and was about to leave when he noticed that the lights had dimmed and was turned towards the stage. Figuring that he had around ten minutes in his hands, he'd see what this whole Kira character was all about.

She was pretty, he'd give her that. She was taller than most girls, and she indeed had a really attractive figure. Her brown hair streaked with red matched her red bikini top and matching translucent skirt with long slits.

But when the erotic dancer opened her eyes, Syaoran could only stare back, lost for her words. Those green orbs were do damn alluring as she seemed to lock her gaze on him before looking away as she started dancing.

She knew how to dance. She wasn't just showing her skin, and doing provocative moves like her two partners beside her.

He didn't know how it happened, but the next thing he knew, he was standing right next to the stage.

When she ended her pole dance and was collecting the money strewn on the floor, Syaoran didn't know what overcame him as he grabbed her hand when she reached for a bill near him.

Her green eyes flashed dangerously and she tugged her hand away, doing this all while pasting a smile on her face.

"Here, you deserved this." Syaoran whispered, slipping some bills in her hands. She growled from her throat, and that glint never left her eyes, but her hands went around the bills. And without another glance, she snatched her hand away and stormed off.

Damn bastard, Kira thought darkly and she immediately washed her hands after going backstage. Her eyes wandered the wad of bills he had given her that she stuffed into her bag. Walking over to it, she noticed a white card sticking out from the green.

Picking it up, she found that it was a business card.

So the damn bastard was rich, actually filthy rich. So Syaoran Li was the name of the guy huh?

I'm going to have fun with this guy, Kira thought grinning to herself as she pocketed the business card snugly into her pocket.

Meanwhile outside Syaoran drained the rest of his drink, cursing himself at the stupid thing he had just done. Nodding thanks to Liz working behind the counter, Syaoran located Moe and got his car back. Just as he was about to get in the car, he noticed a figure walking out the backdoor of the club, and was walking towards him.

"Hey there," She greeted with a smile. "Thanks for the tip."

Syaoran glanced over her. It was the dancer from inside, except what she wore now was just a normal shirt and jeans. Talk about his embarrassment walking up and reminding him of everything.

"It was nothing," He muttered.

"So you're Syaoran Li," the girl continued, not wanting to let him go the slightest. "I'm Kira."

"And I suppose that's your alias?" Syaoran answered wearily, as he stood there with his car door open. "What do you want Kira?"

"Hey, can't a girl come and say her thanks?" Kira replied smoothly. "You're the one who gave me your business card."

"Just felt like I had the need to pity you," He replied annoyed, mostly at himself for doing something as stupid as that. "Give me a call when you're tired of dancing in front of horny men."

"Such as yourself? You were quite enjoying yourself."

"You obviously need some source of income, so I stayed a gave a you a tip."

"Interesting choice of charity," Kira replied sarcastically.

"Thanks," Syaoran retorted just as harshly.

"Well, to play fair, here's my number." She walked over and handed him a piece of paper. "I'll see you around Syaoran," Kira whispered to him, as her hand reached up and toyed with his button, her fingers gliding across the bare skin of his chest occasionally. Giving him a wink, Kira turned and walked off.

"Sweet dreams," she said loudly as she walked off, waving down a cab, and disappearing from sight.

Syaoran stood glued to his feet, stare dumbly at where Kira had left. Finally he got back into his senses and slammed his car door shut as he drove off. God damn seductress, he cursed as he sped back home. He shoved the paper deep inside his pocket, never to be seen again.

When he got back to his apartment, Syaoran was relieved to find that Eriol was no where in sight. He didn't think he could pass Eriol who knew him so well that he could detect the slightest thing that was wrong. He'd probably blurt out the whole truth since he wasn't even thinking.

And he wasn't going to risk that. He loved Tomoyo and if it was the last thing he was going to do was to marry her and remain faithful to him. That girl Kira, if she thought he'd be stupid enough as to fall for her tricks, he'd prove her wrong.


"Damn, I hate my job." The brunette complained to her friend as she climbed up the roof of the run down apartment she lived in with her lifelong friend.

"Which one? The one at the diner's, department store, or the one at the strip club?"

"I quit the job at the diner's because they gave me really low pay; I quit my job at the department store job because some guy recognized me and tried to hit on me, and the one at the strip club is the one I hate."

"I hate being around horny bastards all the time and I hate way their eyes roam over me. I hate how some people know me by my appearance now and I can't get a damn job anywhere else because the whole incident at the department store will repeat itself all over again."

"Then quit your job. I can find you another one." Her friend said as she moved over on the wool blanket so her friend could have some space. "We could always use a few new people here."

"You work at a phone sex line Yuki." She replied sarcastically as she seated herself. "And yes, we're going to use are alias because frankly I don't feel like myself. I want to isolate my real inside me while talking about all this."

Her green eyes were flashing angrily and her right hand was clenched tightly into a fist. She hated how she had to hide who she was in order to protect her inner self. Sometimes she wondered if she had anything worth protecting in her anymore.

"Really, Kira," Yuki said exasperatedly, stressing her friend's fake name she used while working, "It's better than the erotic dancing where you actually have to see the damned bastards. With phone sex, you just hear their voices and keep them on the phone line so you can jack off some more money from them. We charge like around ten bucks per minute. Besides, no one will know you except by your voice which you could always change."

"I'll remember that if I'm short on cash." Kira replied wearily, not having the energy to argue with her best friend since elementary.

"You are short on cash." Her Chinese friend retorted. "Isn't that the reason why we're doing such shitty jobs? This is the last resort kind of job."

"We haven't sunken as low as being a prostitute." That had meant to come out as a joke, but the moment it came out from her mouth, Kira was horrified that where she was now was just about the same level as a prostitute. And with her "occupation" as an erotic dancer, what was to say she couldn't become a prostitute? She never had imagined before being an erotic dancer. The thought of the possibility scared her and Kira wrapped her arms around herself and shuddered.

"That's because they don't get paid a lot. You have to search for filthy rich men to get a good price for that," Yuki said, her eyes flashing angrily. "Besides, you have to deal with those horny ass retards. Whatever you do, Kira, do not, I repeat, do not sink to that level." She turned her eyes to her best friend. "Promise me that."

Kira's eyes softened and she reached out her hand to grasp her friend's. "I promise my best friend. Whatever happens, we still have each other."

Yuki grinned and pulled Kira into a tight hug. "Thanks."

The two smiled at each other; each other was the only person they'd give real smiles to now. They smiled when required and kept their true emotions inside. It was the only way to survive in the cruel world. Whatever the cost, they had to protect what they held dear, and that never came easy.

"I wonder what my okaasan would say if she knew what I was doing as a profession," Kira said sadly, looking into the night sky. "I wanted to be an elementary teacher or a vet when I was small, remember?"

Her friend grinned. "Yeah, I do. And I wanted to be some kick ass female martial artist or some huge athlete star."

"You could have," Kira replied with a half smile. "You're awesome at martial arts."

"And you could have been an elementary teacher. You're awesome with kids." Yuki replied. "And look where the hell we are now." She laughed harshly. "We were so innocent and idealistic then."

"Now we're just messed up girls trying to survive in the dark hellish world." Kira finished, saying the words they always said in conversations like these. "Whatever happened to us?"

"Nothing," Her friend answered firmly. "We're still who we are. I believe that. It's just that we get to haul a lot more crap than everyone else out there who gets it easy. We're just been played around with fate."

"You believe in fate?"

"Maybe," Yuki replied shrugging. "I'd hate to think that this crap is all because of my doing. I know I should be responsible for my actions and such, but seriously, how is it possible that all this bad luck has fallen upon us when some people are just born into rich families?"

"You know what? I think I will change to your job perhaps after my contract is up with Goddesses." Kira suddenly said.

"Have you not been listening to me?" Her friend demanded angrily.

"Of course I have," she replied quickly. "I'm just fed up with being an erotic dancer. Did I tell you? This guy, who was actually very good looking by the way, grabbed my hand when I was collecting bills after my pole dancing!"

"He did not!" Yuki fired angrily. Her eyes blazing furiously in behalf of her best friend whom she shared a bond closer than blood would ever bring them. "That son of a bastard!"

"Well, this guy gave me 300 bucks and his business card," Yuki continued, laughing dryly a bit. "Quite interesting."

"So how much did you make tonight?"

Her friend gave her a look. "You know I never count."

"Oh, right." Yuki grinned sheepishly. "So how is he coming along?"

Yuki didn't have to clarify who he was; they were so close that they understood everything there was about each other.

"Better hopefully?" Kira replied sadly. "They don't let me visit him often and I just feel so damn guilty when I go visit him you know? He'd kill me if he knew what I was doing for him. He'd rather die than let me continue earning money in such a dirty fashion, but I can't stand facing another person important in my life disappear from the face of this earth."

"I know, Kira, I know." Yuki pulled her best friend into a tight hug. "I'm sure he's grateful for all that you're doing for him. And I'm always here for you too. I promise."

"Thanks," Kira smiled a genuine smile. "Thanks, Mei."

"Friends for life Saku,"

"Friends for life," She echoed. The two friends smiled at each other, both thinking of the same thought of they never would have managed through everything without the support of one another.


----- End of Chapter 1 -----

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